Watch out for this highly believable email: Hello Greetings to you   This is Mr&nb


Watch out for this highly believable email:

Hello Greetings to you 

 This is Mr  Christopher A. Wray Director (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigations USA. I’m texting you today due to the scam officials Email and text we have been receiving about you sending Money to Africans Claiming to have funds or what so ever they are telling you about that makes you to send Money to them without Confirmation from the president or the Forces here in United States even the worst part of this is that they are yawing mr president to scams As well but.

Right now we the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigations has Decided to put our hands on this to ensure no one sent Money to those frauds anymore and from today you are being Monitored if you ever try to do send anything without asking for Confirmation you will be put to Jail for two years after that you will come back to your right senses.

Apart from that we have Decided to Compensate you with the Sum of $23 Billion United States dollars And now you are to Choose how you need it to be delivered to you. 3 Options


1, Bank to Bank wire transfer which you have to pay for The Charge which is only going to Cost you $50


2, delivery of ATM Card to your doorstep which your address will be needed and it is only going to cost you $100


3, Consignment Box delivery you only have to pay $75


And you are to keep this as secret to ensure you get your Money successful to you Okay.  contact me with this email address [email protected] the best regarding mr Christopher A. Wray


We have tried contact Christopher Wray but he doesn't remember sending this email.

Either way we think that the $23 Billion is best off staying with the Africans who probably need it more.


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