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Immediate Edge  Immediate Edge

What is the Immediate Edge Scam? 

If you read any review on any of the plague of affiliate scammer sites online, you will be lead to believe that Immediate Edge is not only safe but a great way to make free money. And here is the danger sign. What is money worth if you can get it for nothing? Well then it has to be worth nothing, and that simply isn't true. Anyone trying to sell you free money is a con-artist, and you must guard yourself against them.

In order to stay safe you need to be sure that you know who you are dealing with online and what their intentions are. Stockbrokers take a fee every time you buy or sell stock, so they want your portfolio to increase so that you pay larger and larger fees. This does change once you get into what is known as speculation, which is essentially betting on future values of stock. Now the broker has become more like a bookie. If you win, they pay, so they don't want you to win. You must always bear in that in mind. Back to top

What is Immediate Edge Scam Really?

Well it is a fake product that is passed on to affiliate marketers and these affiliate marketers use the idea of this product to build a website that will persuade people that they are going to make money. To send them into an excited, desperate frenzy so that they stop paying attention and invest in whatever is pushed in front of them. To make them think that if they do not pay their money in now, they will have missed the boat.

The truth is that the Immediate Edge is a set of websites proliferated by boiler room scammers, and that is all. It is not an app or a trading platform, or anything that can be used to make money at all. It is a phantom, it quite literally is a trick to steal take your money whilst you are not thinking. 

The purpose of these websites is pretty much the same as the spiel of any other conman that you may encounter. It is designed to get you excited about something that will lure you into losing your money. That is what a confidence trick is, something to give you confidence that then ensnares you into a contract or something else that takes your money. It is designed to trick you into the dangerous world of CFD speculation and that is a world where you will lose all of your money. Back to top

What Is the Confidence Trick That They Use?

It can be summed up with one phrase: Automatic crypto-trading AI robots. That is their con. They use the ideas of cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and the stock-market and mix it all up into one big cocktail of lies to part you from your money. It is that simple. Believe us, if anyone had invented an AI that could predict the stock market or trends in crypto currency prices, they would not be giving it away for free, we can assure you of that. If money making became that easy, money would be worthless and every economy on Earth would collapse, which means that Google aren't likely to be advertising such a product.

What would the implications of an easy way to make money for everyone? Well it would destroy the gap between the rich and the poor and the rich would no longer be able to look down upon people, so what would they have left to do? What would be the implications for normal people? Well why would a shop-owner sell you anything if they could get a computer to make free money from the room at the back without any skill or knowledge. The whole idea is patently ridiculous, which is why they use it to defraud people. They do not want any experienced traders, just the ones that they can take advantage of.

As you can see, these advertisers are so free on Google they actually use Google Sites as a means of linking to their con-artist scam:

As you can see, there is no way anyone in their right minds could ever believe that this adheres to any kind of advertising or trading standards regulation. This company is defrauding the UK (and most of Europe and Australia and South Africa) out of millions every year, and that they claim it just 'slips under the net' is nothing more than an insult. Google have to be expelled from Europe and the rest of the world and left to server the US who they can rip off as much as they like, as at least that way the money remains in the same nation. Back to top

So Once I Believe Their Lies, How Do They Defraud Me?

Well it works on a few levels. Firstly they sign you up with their site, which as you can see is little mor than a contact details harvesting form and a ridiculous video full of lies. Once they have your phone number they are ready to defraud you.

You see, the value of a website like this, is that it is like the old scam emails. 'I am a Nigerian Prince with seven hundred billion dollars in gold buried in my back garden. I am willing to spilt it with you if you can loan me the nine thousand dollars I need to hire a digger to retrieve it.' We have all seen these kinds of scams. The significance of the scam is that it makes sure you know nothing about trading or money. The whole robot AI is ridiculous. It would make all money worthless if it worked and the market would soon change so that whatever method it had been using before would cease to work, as by introducing a successful AI into the market, you would have changed market conditions and trends. It is impossible from every aspect to any trader or broker with any experience at all. Back to top

Why Make the Confidence Trick so Ridiculous?

For one reason only. To make sure you get only novice traders who can easily be defrauded out of their money and convinced they lost it fair and square. That the algorithm made a mistake and it did warn you at the bottom of the page this could happen. What are you complaining about? In short, they need people who never read small print and get excited about an idea and act upon that excitement before weighing the pros and cons. In short they need exactly the sort of person who is easily defrauded as that is exactly what they are intending to do to you.

In order to buy into this idea, you must have absolutely no understanding of: 

  • Trading
  • Computer algorithms
  • International legality
  • Money

And so you are open to the scam and probably not able to realise that it was not trading you fell foul of, but a confidence trick scam. Either way the people you have just lost your money to are pretty much untraceable anyway, so there is no hope of tracing your cash. That is the wonder of crypto currency. It makes tracing the money impossible. Back to top

What Are These Immediate Edge Scam Websites?

Well this is relatively simple - The Immediate Edge Software Scam is a way of recruiting people to various products who do not fully understand the implications of trading, so that they signup for CFD trading with an in house offshore company and do not realise that they are not trading at all, but making contracts to predict the future value of a commodity, currency or stock.

