1 K Daily Profit Review

You can see a copy of the original website here.

1K Daily Profit has a different pitch to most of the crypto auto trader platforms. It does not claim it make you a millionaire in six months. It offers a more sensible $1000 USD per day average. It explains that they do not win every single trade, but win a reasonable percentage and make you a sensible profit. 

Now all this seems fine and dandy, the problem is that if you are only depositing $250 and you make $1000 the first day, why don't you make $4000 the second day? If you can add 300% in 24hrs, what goes wrong on the second day? It doesn't make sense. If it was 10% per day then we could understand it, we wouldn't easily believe it, but we could at least understand the thinking. This website pitch has been invented to capture people before they are allowed to think.

Who Created 1K Daily Profits?

1k Daily Profit was pioneered by John Becker, opposite. John is described by the website as a man who wants to help the reader in particular, that the number of people being selected for the use of this software is limited, and that the technology will only be available for a short time.

All of the ideas about the numbers being limited and the software only being released to ten people because we were recommended by a friend (when we obviously weren't) are highly suspicious and indicate a confidence trickster is behind this 'platform.'

We can find no evidence of John Becker being involved with this platform and no information on which John Becker they are referring to. There was an American writer, composer and politician, but this photo matches none of them. In all likelihood this is a stock photo off of a stick photo website and the name John Becker has just been plucked from thin air.

The video itself is allegedly narrated by John but he does not give any information on how he came to know of us or who recommended us to 1K Daily Profits, the most likely explanation is that this website is not exclusive at all, but that the ten places pitch is just to make you act in haste and hand over your $250 before you realise what has happened.

He does not explain who he is either and so we are left with the suspicion that he is just a voiceover actor reading a script to defraud people.


Is 1K Daily Profits Real?

Now let's get on to what sort of presence this app has online. 

Well firstly, let's see what happens when we search for this incredible sounding application:

After various ads on Google, we see this:

1K Daily Profits Scam

A very handy image specifying that the 1K Daily Profit system is 'definitely not a scam' which seems like an odd statement to make about a product when we have not suggested that it is a scam, yet. 

If we take a look at the results page itself, we see the following after the sponsored ads:

Well, this seems familiar. Lots of different websites for the app that all claim to be the official 2022 website. This is plainly a scam, and a major big red flag!

This also indicated that 1K Daily Profits is not real, but just another campaign waged by the boiler room scammers

Why Are There Positive TrustPilot Reviews?

Trustpilot has reviews that say they found the app after seeing it on the BBC, but this is impossible. Firstly the person is supposedly from Norway and so would have no access to the BBC television channels and secondly the BBC would never advertise such a service. This is a big red flag!

This must mean that the majority of these reviews are fake as it demonstrates that these positive talking about the BBC are fake. If TrustPilot are mistakenly accepting false reviews then you have to ask what the point of their site is. They probably do more harm than good. If you look at the below, you can see that the positive reviews on the 1Kdailyprofit.site reviews are all people who have never made any other review but still bothered to upload a photo to their profile. This is very odd behaviour. Why would you want to attach a photo to a profile that you never used again. Obviously TP regard a photo as a sign that the account is a real person, more fool them.


Many of these reviews do not actually read properly and say things like 'Personally I have never encountered any technical issues now and then.' Which doesn't actually mean anything or explain how much money they made or what the product actually is. It is amazing that the 'automated review modertaion' software theat TP claim they have is not very good.

If we look at another page of exactly the same product on another domain URL:

You can see here that the reviews are from people who have used TP for many different products and that they are stating clearly that this is a scam and that you should not sign up. So is that the real truth then? Just keep swapping domains and keeping the same website and TrustPilot will not react quickly enough to stop you ripping off thousands of people. It certainly seems that way.

How Does the 1K Daily Profit Scam Get Traffic?

Nearly every one of the websites that link to this scam are on the fake news blog on this site, and the ones that aren't are probably just as unreliable. The links to this website are never clean and always contain affiliate codes indicating that these 'review' sites are collecting a fee for linking to the page. Another big red flag!

The actual 1K Daily Profits site also has multiple URLs which is indicative of them changing the domain but keeping the same site or product name. This is a sign that either they do not pay their bills or are being shut down because they are fraudulent. It is also an indicator that TrustPilot reviews are vulnerable to scammers who keep changing their domain names and URLs.

Conclusion on 1K Daily Profit

Well the site/app/campaign is definitely fraudulent. It is a boiler room marketing tool designed to get your phone number and email address so that they can terrorise you into losing your money. This comes as no surprise as these types of sites are everywhere at the moment, and just seem to be growing in number.

As we can see, on their website at the bottom, the dreaded 'we are illegal CFD brokers' message is present:

REGULATION & HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose some or all of your invested capital, therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. 

Oh dear.. 

So, to re-cap:

  • John Becker appears to be a phantom and not the voiceover actor
  • the trading numbers for profit make no sense
  • the website is full of inaccuracies and wild claims
  • the website is constantly being reborn under new URLs
  • all the sites linking to it are fraudulent
  • the positive trustpilot reviews are all fake
  • the small print indicates it is actually a CFD trader, illegal in the States