How to Avoid On-line Financial Scams

Here we go over what may appear as obvious rules to tell if your about to be scammed or are in the middle of being scammed. The reason we are going over all of these is that the scammers persist in using them, so they must work!


1. No robot can autotrade at a risk-free profit on any commodities


Now this doesn't mean that they never will or that they don't exist, it just means that if ever anyone invents a robot that does, they're not going to tell anyone until they are either:

a.) Ruling planet Earth

b.) Dead

Now this may seem like an obvious rule, but these auto-trade bitcoin robots come up again and again and they use the same nonsense every time. There is not code that can predict a market. If anyone ever introduced one, the market would change anyway because it would affect behaviour which is still mostly human. There are computers that autotrade for big banks and dealers but they just make very dull decisions like buying just before you when you buy a lot of stock and reselling afterwards. They cannot predict the market at 80% or even 50% and that is why you are far better off reading the FT or the Economist and trading yourself.

2. Anything that says '99.4% accurate' or 'Risk-Free' referring to trading is a scam. No one offers risk free that will hold up as being responsible for you signing something, as they would just be sued out of business. Every single product that claims to carry no risk is just an advert trying to get you to sign up for an offshore, unregulated scammer.

3. Go to the bottom of the website first - this is a given for any website promising money or service that you are considering! What do the last few paragraphs say? This is very important for any deal you are considering. Does it say "ForEx/CFD/Crypto trading is highly speculative" then just run. If you get the chance report the webpage as a scam to Google, the FCA or ActionFraud or whomever seems most suitable.

4. Videos are bad news. Videos encourage feelings that encourage acting quickly without thinking. Do not buy or invest anything on the basis of a video. It is designed to make you leap before you think. We have made an example one at Bitcoin Sucker so you can see what we mean.

5. Anyone called Steve McKay or Jerry Douglas is a scammer.

6. Anyone telling you that they are an ex-employee of NASA that discovered a secret line of code that predicts the stock market is a scammer.

7. Anyone that begins a statement with 'reportedly' is lying. This is what is known as distancing language and it means that they take no responsibility for this information and are in no way liable for the reliability or truthfulness of that information. Any review that uses the word reportedly and has a link to a product is just an affiliate of that product repeating fake news and they know that product is a scam.

8. Any product that begins with the word Bitcoin or Crypto is often a scam. If you wish to buy Bitcoins you can do so at site like CoinBase. If you wish to trade between cryptocurrencies you can use sites like Changelly. You do not need an app to trade crypto, you only need a wallet to hold your currency, like Jaxx for Bitcoins.

9. There is no price variation across exchanges on Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Anyone offering trader tools between coin exchanges is a liar and a thief.

10. Any product that guarantees you a huge profit straight away is a scam. No one could, never mind would offer a product that makes anyone rich instantly. If such a product existed then it would never be shared as as soon as everyone is rich then everyone is poor. The value of the currency would just be destroyed and worldwide famine would ensue. We would recommend a vegetable patch and a machine gun in these circumstances.

11. Is it being advertised by Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, Akshay Philips, Gordon Ramsay, Martin Lewis or any other celebrity that would not need the revenue? It' a scam!

12. Does it appear to be a newspaper page but all of the links go to the same place like this fake newspaper page? It is a scam!

13. Stay up-to-date with our blog of scam products and their web pages. Search the sircles Blog for a product and see what we say. If it fails any of the test above then It's a SCAM!!