CFD Era Review

CFD Era Review

We found an advert on APS News that promised some disturbing financial rewards. It was an advert for something called Bitcoin Era, circulated by WiredRelease.

The product sounded amazing, in fact too amazing; that was it's biggest problem. 

The review says thais:

Bitcoin Era (linked to at is one of the trusted auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency that allows investors from all sectors to make money from the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Era is a fully automated trading system for cryptocurrency; it does all the work for the investors.

So this product is claiming to make all the trades on behalf of any customer, and make anyone rich using the cryptocurrency markets. Now let us consider this. If this tool can make anyone rich, then every trader on Earth just lost their job. It also means that money will soon become completely worthless because everyone on Earth will soon be a Billionaire.

Hmm, it sounds pretty fishy so far.

The link then takes us through to: with some affiliate codes meaning that the advert is generating a pay-per-click revenue for the advertiser:



The advert then states:

We have done extensive checks to ascertain that Bitcoin Era is fully registered and a trusted auto trading platform.

So let us try registering on this page then:

 So we seem to have a lot of different ideas and products all stuck together here.

Firstly it was Bitcoin Era then its was The News Spy and latterly CFD Era which then forwards you to an offshore, unregulated trading house called, the name for which has to have been picked because all of the other domains were already taken.

None of this is a sign of honesty, integrity or decency, it bears the hallmarks of a scam.

The CFD Era/Bitcoin Era clash presumably indicates that they use different names for this product when prospects are in the US as soliciting CFD trading is illegal in the US and so they feign a connection to crypto currency in order to pretend it is actually a legal product. In the UK and Europe they admit that it is a CFD trader so as to appear less contrived.

This sounds like a case for the FBI.


It does not exist in it's own right and is just a misleading website to recruit unwitting traders to CFDs brokers in the Caribbean and Cyprus.