Dragons Den Oil Profit Fake News

Watch out for the latest Oil Profits scam using Dragons Den.

This is the same scam as last time, just with a new fake news campaign at the front.

They are advertising a get rich quick scheme but without crypto or ForEx, this one uses oil!

The site claims that the Dragons Den people, who are out to make money, are keen that everyone use this new app that will make everyone £7000+ per day and so the Dragons Den show will presumably become completely impossible to make as everyone would be loaded and have no need of their funding.

So, their story is: 

The idea is simple: allow the average citizen to benefit from the corona-related fluctuation in the crypto price - even if there is no money for an investment or no know-how.

Every new user only needs to make a small investment of £190 to get the fully automated process going. An algorithm developed by the two friends selects the perfect time frame to buy crypto stocks cheaply and then sell them at a profit in order to maximize profit.

The two young entrepreneurs want to earn money with a small commission, but only if profits are being. The software is already estimated to have a value of over 20 million pounds.

So it is the same old story. They are claiming that computer programmers can somehow overcome the entire worlds financial markets with a single bit of code that just works everything out instantaneously. This is of course impossible. They wrote the whole code, had it tested, and then released it without being imprisoned and subsequently found dead. This is of course impossible.

They pretend that the inventors of this software went on to a show where entrepreneurs borrow money from celebrities and tried to borrow money for a software that could make them rich in days that haven't heard or read about yet. This is of course impossible.

They claim that the Dragons were offered a percentage of the magic app for money, even though the creators of the app could've just waited a few days and had that much money from auto-trading and kept 100%. This is of course impossible. 

They maintain that the Dragons waged war with huge sums over who would have the shares of the company before the producers shut the bidding down and stopped the show live on air. This is of course impossible, the Dragons Den is a recorded show and cannot be stopped live on air. The producers have to check each entry long before it is allowed in front of the Dragons to protect themselves from libel and other criminal proceedings. Therefore this is completely impossible.