What is CryptoSoft?

Good question. It is hard to understand exactly what this is supposed to be. On the website it doesn't really seem to try and explain what CryptoSoft is. They do explain that trading is complex and difficult and that it has been around for a few years (so they must be referring to speculating upon crypto-currencies) even though they talk about other commodities, but they have been around forever.

They go on to talk about Bitcoin and that ' With the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009, the trading world has expanded unimaginably, giving traders the ability to trade on cryptocurrency using online platforms' but crypto hasn't made that big a difference to the world of trading. Most traders still speculate on more or less anything they can find, looking for a good spread of investments and speculations.

Things start to get more obvious when we see a more familiar tactic being displayed:

That’s why trading platforms were created to enhance the user experience (UI) and make trading more accessible for the average person. This allows newcomers to dive into this world even with no prior knowledge, as long as they are willing to learn and practice and are aware of the risks. The team recognized the need for a reliable trading platform on the internet and started developing the official CryptoSoft; their main purpose was to help you trade in a more straightforward way, so you can do so from anywhere, at any time, whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader.

No novice should go anywhere near speculating on anything, as it is a very risk proposition. Predicting future prices is a difficult task as history makes no promises on the future of markets and reacting quickly enough to items in the news can be profitable, but can also make things go horribly wrong. Very few tools are useful for novices and experts, so beware of anything that claims to be ideal for both...

What Can I Trade With CryptoSoft?

As far as we can tell, nothing. It is not a platform or a trading system of any kind. It has no presence in any of the financial publications and has not trading history of any kind. There is also the question of ti's name. If it can trade everything they claim, then why is it called CryptoSoft? Why isn't it called something less specific. Whatever we are dealing with here, it is not a trading tool or a software, it is something more dysfunctional and disingenuous. Caution must be taken when dealing with any article that does not seem to be completely truthful and the CryptoSoft page just seems to beat around the bush at every opportunity rather than explain exactly what they are trying to sell you.