Crypto Spread Betting is a Scam!!

Cryptocurrency Spread Betting is a Scam!!!!

Spread betting on margins is about losing or gaining high values on tiny changes in currency exchange rates. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and can change at any moment and you will lose all of your money before you can retrieve it EVERY TIME!!!!!

People hosting cryptocurrency spread betting ForEx websites are either mad or scammers - the volatility means that you will always lose before you get your money out and the scammers know this so they will use this as an excuse to defraud you. If you won on a sudden leap of bitcoin with £20 on every 0.0001 climb, no one could afford to pay you before it jumped down again anyway. This is the basis of their deceit, they know that you could never prove that you made a profit before you lost everything and this is how they steal your funds without ever being caught - they have an impossible system that can never pay out.

You can see a list of cryptocurrency spread betting scammers on our blog and please be careful to avoid anyone telling you they can make you rich quickly. Invest in Netflix or Apple, not offshore nonsense.