As usual with these scammers there is no contact page or about us page that gives any sort of location to track these people down and the whole thing is, from beginning to end, a pack of lies. none of the reviews are real and the photos they use tend to be of people having no connection whatsoever to Bitcoin, trading or even journalism.

This site is actually quite funny because it makes no attempt to mask the fact that all of the coin robot websites they review have the same screenshot.

Would people really believe that every one of these fool-proof autotrader crypto-trading AI robots has the same website?

We will do a quick break down of their front page with the facts in so as make it plain how stupid actually is.

The first thing to bear in mind is that if you search Google for Bitcoin Robots you will see something like this:

Bitcoin Robots Google Search

Now Wikijob are telling you about apps like CoinRule which is as close to a trading robot as you can get. It operates a simple, user-defined set of rules to try and switch between coins and buy and sell for you. This can be a good way of making use of the volatility of crypto, but every transaction does cost you money as you have to pay for the infrastructure of BTC/ETH/XRP each time you trade. Obviously the system allows for an easier trade than trying to use it directly with CoinBase or Kraken etc. which can make the whole experience much easier to learn from.

Further down the page however, the fake news and review sites start to appear, such as and are an obvious fraud as the first thing we can see in the description is: 

Fake Review Site Google Search Results

20 Legit Bitcoin Robot and Auto-Trading Bots. Now this is not something you do when writing a review. You do not say 'Is Netflix a scam?' because if there was any doubt about the honesty or legality of the app, no one would go anywhere near it. The only reason to say something like that, is if you know that it is a scam, and you are trying to rip people off.

This is where the scammers live, a bit farther down the page. They peddle apps like Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Era etc. which are all a scam.

Let's go back to and have another look sat their fist page:

These are their recommended robots:

1. Bitcoin Trader

A brief description

Bitcoin Trader is a software for trading in cryptocurrencies that was invented by Gary Roberts in 2017. No it wasn't, it isn't even software. Driven by artificial intelligence no it isn't, the platform offers a win-rate that is as high as 88% no it doesn't by notifying the registered traders and investors with trading signals if it is automated, why would you need signals? The platform is easily navigable and the process of automated trading facilitated by the platform ensures the most lucrative returns. For more information read our Bitcoin Trader review now!

Quick facts about Bitcoin Trader

  • The license is recognized by more than 150 countries.
  • The success rate of the trading bot is about 96%. It was 88% a minute ago!
  • The minimum amount to be deposited for the activation of the trading robot is $250. That is the constant in all of these scams!


Bitcoin Trader Bill Gates Scam
 OK a picture of Bill Gates. That's number one.   Onto Number two:  

2. Bitcoin Era

A brief description

Bitcoin Era is a Bitcoin trading platform no it isn't that is powered by advanced statistical algorithms no it isn't that automate the process of buying and selling of Bitcoin no they don't and other cryptocurrencies at the cryptocurrency market. The algorithms analyze algorithms follow rules, they do not analyse the historical and current data to estimate the optimum points of entering and exiting the trade. The platform also allows manual trading in cryptocurrency assets. No it doesn't

Quick facts about Bitcoin Era

  • Bitcoin Era allows trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, EOS, and IOTA. The platform also allows BTC/EUR and BTC/USD trading. It offers no trading at all, just CFD brokers
  • The win-rate is 96% which makes it easy for the traders to make richer gains. That's the same as Bitcoin Trader then
  • The registered traders and investors have to make a minimum deposit of $250 to open an account and start trading. Once again
  • The platform processes withdrawals very fast and so the traders can withdraw the payouts within 24 hours of placing a request for the amount. No one ever gets a payout
  • The platform allows demo account trading to enable the traders to choose the most profitable currency pairs without incurring any financial losses. The MT4 and MT5 do allow demo accounts but 80% of all users lose their money
Bill Gates Bitcoin Era Scam
OK so the website is identical - isn't that interesting - which means that it is the same product made by the same people who have multiple names for the same thing as you may have heard one or the other is a scam.   Onto number 3:

3. Bitcoin Revolution

A brief description

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the best crypto trading platforms that employs the most sophisticated algorithms to drive the Bitcoin robot that conducts automated trading in cryptocurrencies with high precision. The trading bot analyses the cryptocurrency market, predicts the price of the cryptocurrencies on the basis of the market patterns and determines the most suitable time to conduct buying and selling in cryptocurrencies in a way to ensure the best trading profit for the registered users. As we can see, the narrative just repeats itself with slight variations over and over again. They give this a slightly different rating even though all that has changed is that they've waited for the video to move on from Bill Gates before they captured the screenshot.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Revolution

