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HP DL360 G7 Red Screen of Death Illegal OpCode

This is a fairly disturbing occurrence - when your server, instead of booting-up, just after one rec

This is a fairly disturbing occurrence - when your server, instead of booting-up, just after one recommended update or a fist time reboot after install you receive a bright red screen explaining that the server feels it has done enough and will proceed no further. Not great news if you have a lot of users awaiting emails or database results and even worse if you've never seen it before.



Well this error can be related to a few problems related to running various forms of Linux on SD card drives but it can also affect those of us just running plain old Windows Server on the inbuilt 410i RAID controller.

In essence the message means that it is unable to read the boot device and so has thrown an HP level issue instead of a standard Windows or BIOS error.

I have found this problem in connection with the following:

  • Installing using iLO3 with a network accessed ISO file and then rebooting for the first time
  • Installing a recommended update to the NICs that made the whole server BSOD and then reboot into this and so we had to fix the error to find out that the DB was intact
  • Updating BIOS for the motherboard that has somehow disabled the USB boot in the BIOS and so lost the SD card boot device (which I was using on that occassion)
  • Installed the Windows iLO3 drivers which then somehow told Windows, because there was an ISO listed in the ILO3 boot-up system, that Windows was not the boot device

In order to fix these issues you should:

  1. Update the iLO3 firmware as there is a fix in th elatest versions (allegedly) but I have found this unreliable
  2. Disable the iLO if this fails at boot-up
  3. Change the boot order in BIOS so that your boot device is first and then:
  4. Boot from a Windows DVD and ensure you can see the boot volume and then use the inbuilt repair (this seems to be the best solution for Windows installs)

If all the above fails you can just try unplugging all the PSUs for ten minutes as this is a recommended solution from HP but only for the G8 servers. 

Good luck with a really distressing and fairly futile error screen.

Oi Windows 10, give me back my PC !!!!

If you are, like me, a very boring web user who doesn't go to many unknown websites or watch lots of

If you are, like me, a very boring web user who doesn't go to many unknown websites or watch lots of unsubscribed videos etc. then you might be feeling a little annoyed with the new 'compulsory real-time monitor' arrangement that Windows 10 suffers from. It is, of course, a sign that your computer hard disk drive is now performing two or three times the work for many operations compared to how it was functioning on Windows 7. Real-time scanning (as the word real-time is supposed to explain) means that every file your computer needs to open is examined in advance by a proprietary process before the system comes into contact with it. Now there are two reasons why I don't like this thinking. The first is the obvious performance problem (and whether that wastes more time, energy and money than all the viruses in the world put together is another question.) The second is that Windows 10 downloads so many updates of such unbelievable magnitude that they kill the performance of your machine and the internet and so what is the point of Windows Defender anyway? This is further compounded by the fact that Windows Update, like Windows Defender, now appears to be compulsory.

OK so let’ shave a look at all of the components and how we can disable them as Microsoft have recently started to run scheduled tasks to make sure that the most performance hungry Windows processes are restarted and re-enabled at regular intervals such as Sharepoint Sync in Microsoft Office and Defender in Windows 10.

So we will begin by using the simplest and safest way to disable the Windows Defender Components, using the registry editor.

If you press the Windows key and type 'regedit' and press enter you will be presented with the registry editor and you will need to navigate to the following area:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender

This means that under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE you expand the folders (called keys in registry editor, even though they lok the same - they are not folders, they are completely different - )

When you find the correct key, you highlight it on the left and then right click on the right hand side, below the (Default) value and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value 

Give the DWORD the name DisableAntiSpyWare and once it has been created, double click the DWORD and enter the value '1' and press OK so that you have the below:

Now let's try restarting Windows 10....

OK so according to the above view from the taskbar, the Windows Defender application is not running. Let's have a check under the services running by clikcing the start buton and typing services.msc

OK excellent, the service has been stopped and is now set to manual. This is going to speed us up nicely. But now how do we stop the automatic updates from hogging all of the bandwidth and disk speed?

Well there are many sites telling me to use metered connections or policies to disable this function, but the Windows update feature can be disabled by opening up the services.msc applet and disabling the service by finding it as follows:

NB This service has already been disabled but your will not have been.

Now double-click the update service and choose the start-up type:

Once it is set to disabled then click OK to confirm.

Now we are back in control of our Windows 10 PC and our Ineternet connection, RAM, Hard Disk and CPU are all our own again.

backup your user profile

14. November 2016 17:08 by sirclesadmin in Data Recovery, Hardware
When it comes to backup and restore on Windows 10 the default is to backup your disk every hour whic

When it comes to backup and restore on Windows 10 the default is to backup your disk every hour which is a pretty surefire way to ruin your backup disk, internal disk and electricity bill. You can obviously backup your files manually but an easy option is to create a shortcut on your desktop that will backup your files to your external hard disk so that you can simply copy them back if you lose your laptop or restore individual files if you lose or accidentally delete files.

If you wish to run the backup one time, you can by using the following:

If you run the following command by pressing [windows key] + R


Then paste in the code but substitute the drive letter of your external drive as appropriate:


xcopy "%userprofile%\*.*" [drive letter]:\profilebackup\ /c /s /r /d /y /i


And leave the colon in place but not the square brackets.


This will copy all of the files in your user profile into a folder called profilebackup onto the external drive from pictures and desktop, documents etc.


Or you can make a shortcut on your desktop as follows:

  1. Minimise all your applications down to the task bar to get your desktop clear.
  2. Right click on your desktop and choose 'create shortcut'

create a shortcut to Robocopy


       3. Enter the command line once you have entered the drive letter:


Robocopy shortcut details


      4. Name the shortcut something you will remember to run regularly:


Name the robocopy shortcut


      5. Click finish and you're done.

You now have a shortcut that you can use to backup anytime - just remember to plug in the external hard disk first.

DrayTek Vigor Router Logons and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

5. July 2016 17:37 by sirclesadmin in Hardware, Internet, Internet Security
This is just a quick not to beware so that you do not get stuck in a loop. Once a DrayTek Vigor 2830

This is just something to be beware of so that you do not get stuck in a loop.

After a DrayTek Vigor 2830 had been factory reset we still could not login - none of the passwords would work!

As we can see from the above it should be admin and admin but from Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 nothing would work.

After a few tries we did notice that the response from admin/admin was considerably slower than the other options and....

Yes, you guessed it, the Microsoft Edge browser just bounces back to the login page even when the login is correct.

We didn't try adding the router logon site to the compatibility view as an option but no doubt that would work. As it was we just used Google Chrome instead.

As an aside the Google Chrome option doesn't work on the 2830 and older certificates for SAL login so stick to Firefox or goog, old-fashioned IE for that.

Finally - the ultimate office phone system replacement mobile add-on

24. May 2016 12:12 by sirclesadmin in Hardware
We ll it has been a while but finally it has arrived - you can now make and receive calls as you wou

We ll it has been a while but finally it has arrived - you can now make and receive calls as you would on a full spec. office phone system using only your mobile phone. And I mean as if you were actually in the office with all of the established sensations and feelings of using a conventional phone system.