- Fake News And Reviews Affiliate Site


This site is actually quite funny because it makes no attempt to mask the fact that all of the coin robot websites they review have the same screenshot.

Would people really believe that every one of these fool-proof autotrader crypto-trading AI robots has the same website?

We will do a quick break down of their front page with the facts in so as make it plain how stupid actually is.

The first thing to bear in mind is that if you search Google for Bitcoin Robots you will see something like this:

Now Wikijob are telling you about apps like CoinRule which is as close to a trading robot as you can get. It operates a simple, user-defined set of rules to try and switch between coins and buy and sell for you. This can be a good way of making use of the volatility of crypto, but every transaction does cost you money as you have to pay for the infrastructure of BTC/ETH/XRP each time you trade. Obviously the system allows for an easier trade than trying to use it directly with CoinBase or Kraken etc. which can make the whole experience much easier to learn from.

Further down the page however, the fake news and review sites start to appear, such as and are an obvious fraud as the first thing we can see in the description is: