Bitcoin Hack

Wherever Bitcoin really originated from and who controls it will never really be certain. At the highest level there may be very holders of serious Bitcoin wealth, in which case they may have the ability to effect the value of BTC violently. It is also possible that Bitcoin is just an open source software spread throughout the world without any real intent. The second option is not so likely perhaps, but either way there is only one thing that would really destroy Bitcoins worth, and that is a successful hack. If you could hack the blockchain somehow then the value would be reduced to nothing almost instantly. It would be like a bank that anyone could withdraw your money from, utterly useless. It is rather surprising that anyone making a website attempting to associate themselves with Bitcoin would choose the name Bitcoin Hack. It is in fact our first big red flag!

We have not even read the first sentence and this site has a red flag! That is not a good start but it is definitely a deserved red flag as no one who understands anything about Bitcoin would ever be drawn to entering their contact details into a site called Bitcoin Hack unless they understood nothing about cryptocurrency, and that means that this site is out to find just that, people who know nothing about cryptocurrency.

Let's have a closer look:

Well it certainly bears a similarity to Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Rush and Bitcoin Loophole:

Bitcoin Hack also uses the same video as many of the boiler room scams. None of this would indicate that the Bitcoin Hack site is any different from these other boiler room scams. Let's try registering and see what happens:

OK so as we can see we are taken through to a broker just as with the other boiler room scams and automatically signed up with them. We soon receive an email explaining that we have signed up with their brokerage.

The email is from [email protected] so the company is actually called capital invest 365.

But the website on his email is: ???

Then the T&Cs are for so they are definitely changing their website name a lot, which indicates that may be boiler room scammers!

They have no company number at the bottom of their page, which is an EU and UK requirement to do business there. They have no FCA or EU regulation. They have no obvious actual company name, you have no idea who you are dealing with. This is a very suspicious website indeed.


Do not send any money under any circumstances to any partner of these people.