  • The crypto robots of Bitcoin Revolution offer the traders with 99.4% of success rate. It means that the Bitcoin auto trader platform can double, triple, and even quadruple the money invested by the registered users. Lies.
  • The registered user has to deposit only $250 to open a trading and investment account with the automatic Bitcoin trader robot. You don't say..
  • Trading through the Bitcoin autotrader robot enables the traders to rake in good gains to the tune of $1100 on a daily basis. What a load of rubbish.
  • The auto trade Bitcoin robot allows trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. Also, discover more about it through our Bitcoin Revolution review.
Richard Branson Bitcoin Revolution Scam
So, onto number four:  

4. Bitcoin Evolution Yes, they just removed the R!

A brief description

Bitcoin Evolution is the software application for automated trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The software is powered by intelligent algorithms that operate the trading bots to conduct efficient trading and investment and yield high returns in the market. The high-powered algorithm empowers the crypto robots to examine the crypto exchanges and secure the best trades from the registered users. Is that exactly the same text as Revolution? It is undoubtedly very similar.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Evolution

  • Bitcoin Evolution enables the traders to open a demo account that helps the new traders gain more experience in trade and investments described in schemes before venturing into the markets with substantial funds. Well the MT4 CFD trader they send you to does.
  • The success-rate of the trades at the platform of Bitcoin Evolution is higher than 88%. Don't be ridiculous!
  • The minimum amount to be deposited for opening a trade account with Bitcoin Evolution is $250. No kidding?
  • The processes of making deposits and withdrawing the amount are quick, fast, and completely secure. No they aren't, they make you wait and try and claim your margins were breached before you could be paid.
Bitcoin Evolution Scam  
Bitcoin Evolution is actually a slightly different website template here but they do have one that is the same as all of the previous ones for Bitcoin Evolution too. Many of these scams have two or three domain names, often with different website templates, but there are only really three or four different site templates that they use.  
And onto number 5.

5. Bitcoin Profit

A brief description

Bitcoin Profit is the software trade application for automated investment and trade in cryptocurrencies. It is driven by an accurate trade algorithm that empowers the trading bots to conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies at the right time on behalf of the registered user. The platform maintains a high level of precision in the trades and ensures considerable gains by staying ahead of the trade by 0.01 seconds. Now this is truly ridiculous, it looks forward in time to see what happens to make trades? Well although that is sort of what quantum computing does in a way of thinking, it does not yet have anything like the capacity to predict the future, or the world would be a very different place.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Profit

  • John Mayers is the founder of the trade technology of Bitcoin Profit. No he isn't.
  • The success rate of trades is as high as 92%. No it isn't The high rate is of great use but we may be better off to trade within the budgetary limits. Eh?
  • User testimonials suggest that the maximum profit that can be extracted daily is up to $1500, even after making a minimum deposit of $250. Also, you check with our detailed Bitcoin Profit reviewsWell that makes no sense as if you made $1500 from $250 on day one you could make $9000 on day two.
  • The trade platform accepts several payment methods and the deposit and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. It is easy to send scammers money, yes.
Bitcoin Profit Scam   
 So time for number six:

6. Bitcoin Code

A brief description

Developed by the genius software developer, Steve McKay this name comes up over and over, but his picture changes from stock photo to stock photo and he is a phantom, Bitcoin Code is an AI-based application no it isn't that operates on the basis of complex algorithms. The algorithm powers the crypto bot trading by furnishing the registered trader with signals to open and close the trades positions in the cryptocurrency market signals are just emails that arrive telling you when to buy and sell, so this would mean it is not an automated system. The platform of Bitcoin works on the basis of the commands that are issued by the user. The user sets the time of opening and closing the trades position on the basis of the market data provided by the trading bots of the Bitcoin Code. The Bitcoin robot scans the crypto exchange to secure the best deals for the registered user. None of that ties up at all.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Code

  • The requisite deposit amount to start the trades is $250. The maximum amount to be deposited is $15000. Signup through our Bitcoin Code review article. Yes
  • The software of Bitcoin Code facilitates trades in Assist Mode and Manual Mode. 
  • Bitcoin Code allows trades in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Tether, EOS, Binance, and Tezos. No, it just forwards you to a CFD broker who attempts to defraud you.
  • The price prediction mechanism of the trades platform is almost 99.7% accurate What do you mean almost?. The accuracy is excellent for use but we may try to be cautious to be secure against losses. This is complete nonsense.
  • The software performs a time leap of 0.01 seconds that ensures the accuracy of price prediction and rakes in a lot of profits for the registered traders. Don't be stupid.
  • At Bitcoin Code, the expert traders earn more than $13,000 daily. How would it be constant? It is a scam!
Bitcoin Code Scam
 As we can see the website is just the same image again on the left, bitcoins in background, with the sign-up form on the right. There is no app here:   Number 7:

