Crypto Investor Review

What is the Crypto Investor?

Well the crypto investor is an advert. An advertising website packed with lies to deceive and confuse, but also to defraud. This is a site designed to put you in a state of mind where you can be easily misled with impossible lies about profits and investments. It is a site that no seasoned trader or broker would ever believe. In other words, it is designed to defraud people who know nothing about making money.

Now there are some quite amazing claims on this website. 

Not least of all: 

Money Back Guarantee Deal: Right now, we are now offering an risk-free investment of $250 Meaning: If you don't have a $5,000 profit within 3 days, we pay back your deposit

So if you don't multiply your investment by twenty-one times in 72 hours, they pay you back $250 USD leaving you with whatever you have made in the meantime for free?

This is troubling to say the least, as why would they not just put their own money in and buy the Federal Reserve at the end of the week?

When you click the link you just get through to: which appears to be a scam site pretending to sell iPhones.

You have to see the funny side in their logo: 

Needles to say, avoid all of the URLs on his page.