Reporting a Scam Website in the UK

Reporting a Scam Website in the UK


Report a fraudulent or suspicious website with our contact form.


When you come across a scam website in the UK it can be quite difficult to know what to do, partly because the official channels do not have a single point of contact and so sends you to a different government body who, in the end, may not take action that informs the public. 

If you look-up how to report a malicious email then you are often instructed to report the ISP which is difficult if the email comes from another country and the domain uses 'privacy' services to mask the owner of that domain.

The national trading standards have a website which allows you to report a site by phone on 03454 04 05 06 but this will be investigated rather than posted as a notification to others.

There is a useful looking website at which allow you to report international crime which makes it a good resource. They are interested in ecommerce scams and other product-related issues.


You can report financial scams to the Financial Conduct Authority here: which appears to be the best when dealing with Bitcoin fraudsters and the like, which is very useful.


You can use certain browsers to report fraudulent websites.

You can report Bitly links using this Google Form


When reporting to the UK Police, is where you can register and keep up-to-date with what you have reported and what is being doe and they do have some great help pages to keep you safe from many different types of fraud. There is not a list of currently dangerous sites however.


That is the nature of this page though, we want to hear from YOU!


We believe that an important step is to have a list of sites that are currently considered fraudulent or dangerous and we need the feedback from web users to remain up-to-date.

If you see a website that is malicious, misleading or a phishing scam or other fraudulent website then please do report it to us here at Ltd.


You can fill in a form with details of your experience or malicious/suspicious sites here:


or simply send an email to support at with what you have seen and why you think that the site is a scam or a phishing site.