Bitcoin Revolution Review


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This is the type of platform that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are supposed to have invested in.

Now that does not have any bearing on the platform itself, it just means that some of the advertising tactics are rather questionable. This does cast a shadow over the morality of the people operating this website, but it is not proof of anything. The question is, what is this bitcoin revolution site about?

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

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Well if we have a search online, we can see that there are multiple website claiming to be the only official Bitcoin Revolution site and that they have just updated the sit as of 2022.

This seems odd. Why doesn't the real Bitcoin Revolution site just sue the other sites and take them over?

Here is a current list as of May 2022:

So whatever this brand name purports to be, it is run concurrently by many different parties, all in competition with each other over the same business. That can mean only one thing. It is an affiliate scheme paying for affiliate links to their site. What this brand name is then, is an advert. Bitcoin Revolution is not a product, it is a campaign.

What Are Bitcoin Revolution Selling?

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If we start with their current website, we can see they operate out of: and the .org suffix, although anyone can buy one, was designed to herald a non-profit organisation, which Bitcoin Revolution is definitely not. This is a sign that they have already used and .net which is another bad sign. It means that they have invested in a brand that they wish to maintain so as not to squander the investment, but that they have been made to shut down the original .com domain for some reason, which suggests a legal problem. This is a big red flag.

Moving on to the content of the site we can see that the first message after the logo reads:


Well that is an odd claim, as it said exactly the same thing yesterday. It is also indicative that this website wants you to act in haste. To perform some action that will give the owners some immediate benefit, rather than establish a relationship. This to us is another red flag because it suggests that this company is an affiliate rather than a broker or a trading partner and that they will have no comeback if they sell your details to an unregulated broker. There is a message telling us that users must 'Start your journey to Bitcoin trading' but how can you trade a single commodity with a fixed price?

Moving on to the video, this appears to be a snapshot of all sorts of famous people discussing Bitcoin but taken completely out of context. Branson is being asked about Bitcoin whilst trying to push his Virgin Galactic programme and the agenda of every other interviewee cannot be judged as their appearance is too brief. There is nothing useful to take away from this film.

What Happens If I Sign Up With Bitcoin Revolution?

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Well, let's have a look with a test sign up:

So as you can see, there is no sign-up, and yet we see TrustPilot reviews like this:

So as you can see the conspiracy is massive, TrustPilot have never bothered to check if the site is a scam or not. These affiliates have agents everywhere and they can make anything seem legitimate with enough fake reviews. TrustPilot is not a suitable website to check for scams. Their system fails to detect even the most obvious fake reviews and quite often deletes the real ones.

So after the video we see that there is a capture box for our contact details, and this may well be how the websites wishes us to act in haste. The contact box asks for name and email as well as phone number, but this is before they have actually explained what they are selling. They then show some company logos but do not explain why. This is a strange website with lots of ingredients, but with no clear message as yet.

Now we get to another instruction:

Kickstart Your Journey to Financial Freedom with the Bitcoin Revolution App!

Is Bitcoin Revolution an App?

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OK so there is an app. Well where is it? Where is the link to the app on Google or Apple stores? If their objective is that you download an app why is there no App store link, for instance? 

There is some more explanation:

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading tool that makes it easy to trade Bitcoin and win more trades than ever before. The robot has the potential to turn a daily profit of up to $1,500 from an initial investment of $250. We have become widely considered one of the most popular trading platforms in 2021.

OK so now it is a trading tool. Presumably that means it s a website? What does it do. It explains that it is a 'robot' which means it must control something based on a set of rules or algorithms but it does not say what. It also says that with a one off payment of $250 you can make $1500 dollars a day, which is obvious nonsense. If you could make 600% on the first day, you could make 600% on the second, which would be $9000, not $1500. Whomever wrote this text has a desire to deceive.

Finally they say that they have become widely considered one of the most popular.. which makes no sense at all. Either you are one of the most popular which is a statistical claim, or you are not. It doesn't matter what anyone 'considers' in terms of numbers. This is another red flag as it shows a complete disregard for accuracy or the truth.

As we continue down the page we learn that Bitcoin Revolution is a platform that can:

bring together Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies

Presumably meaning that it trades between cryptocurrencies which does seem like a very high risk game. There is no winning or losing a trade of cryptocurrency, to win or lose you need to be binary trading, which is a very different activity. No artificial intelligence trading bot we have seen has done anything except lose money so far, and that is on a far more predictable market than crypto. No one has ever demonstrated a crypto-dealing AI that can make repeatedly a profit. It would be a difficult AI to build as the market influences are so unclear. If you just set it loose on the numbers from day one with no clear objective, how could you know what it has learned to achieve? The cryptomarket is climbing currently with the odd bang here and there, but there is a clear message that it is to better be in than out.

