Bitcoin System - Martin Lewis

Who is Martin Lewis?

Martin Lewis started out as a journalist on television, cultivating his 'Money Saving Expert' persona on various channels throughout the years. Later on, after several slots on various channels including the BBC, he founded a website named Upon the back of the success of this website he has made numerous television appearances and presented various money-saving advice television programmes.

In 2012 he sold his website to for £87m and now dedicates his time to charity work as well as helping the general public avoid scams and confidence tricks. As a result he is a very trusted figure in the UK when it comes to money and how to save.

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What is is a website designed to help people save their money and find the best deals on various products such as insurance and investments and so help people retire more happily and feel more secure. The website is populated with all kinds of money saving advice but tends to steer away from investment advice as these are options that can influence markets and backfire upon people. As a result the title of the website is shows a focus upon saving money rather than making it. This is why Martin Lewis would never publicly express an opinion on spread-betting or CFD trading - it is just too risky to hang his reputation as a money saving expert upon.

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What is Bitcoin System?

Well you can read about Bitcoin System on our blog, but in the main it is a boiler room scam campaign designed to defraud people by building their confidence in a fake auto-trading robot that will make them money while they sleep. It is part of a slew of fake products that the boiler room scammers use to defraud people the world over such as Brexit Millionaire, Bitcoin Rush, Immediate Edge and Oil Profit amongst others. These campaigns are designed to fill people with confidence in a product that is so far away from the truth that they have a such a huge distance to return to reality, that in the meantime the scammers have taken their money. In other words Bitcoin System is a confidence trick or con designed by con-artists. They simply through the idea of Bitcoin in as it is often in the news concerning finances and making people wealthy in a short time frame.


Where Does Martin Lewis Fit In?

Well he is seen as a trusted personality in terms of saving money, so the con-artists use him as a way to disguise their fraud. He is being used by scammers in exactly the same way as Elon Musk, Jeremy Clarkson, Dragon's Den and Richard Branson have all been targeted to be falsely associated with these auto-trading robot boiler room scams. The whole scam is held together by all of the fake auto-trading review sites that are rampant across the internet due to all of the affiliates being paid by these scammers. They really are a pest as they help ensnare people who do a modicum of research online and only read all of these fake reviews which rank highly as all of the other affiliates link to them in the hope of collecting some of their affiliate fees?

Who are the Affiliates?

Well they are people all over the internet who want to take a slice of the scam money that the boiler room scammers defraud innocent people out of. They are just sad and lonely people who have no other motivation in life other than greed. Put simply, what they do is join an affiliate network and see that the highest fees are paid by people who claim to be offshore brokers, and they pay up to $800 USD for a single prospect (potential victim) because they know they can defraud that person for $5000 USD or every penny they have. This means that the affiliates all link to these scam sites because they want these higher fees, and must surely realise what the implications of these high exorbitant fees must be. No one pays $800 USD for a customer unless they are going to take them to the cleaners. The biggest problem with this is that it clouds the whole question of responsibility. Everyone has plausible deniability in the words of the biggest criminals in the world.  

How Can I Stay Safe Online?

Well the first thing to remember is that money is worth something, so you cannot ever get it for free. You can only earn it through investment (taking financial risk) or through earning it in exchange for time and expertise (work) as these are both resources that are worth something that is being traded for the value of said money. If anyone ever offers you something, like a product or website, that makes money with no risk and no requirement for expertise or experience, than that person is a scammer. They are offering you something, that if it existed, would render money worthless. If money was worthless then why would you want it anyway? If the product or scheme they are advertising breaks the concept of the value of money, then it is a fallacy and is therefore impossible within the bounds of economics. Stay away from any scheme that can be described as 'get rich quick' as it is likely a pyramid scheme at best, and more likely a scam.
We always recommend staying up to date with the latest scams by visiting this blog and always cross-referencing any online review of a money making scheme with the reviews on this website. We are not an affiliate of any get rich or money making schemes and so we are not motivated by linking our website to any other site. We only advertise with Google Ads and carefully monitor who is allowed to advertise what on our site.

Are Any Celebrity Endorsements of Money Making Schemes Real?

No. Why would any celebrity risk being associated with s scheme where you can lose money? It would destroy their reputation with the public. Anyone claiming that a celebrity makes their money from means other than writing books and starring on television programmes is almost certainly lying. Gordon Ramsey doesn't make money from an app on his phone, he owns pioneers restaurants and stars on television programmes to earn his money. Elon Musk doesn't make apps to stop poverty, he builds cars and solar panels and spacecraft. No one of the super-rich are keen for everyone to be wealthy as it means that they are less wealthy themselves, relatively. We are sure that most celebrities would love to see an end to poverty, but no app would ever achieve that. Money moves around for all sorts of reasons, but the one truth is that those who have it, do not like to see it go elsewhere. Any app claiming to make people rich because the designers want to see everybody become wealthy is a scam. Everyone cannot be wealthy, there is not enough resource to go around. Make sure that you invest what you have wisely in companies that will continue to grow. Think about trends and the centralisation of power in the US. This is a trend that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future so have a think about what technologies must grow to accommodate this. Think about the continued growth of China and what technology will have to arrive to accommodate that. Think about the continued takeover of electrically powered ships and cars and planes. Who will be at the forefront of that? These investments will not make you rich quick, but they will be a sensible path to a more secure and safer future.