Who Are Money-Recoup.com?

What is the deal with this company then?

Based in Israel, specialising in helping British and Australian people?

OK well that seems kind of obtuse, but there's no crime against that. It just means that most of the time they are at least a few hours off from the time zone of any of their clients. Notice that there is no US phone number, US laws may preclude them from advertising there as advertising services related to CFDs to US citizens is outlawed, and Money Recoup obviously know that.

It is a very insistent website, just from idle time this pops up:

Still, there is no law against that either.

They have a video on YouTube that appears to be angled toward the Australian market:

A video for a recovery company does seem odd to me, after a recovery company is one entrenched in legal work, and they do not want anyone to make a decision quickly, but to think it through and only take on a recovery company if they have a good chance of getting the money. The last thing that money recoup (assuming that they are a real recovery company) want is to waste time trying to recover money only to find that they are chasing their tail.

There are some other unusual features on this site - 

What is this about - why are they using credit card/payment system icons with no reference to what they meaning could be. This does not ring true of a recovery company, but more the sort of thing we see the scammers do when they add Symantec and other security companies logos to their websites with not reference of any kind.

It is our opinion (and it is just an opinion) that this company should not be trusted, and that their methods are likely questionable at best.

Money Recoup Consulting LTD, Israeli Register Number 515344331