Brexit Millionaire app

The Brexit Millionaire app

What is the Brexit Millionaire app and why can't I find it on Apple Store or Google Play Store?

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This is a very good question. If the Brexit Millionaire app is so amazing and can make anyone rich in just a few weeks, why isn't it on the Google or Apple store?


So Where Is the Brexit Millionaire App?

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Well because Brexit Millionaire isn't actually an app, there is no phone number where you can contact Brexit Millionaire, no address, no single official website, although quite a few will pop up when you search for it, and no company registration on Companies House. So what is Brexit Millionaire. Well it is an idea, one that is tangled up in algorithm driven MT4 and MT5 CFD/ForEx trading. When MT4 and MT5 (Meta-Trader 4&5) first appeared it was a big step for trading. For the first time you could access the exciting world of speculating on stocks from any computer in more-or-less real-time. As the stocks and currency prices and values bobbed up and down, you could make predictions and buy contracts based on your own speculation. This became known as buying a 'Contract for Differences' or CFDs and is a highly speculative (in other words risky) type of trading, if you can even call it that. It is effectively spread-betting except you still have to pay Capital Gains Tax if you win. If you lose, you lose everything; this is what as referred to as 'Binary Trading' when you can only win or lose, one or zero. Now the MT4 and MT5 software that allows you to make a lot of these speculations are accompanied by a sort of trader programming language, MQL4 & 5, that allow you to introduce rules that then make trades.

How Does MT4 & MT5 Fit In With Brexit Millionaire?

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Now we have to take a trip back in time a bit further. Back in the 80s the idea that computers would take over was very real. Doctor Who had the Daleks and Superman had Richard Pryor, and Richard Pryor used computers to make money and take over the World in Superman3 the film. This is where the idea of a trading robot was introduced to the public. Now we introduce a third party.

What Part Does AI Play?

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Apart from proper hackers with alias' and amazing computer knowledge, there is the usual con-artist population that was always going to get online eventually.  It happened around 2017, they finally realised that they could peddle the same old con on a massive scale online and even sell that con to others. The con-artists discovered the affiliate network. At first they started out with their same old cons. Things like the QProfit System and other scams. These were people pretending that they had AI computers that can predict the stock-market and make you a fortune. The actual product was a manipulated fake trading interface that appeared to make you a profit until you deposited more. The downside came when you asked to withdrawal. Then the 'algorithm' would suddenly have a run of bad luck and you'd lose everything. Sorry but it did warn you in the terms and conditions! Now this may sound a bit crazy but these scammers paid affiliates to get them customers and so the affiliates began to compete for the $800 the scammers paid them for each victim they successfully scammed. This gave birth to what we now think of as fake review sites. The affiliates realised that to make Google rank them they needed to have as much content as possible in order for the search engine algorithms to take them seriously. The obvious system was to have a template for review. Have a list of questions and write every review along the lines of answering this question, which is why we can find a hundred sites with 'Is Brexit Millionaire Legit?' or 'Is Brexit Millionaire a scam?' and 'How does Brexit Millionaire work?' well we're coming to that. All of this meant that the SEO for these scammers became big business and Google started to promote scams because they represented some of the hardest working SEO players on the web.

How Do CFD Fit In With Brexit Millionaire?

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So what happened? Well the con-artists realised that CFDs were actually a great front for a scam! The CFDs were highly dangerous to trade, extremely difficult to understand, and highly addictive. They were, in fact, every bit as good as a fake site that pretended to trade, because they could load the market or make the response too slow or whatever it took to make the victim believe they lost their money fair and square! It was licensed robbery!

Now because of this, the US and Canada outlawed CFDs and actually made it illegal to solicit these products to US and Canadian citizens. This was a big problem, the number one market for ripping people off online had been taken away, so the scammers hatched a plan to hide the products behind something - cryptocurrency.

Crypto was in the news as a get rich quick scheme and so the scammers used the idea of crypto to sell CFD trading to US and Canadian people so that they would register, trade, lose everything, and then if anyone asked they lost it speculating on cryptocurrency (MT5 allows you to buy CFDs on cryptocurrencies.) 

Why Do They Pretend Brexit Millionaire Is An App?

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And so we come to the Brexit Millionaire app. What is it? Well it is based on the idea above, but re-badged for COVID/BrExit fears and designed to take people's money when they are at their most vulnerable.

Brexit Millionaire is a 'best of compilation' of the scams that have worked all around the world for the last ten years. It is a cherry-picked set of notions designed to defraud the British public and it is propped-up by a massive network of two-bit, pikey scammer affiliates. They are all pointing their fake news reviews at fraudulent Brexit Millionaire pages that then forward people on to illegal offshore scammer brokers who then attempt to defraud them out of their savings!

The scale of this scam is shocking!

No one can police it.

No one has any power to stop it.

The internet is a giant, uncontrollable entity that is no one's responsibility.

Now who would want that?