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What Are CFDs or Contracts for Differences?

Contracts for Differences trading is a way of taking calculated (or uncalculated in this case) risks on commodity or currency markets by backing a predicted change in market relativity between two commodities or currencies. For instance you could bet on the AUS dollar against the US dollar and if you come in at the right time and cash in at the right time you can make a lot of money without a lot of capital. If you were to bet on the AUS dollar increasing against the US dollar at $100 USD per point and the AUS dollar went up a cent then you would have made 10,000 USD. Great, but if the market jumps back before you get out you lose everything, and if it jumps another cent the other way then you are broke and owe the CFD 'traders' $10,000 USD. This means that FDC traders can effectively leave your spread betting account be, and just make slow your down for one late trade, and you have lost all of your capital. This means that although you feel like you are trading, you are effectively just betting until you lose. And you will always lose eventually. Knowing when to stop is a matter of knowledge and calculation, and that is why they want you to sign up so desperately, as they will receive a nice percentage of your loss. Back to top

How Do These CFD Brokers Stay in Business Then?

A CFD trader that operated offshore is completely immune to any action taken by any agency. That is why no US citizen can be marketed CFDs legally. So they write a ton of T&Cs at the bottom of the page explaining all of this and then invent some ridiculous story about an automated trading algorithm that can win 90% of all trades (never 100%) as they are going to rob you and pretend you lost a trade) and if you complain they will point you to their T&Cs that point out that CFDs are extremely risky and only for the professional trader. Back to top

Where does the Immediate Edge Scam fit in?

Well as I mentioned earlier, it is a sales funnel for an affiliates of CFD traders. They come up with the stupidest most unbelievable video of some feckless actor driving a hire car for the day to a fake office where they tell you he is from NASA and found a magic line of code that now allows him to trade money and nearly always win. 

Trading is not based upon an algorithm, but a market, and CFD spread betting is operated by a bunch of bookies taking bets on these markets. Add to that the volatility of the Crypto currencies, and you have a lot of ideas being swirled into one great big fantasy used to filter out the most vulnerable people considering trading, and dropping them into the most dangerous sector of the trading world. These 'bookies' are not stockbrokers, when you lose, they take the money, just like a bookie. That is why the affiliate payouts are so high, and spin doctors like this invent nonsense like Immediate Edge which is really just the last chicken in the shop when it comes to financial product names. They have no other domains or trademarks that remain unused, so they are stuck with Immediate Edge. Back to top

Conclusions on Immediate Edge

So now I hope you understand why these recruitment drives are so obviously a scam, because they are seeking to trap the most desperate, gullible people on the internet, and rip them off. That's why they continually tell you that you need no trading experience. 

1. It's not trading

2. If you knew anything about trading you wouldn't touch it!

It is nothing more than a sales funnel to get the most green eared people signed up with the most greedy sector of trading.

This is exactly the same for every other page claiming instant riches on this blog.

Most of the fake apps such as this one and the crypto auto-trader bot scam variations, along with Brexit Millionaire, are just sales funnels now. The original scam with the fake auto trader software is till common, it is just covered up with the CFD smokescreen. What we mean by this is that sometimes the trading interface website or screen you are controlling has no real money behind it at all, it is just to buy time whilst the thieves escape. The whole broker site is just part of the con and the CFD trading warnings just cover their posteriors as they disappear into the distance.

Some of the other operators of the scam do actually give you a real CFD MT4 (metatrader 4 or 5) account, and they just take your money by giving you terrible advice on how to trade. 

Despite it being obvious that this is what these ridiculous websites intended, they can still hide behind international law loopholes and offshore technicalities. It has become just as easy to take money from people with a real product as a fake one, as CFD trading is so close to fraud for the novice. CFDs are a license to steal money from innocent people, and this is why countries are forbidding their use.

Here is some of their sales pitch, which you can view a copy of one of their websites here.

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Can I Get My Money Back If I Have Already Deposited?

From the scammers? No, very unlikely. They are pretty much untraceable, or we would have them arrested. They use affiliate marketing to cover over every part of their operation so there is no easy way to prove that any one company or individual has actually committed a crime in any particular territory. There is no way you can arrest an affiliate for making the website an affiliate network has instructed them to make. They have complete deniability. The affiliate network is only acting under instruction from their client, and the client is protected by GDPR, privacy and all sort of T&Cs that do nothing for the customer, just protect the scammers. After all of that, no one has any jurisdiction anyway as most of the address in question are just registered companies with no staff or presence in that territory. It is just an address that forwards their mail. The whole of the internet appears to have been devised to allow these sorts of scams to be proliferated. Back to top

What About A Recovery Company?

No, just no. They have no legal qualifications in any territory. They often operate exactly the same tactics as the scammer, often advertising alongside them. They operate affiliate networks to bring in details of unfortunate scam victims, and then they take an upfront cost whether they collect money or not and do nothing that you cannot do easily for yourself.

They are so close to the scammers in tactics, it may well be where they originate. Back to top


Do not send them or their partner 'brokers' any money, ever.