Affiliate Scammers


This is a perfect example of how corrupted information can become when researching any subject, in this case the misinformation outweighs reliable information by orders of magnitudes.

The actual site when you browse to appears truthful. They recommend eToro (not the most respected trader by any means, but not an unregulated CFD ForEx scammer) but when you search for 'Immediate Edge' on Google, and click their advert, with which they invariably find themselves on the first page of Google:

Immediate Edge Google Search

You see the following landing page at giving you a very strange selection of choice 'traders,' all of whom appear to be CFD spread betting bookmakers. Google Ad landing page Immediate Edge Rated TOP??

You can see that the link gives the three most obvious CFD fraud websites as the best 'traders' to work with, suggesting none other than Immediate Edge, $1K Daily Profit and Bitcoin Trader.

The links are pointing to:

These have been changed now to:

Now the purpose of this is pure misinformation in order to sign up unsuspecting people with CFD spread betting houses who go on to lose all of their money. The eToro link that appears when you browse their page by entering the URL is very different:

Browse to online - no Immediate Edge

As we can see - a completely different opinion of who to trade with.

So by advert (if you are searching for Immediate Edge as we did with the fist example) you are shown the links to a website designed to harvest your contacts details on the ridiculous premise of an auto trading robot that never loses. In the second example you see a set of traders that promise only to trade stock on your behalf as instructed. The page that is shown to Google is very different to the page shown to anyone examining the reliability of Immediate Edge.

Now let's do a search for Bitcoin Up Scam and see what we get:

As you can see, these people are actually outbidding the FCA- who bid with our tax money - so they are stealing from everyone in the UK!

If we click on their ad we can see that they have a special landing page for this scammer too:

Here, although everyone of Bitcoin Up, Bitcoin Trader and 1K Daily Profit are all scams, they all actually connect to the same website: operate all of these websites which are supplied by a web design team and then resold to affiliates such as as copies of the originals.

The root site points to a recruitments  site of some kind with the contact details:

79 Jedburgh Road,LEUMRABHAGH,HS2 9SQ | [email protected] |[email protected]

Phone:+44 077 6415 3860 | tel:214-788-7363

Which appear on other sites as matching: which appears to be the same site, but without the scams present.

We have contacted them regarding this and await a reply.

Now how about a search for Bitcoin System Scam:

Once again, they are the top result on Google. Let's see what they have to recommend:


Unsurprisingly they have Bitcoin System as the top recommendation above the other scammers, but if we click the link:

We once again get to:

So does this server - the server - actually belong to OIG and they are just copying the sites from other sites and using it to defraud people?

OIG are apparently situated here:
RM18C, 27/F, Ho King Comm CTR
2-16 Fayuen ST
Mongkok Kowloon
HONG KONG: +852 3075 6222
Canada: +1 844 846 5323
United Kingdom & Ireland: +44 3308 081445
Australia & New Zealand: +61 8 7282 2000
[email protected]

The server is masked by CloudFlare: as is their own site.

The HK number is the same as this company who claim to be in Shenzen, China: who are actually in Hong Kong

This disingenuous behaviour is entirely for the harvesting of affiliate link profits, and the more unprepared the investor, the better. The bookmakers offer CFD (Contracts for Difference) 'trading' or spread-betting, which involves betting money on relative prices of ForEx (foreign exchange) stock such as the USD against the AUD and winning or losing stakes placed on what will happen in the coming days. This is a highly risky form of trading and can leave you far more in debt than just the amount you stake. If you do not exit the markets at the right time, a single switch in price direction can leave you owing thousands to the bookmaker/CFD trader.

Do not engage in CFD trading unless you have researched it well and have a very concise plan to use your MT4 or MT5 software with. The smallest settings in limits set in MT4 or 5 software can be the difference between profit and bankruptcy.