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The Bitcoin Prime Story


A few years ago, back when the intelligence community was winding down many of its cold war operations, many people who had been used to high living were beginning to find that their highly accomplished skill set was no longer such a valued commodity. Yes there was work, but it wasn't the glitzy centre of attention kind of status to which they had developed such a keen taste. They needed something new, something that took money from the West, but that wouldn't ruffle the feathers of the post Bush CIA that were now concentrated on the Middle East.

Computer fraud was always going to be appealing. Many of the Russian tech contacts floating around the FSB were way beyond most of the people in the commercial world and they intelligence crew didn't suffer much from empathy or worry as they were generally picked for their psychopathic tendencies anyway. They just needed a product. 

At first they used fake trader bots. These were easily developed and sold on to many other ex-intelligence agents or organised crime people around the world, even in the UK. Many of the agents in the Cold War had been Hungarian or Russian language specialists and in the new world, if they couldn't pass for mujāhidīn, they weren't much use anymore. The criminals just thought it was a great way of taking money without doing much, plus they tended to draw the police away from the more discrete scammers. 

The software was simple to produce, it was simply an on-line constructed experience used to defraud. The customer would deposit funds which would then appear to increase in balance, encouraging the customer to deposit more. Then the balance would increase more (controlled by their broker who was really just a con-artist) in case they had more to deposit. As soon as they began to enquire about withdrawal, they would be told that there was a 48 hour period to withdrawal, in which time the trader bot would suddenly make repeated bad trades until their balance was nothing.

All this was great - they ex-intelligence people were making a fortune - but there was an issue. Interpol and other international groups were being pestered by the public to find these people and return their money. For a while this wasn't really considered a problem. After all, these were ex-intelligence staff, remaining untraceable was what these people did for a living, so Interpol were not much of a threat.

As time went by though, the FBI started knocking on doors and, although they could avoid the FBI too, it was getting more and more like hard work and was driving up costs.

Then fortune smiled on them again. In countries like the UK and Cyprus, they started to allow CFD (similar to spread-betting in many ways) on share prices and ForEx values. This was a highly dangerous form of what was considered trading by UK law, even though it is just betting on prices. This opened a door for the intelligence crew. This was legal. They already had all of the material with which to recruit gullible novice customers down on their luck, they still had all of the 'magic robot always wins every trade' nonsense ready to go, videos and all! All they had to do was use that same sales garbage to recruit people for ForEx spread-betting, and there was nothing Interpol could do. As long as it gave a warning about CFD (contracts for differences) spread betting at the bottom of the site, they could hide behind these feeble laws to remain untouchable. The FBI/Interpol crew wouldn't even bother with them any more because there was no charge to bring.

And that is how we have wound up with ridiculous websites like Bitcoin Prime pretending to be trader robots when they just sell spread-betting. They act as affiliates to these trading houses run offshore that keep all the money that these novices lose. They don't need to defraud illegally anymore, they just use spread-betting!

What they promise is making no sense:

  • Autotrader bots that return a constant profit are technically a long way away from being available to the public.
  • Bitcoin is not a suitable commodity to use robot traders on.
  • MT4 and MT5 do not trade cryptocurrency so the bots cannot trade Bitcoin.


Here is their latest sales funnel, you can see the Bitcoin Prime Scam copied here:

Erica Q. just made

Bitcoin Prime Scam Helps You Earn up to $1500 Daily Speculating on Bitcoin!

In the last few years, bitcoin trading has supposedly generated more millionaires than any other asset class. At least 20,000 people may have reportedly earned over $1m each trading bitcoin since around 2017 maybe. You could also join the bitcoin millionaires club by depositing through our offshore spread-betting scam, sorry I mean genius robot that always makes money from something to do with Bitcoins.

Open a free account (except for the $250 we're just about to demand) and invest at least $250 to potentially not earn up to $1500 daily. Please note that all trading carries risk, even though it is not trading, it is spread-betting, sorry I mean Bitcoin Magic app will make you rich.

A snapshot of our success stories

Hear From Our Members Who Rely On Our Software To Fund Their Luxury Lifestyles

Laura Abenstein

I never thought I would become a millionaire through a trading bet. I haven't actually. I just got scammed by these offshore CFD bastards.

Magda Boltyanski

It took me about 8 hours of spread betting to lose $800 from a deposit of $250. It’s now about a month since I started trading with this robot and have already lost over $12,000 by being bullied to deposit more by these fiends. 

Joey Feldman

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online, then Bitcoin Prime Scam App is definitely going to find it easy to scam you. There is no easy money or money would be worthless.

Daniel Pelts

Unsurprisingly, I am pretending that I used to be an investor on Wall Street. Now I just watch this room full of desperate people rip off members of the public and give what they scam to me. It's not that different from Wall Street actually.

Simon Edwards

I came across the Bitcoin Prime Scam website a few months ago when I clicked on the link in a scam email. Fortunately I wasn't dumb enough to give them my number so I still have a bank balance!

Andrew Newman

The Bitcoin Prime Scam trading system is the down-ramp to financial bedlam. I have been scammed so hard that I haven't sat down in months.

