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The Kings of Scam

Unimaginable nonsense, a criminal status, and an FBI following. These scammers just don't quit!

Posted Monday, January 11, 2021

(photo: Facebook, courtesy of Crypto Sweaters)

These website are crap affiliate links for CFD trading. They get you a very pushy agent and try to get you to deposit loads of money offshore to traders in the Caribbean. Then they try to sell you 'recovery' firms in Tel Aviv that recover nothing and keep more of your money. In all likelihood they are the same people, on eand all.

Some Bloke, 28, The Crypto Castle King

They mention people who are highly intelligent and have pioneered the modern world, but this has nothing to do with their feeble, idiotic scam.

Any money is sent offshore not to your bank.

Do not give any money to 'recovery' firms.At best they are there to make sure that you are paid a percentage back rather than contact the FBI. The bank should be able to recover any money sent by card.

Some Bloke, 21, Highschool Dropout Millionaire

This person has nothing to do with these scammers, just do invest no matter what they tel you.
The profits are not large, this is a scam!” They are counting on your lack of experience and judgement!


Some Bloke, 26, The Genius Behind Ethereum

Whatever you are being told, CFD trading is not for retail traders 80% or more lose overall with these contract for differences (spread betting) systems and the trades may not even be real!

They may just be faking trades and keeping everything before they claim that you lost everything as they warned that you might.

  • Want to get screwed today? Follow these 3 easy steps:
  • 1. Sign up (it only takes 30 seconds)
  • 2. Make an initial faux pas (min. $250)
  • 3. Start realising you've been conned (you lost $$$$).
  • Click here to get scammed!

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