If Bitcoin Revolution Isn't an App, What is it?

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The claims they make regarding the app state that it wins 60% of trades. Now this is a different product once again. You do not win a trade, you win a bet. This is starting to sound like leveraging on cryptocurrencies which is a completely different idea. CFDs or spread betting products are very different to owning cryptocurrency. Spread betting is about gambling on the outcome of the markets and either winning or losing. CFD contracts for differences are similar but are officially trading as they incur capital gains taxes and trader fees. Both can give large rewards but are also highly risky, just like making any other bet. 

Now further down the page we can see that we are being instructed to take three steps to begin 'trading.' The third being:

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading robot for all, including complete beginners. Trading happens with the single click of a button. Of course, you need to read our trading guide before proceeding to a live trading account.

So it is very easy to deposit, but there is a disclaimer that you have to be aware of.

Now there is a lot of text claiming that the software connects you to some reputable traders and that you can make a great deal of money very quickly. But far more importantly, at the very bottom of the page it says:

Crypto CFDs trading involves significant risk. Bitcoin Revolution and its affiliates do not take responsibility for your actions on this platform. You confirm to agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy by signing up on this page. It’s your duty to conduct enough due diligence before signing up with any platform. The information on this page should not be taken as a guarantee of profitability. Past performance is never a predictor of future performance. You may generate completely different results from what is described here.

Contracts for differences trading on crypto is extremely difficult to understand and to trade. The fees of a broker can be very difficult to understand and it can also be a situation where you position is liquidated by a trader algorithm very quickly without it being obvious as to why this has happened. The trader does not even have to offer an explanation, it was all in the terms and conditions you agreed to by entering your contact details. CFDs are illegal in the United sStates because they are tantamount to fraud for the inexperienced investor. It is even illegal to solicit such a service.

And this brings us to the real motive of this website. It is a smokescreen for recruiting inexperienced traders into illegal, offshore, unregulated trading that is being used to defraud people.


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So Here is What Bitcoin Revolution Really is...

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It is a scam, no matter what they claim. Even if the trading company is real, this nonsense is just a scam to get you to sign up and lose money in CFD trading, which is highly risky. The T&C bit at the bottom is sometimes written in white to make it difficult to read. This is so that search engines and archive sites will store the text but unlucky punters/victims cannot see it. This is proof that scammers own these pages. 

Here is one of the websites with some text showing their nonsense:  

You're not on the official Bitcoin Revolution website, which means you have a vital fact to learn:

The scam is simple - they get your phone number, pester you until you invest everything you have and the numbers on your screen start to grow. Once you have invested everything, the numbers keep growing to keep you quiet. Once you have earned enough money, you naturally ask about withdrawal, they say yes, fine, anytime. You say, OK, how about now, and they say OK, it will take 48 hours to make a withdrawal. 

Then the numbers start to dwindle, you lose a huge number of trades. 

You check the T&Cs, this can happen.

You agreed to this.

It's highly risky etc. 

All your money has gone...

So What Happens if you Fall for it?

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Here is the experience of a Bitcoin Revolution user on Trustpilot: 

Bitcoin Revolution Harassment and Abuse

"About three months ago I was exploring different items on the internet & came across this website and since I knew nothing about Bitcoin I decided to explore & educate myself. Stupidly I gave my name, phone number & email, I tried to return to the Homepage but was refused access on a number of occasions. This immediately left me suspicious with a web page behaving in a way that was totally unfamiliar to me.
Having had this experience I immediately withdrew as I was uncomfortable with what I had experienced. Then the next day I get a phone call in relation to the details I had written on the website. He informed me that I had completed a form on line and that he was responding to my request for information. I was left feeling very uncomfortable and SPECIFICALLY asked him to remove my PERSONAL DETAILS from their database. He left me with the impression that he was going to do this. Despite countless requests to 100's of callers over the months, to remove my PERSONAL DETAILS nothing has changed. Now roughly 200 UNSOLICITED phone calls later, three in the last two days, I wrote to Bitcoin Revolution to ask that my PERSONAL DETAILS be COMPLETELY removed from your database and from any lists that you send out to various affiliates. The email was bounced back to me."

There is no such company as 'Bitcoin Revolution' they are just a front of an affiliate syndicate that rebadges and rebrands every few months. This person is now on their list and they will terrorise this person until they have all of his money. If you have given your number to one of the Bitcoin XXXXX companies then you must change it, there is no other way. Get a new number and email address and tell your friends about the change and no one else!