Ryfka Talia

My trading experience with Bitcoin Prime Scam is ongoing. I have called the police and the FCA but no one can help me find these offshore scammers.

Antony Fonso

It’s now day 12 since I deposited. I asked about withdrawal a few days ago and have made huge losses every day since. I now see why these is illegal in the US.

Meet Steve FcKay

The Scammer Fiend Behind the Bitcoin Prime Scam Robot (this is just a stock photo obviously)

Hey, I am a scammer with ten years of experience trading for the big banks.

For the last three years, I have been developing a scam to make you trade like a novice and lose. The scam is based on the greed and laziness I see on the web.

Bitcoin Prime Scam has been around for years called bitcoin code, bitcoin revolution, bitcoin evolution, you name it. I can't believe that anyone is still dumb enough to enter their details with all of this info on what a scam it is on-line.


Steve McKay


Is Bitcoin Prime Scam App a Profitable Trading Robot?

No! Don't be so stupid!.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Prime Scam App?

A deposit of as little as $250 is lost forever. We do not encourage our clients to hand over more than they are willing to lose.

Is Bitcoin Prime Scam App a scam or not?

Yes of course it's a scam. It's the same scam as all the other Brexit Millionaire/COVID Billionaire/Bitcoin Code rubbish.

Is there a Bitcoin Prime Scam mobile app?

No! They will give you an MT4 or MT5 software and then advise you how to use it to lose all of your money.

How much does Bitcoin Prime Scam App cost?

However much you deposit is how much you lose.

Is Bitcoin Prime Scam App software legit and safe?

No, of course it isn't!

Bitcoin Prime Scam App Info

Registering a trading account with Bitcoin Prime Scam 

We offer auto-trading services to ordinary people looking to capitalize on the insane potential found in bitcoin trading.

Our platform is completely user friendly and comes with trading instructions explained in layman’s terms. No trading skill whatsoever is allowed or you might make money with our trading scam. Simply follow the steps below to get started with Bitcoin Prime Scam App.

1. Register a free account for $250 – Create a Bitcoin Prime Scam App trading account and secure it through a strong password. You will redirect to one of our partner brokers page so that they can defraud you and pay us an affiliate fee.

2. Deposit trading capital of at least USD 250 – You You need to fund your trading account with as little as 250 USD to trade with our platform. We are not actually who you are going to be dealing with as we are just lying affiliate scammers and our CFD spread-betting house partners process transactions with clients. All our bookmakers phone over and over trying to force deposits through bank transfer or major debit and credit cards.

3. Practice with our demo account – this will feed you fake results to make you think you can win.

4. Open a live session – Adjust the trading settings as instructed so that you lose all of your money.

What is Bitcoin Prime Scam App?

Bitcoin Prime Scam App is a scam trading robot rebranded again in 2016. We are among the few top-performing BTC scammer robots that are available to scam the public.

Our goal is to take the ordinary person for a ride by selling the idea of financial freedom by investing in revolutionary blockchain technology. We pretend to believe that the future belongs to decentralized systems, and that Bitcoin is the vehicle to take us there. The crypto market witnesses huge volatility in the past few years which makes it the perfect cover for a spread betting scam.

There is no better way to be scammed in bitcoin than through Bitcoin Prime Scam. Our trading app offers a simple way for anyone to be ripped-off on bitcoin without having to go through the actual buying process, so you lose everything.

Facts about Bitcoin Prime Scam App

Bitcoin Prime Scam App is a trading platform founded in 2011. We operate internationally in over 150 countries. Here are the key facts about our trading platform.

1. Bitcoin Prime Scam App has a daily nonsense rate of up to 100%. This makes it impossible to earn double the invested capital in a day of trading. Keep it in mind that all trading carries risk so that we are covered when we defraud you.

2. We are recognized by the Police and FCA as a highly dangerous scam.

3. Bitcoin Prime Scam App uses words like AI algorithms to maintain believability. These buzzwords can confuse you into giving us money.

Do celebrities endorse Bitcoin Prime Scam software?

We make up many fake publications claiming that celebrities have endorsed our trading robot. But we do not disclose about our victims, and hence these rumours are unfounded. Here are some celebrities we have tried to link to our software.

Elon Musk – The rumours about Elon Musk investing in Bitcoin Prime Scam App is popular on Reddit. It’s true that Musk is interested in bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology but hasn’t disclosed any interest in trading robot scams.

Richard Branson – Branson is also a big fan of bitcoin and blockchain. However, he hasn’t expressed any interest in Bitcoin Prime Scam.

Kate Garraway – We haven’t found any evidence linking Kate Garraway to bitcoin or any of its trading robots. Moreover, she hasn’t invested in our platform.

Bitcoin Prime Scam App Review – The Verdict!

We are a highly risky betting platform operating offshore with some of the world-leading psychotic scammers.

Bitcoin Prime Scam App helps ordinary people turn into criminals by working in our call centres. 

Remember that profitability increases with invested capital, as we want all your money. It is advisable that you only trade with what you can afford to lose as we still need to pretend that this so we must point out that all trading involves risk.