7. Bitcoin Loophole

A brief description

Bitcoin Loophole is one of the best Bitcoin crypto bots that serves to make it more convenient for the traders and investors to rake in profits from the crypto market. Actually it's just a scam! The robots qualify for investor as well as trader. What does that mean? The trading robots of the platform employ the most state-of-the-art technology to generate signals that doesn't even scan properly. The advanced Bitcoin robots notify the traders about potentially profitable opportunities. The Bitcoin robot makes the right decision on the basis of cryptanalysis. The trading robots also stay ahead of the competitors by 0.01 seconds to predict the price fluctuations more accurately. OK so more predicting the future BS.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Loophole

  • The trading robots of Bitcoin Loophole not only allows trading in cryptocurrencies but also enables the traders to execute trades in traditional financial assets like stocks, bonds, and foreign exchange. So why is it called Bitcoin Loophole then?
  • The reputed online brokers associated with the trading robots offer the most premium quality of brokerage services. They are offshore, unregulated scammers.
  • The success rate of the trading robots is around 95% which is very high. No it isn't, the market would collapse and Bitcoin would be worth a fortune.
  • The minimum deposit to be made for opening an account with the Bitcoin robots is only $250. Uh-huh.
Bitcoin Loophole Scam
As you can see the website is the same again.   Number Eight:

8. Bitcoin Pro

A brief description

Bitcoin Pro is one of the best crypto trading platforms blah-blah-blah you see they just repeat themselves over and over so it just goes to show that Google doesn't scan content that carefully unless you are a really big site for the execution of automated trading in cryptocurrencies in the crypto exchange or market. The sophisticated algorithm powers the crypto trading bots to trade at 0.01 seconds faster than competitors. We have a bitcoin crystal ball telling us the future, yeah.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Pro

  • Bitcoin Pro is the best Bitcoin trading app. It has one of the best for executing trade and investment on the go. Lies
  • The most suitable time to conduct the trade is between 8:00 am-4:00 pm (Eastern Daylight Time) when the trend is highly favourable. That's rubbish
  • The registered users need to make a deposit in the range $200-$15000. Actuay it is $250
  • The win-rate is almost 97%. Check it by reading our Bitcoin Pro reviewNo it isn't, there is no app, it just forwards you to dodgy, crap brokers.
Bitcoin Pro Scam
VISIT BITCOIN PRO As you can see it is the same website format yet again with the same background etc.   Onto number nine then...  

9. Immediate Edge

A brief description

Immediate Edge is an online Bitcoin robot that employs special algorithms and high-powered technologies to enable smart trade in the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets. The Bitcoin robot is driven by Artificial Intelligence that scrapes through the data to determine the points of entry and exit of trades, and then opens and closes the positions automatically. Same nonsense, different paragraph.

Quick facts about Immediate Edge

  • Immediate Edge allows trade in Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
  • The Bitcoin robot of Immediate Edge facilitates trade in the crypto exchanges that include Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, and Poloniex. The platform allows forex trae through the forex brokers UFX and 24Option. So they are actually explaining (presumably because they have run out of other blurb) that this is all about leveraging CFDs against changes in market value and is highly risky, that is how they legally defraud you.
  • The online brokers offer a leverage of 1:1000. That's why crypto stays so volatile.
  • Immediate Edge also facilitates margin trading by enabling the trader to open long and short trade positions in the market. Spread-betting/Options trading, highly volatile trading even if you are right about the market in the most part, you can still suffer a glitch and lose your position or have to pay bags of cash to stay in.
Immediate Edge Scam
This really is a stupid name for a trading app, and they try to justify it over and over, but do not really manage it.   And now for the last....

10. Bitcoin Circuit

A brief description

Bitcoin Circuit is especially designed for beginners who seek to conduct trading and investment with little to no experience in finance.  The algorithm examines the crypto exchange and assesses the cryptocurrency trends to conduct the most profitable trading on behalf of the trader. It is designed to take advantage of novices, so I suppose in some ways this is true. it is work remarking here that CFD/options trading cannot be solicited to US and Canadian citizens, which is why they have to dress it up in all of this Bitcoin related nonsense. They are selling illegal products by pretending they are something else.

Quick facts about Bitcoin Circuit

  • Bitcoin Circuit allows buying and selling of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Verge, NEO, Dash, NEM, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum, and Litecoin.  No it doesn't, it just forwards you to unregulated fraudsters who allow you to speculate on ForEx and Crypto with very complex conditions. They can then just take your money and 'it was in the terms and conditions'
  • It offers a win-rate of up to 98% that is very high and profitable. Rubbish!
  • The minimum deposit amount is $250. Really?
  • It enables trade in dual modes: Manual and Automated. Browse in detail about both at our comprehensive Bitcoin Circuit reviewThere is no 'automated' mode unless you have devised or downloaded algorithms and they will likely lose all of your money anyway.
Bitcoin Circuit Scam

 So as you can see the whole site is reviewing one product and trying to get you to click their affiliate links all the way through. Every product has the same description and website, so they must know! It is al rather desperate and sad and another indicator that the internet has outlived it's usefulness. Time to go back to tribes and villages and ask the local doctor for advice in such matters.  


Do not trust any of their reviews!