Who are traderecovery.net?

Looking at https://www.traderecovery.net/ the first question you have to ask is, how long did they spend buying that domain name? It isn't even vaguely descriptive of what they do. There is no trade, and if it suposed to say trader, then what is ecovery? 

Their address is supposedly:

3735 Main St., Ste. 1000 lakeside, C.A USA does not appear to be a real address.

Then it turns out that the testimonials are actually talking about Payback-Ltd.com who are based in Israel, so it was possibly the same company.

The person on the chat claimed to be the manager, but we suspect he is the only person involved. Probably responding via mobile device, they could even be using a fake address in Israel.

When we check out the address in Israel we find:

BinaryToday.com feels a little odd as a website, but we will look at that later, it appears to be an affiliate link. It does look as though payback-ltd.com, money-back.com and funds-recovery.net are the same company, as we can see they all share an address. This amount of rebranding is a bad sign as it represents evasiveness at best. 

The Money Back and Trade Recovery websites are both behind Cloudflare which could just mean that they are the subject of a lot of DoS attacks but it does also hide their real hosting. The Funds Recovery website is at namecheap servers. 

If we search for one of the testimonials online such as with:


We see the following:

Now either all the other companies are stealing testimonials, or they are all made up by the same person, which do you think is more likely? They are almost certainly all made up by someone, maybe stationed in Israel. Even the address there is questionable, so using Israel as a base is perhaps fake as well, so as to be associated with a serious financial centre.

All these companies had exactly the same text in their websites:

that is: traderecovery.net


Are they are all just the same scammer funnelling the gullible people who have been scammed into being scammed again?