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First of all, let's have a look at their details:

Tel: (+44) 0203 9616382

That appears to be the same phone number as, here:

How interesting, that this company has to have aliases in case people start to label them as a scam...

It is also the same number as that claim to be trying to put an end to online trading scams, which seems like an odd objective if that is your main source of income. These companies only make money because of scammers, do not forget that. No scammers, no customers.

This is what we call a big red flag at sircles as it tends to mean that they are actually part of a scammer network and probably organised by the same people who scammed you in the first place in order to get a second bite of your vulnerable cash.

It also bears the hallmarks of a scam because there is no physical address on the website. Where are these people? In order to do business in the UK you have to display your company number and address, they have none. This means that they are not a UK company and their website is hosted outside of the UK.

Let's have a look at their set-up online:

No surprises there - hidden by CloudFlare as all of the scammer websites tend to be. This website is untraceable like this but we will have a check of something that we will not disclose online so as not to give them ideas...

They appear to be hosted at which is another big red flag as that is exactly who all of the scammers use. It's a good bet that they are all one and the same group. Their plan is simple, trick you into losing money, then pretend they can get it back and charge you 20% of your losses for pretending to try.

If we look at, we can see a different host: obviously show that this company is in Israel, and as they have the same phone number, that must be where are!

There is a certain Israeli feel to their photo:

We have to admit that we are surprised. Not only that the company, and very probably the whole online trading scammer network, are Israeli, but that it should be so easy to find out. This explains why the brokers act worldwide with such impunity and why the whole offshore nonsense is pushed so readily. It also explains why all of these companies operate the same one-page, simplistic website - they are all made by the same person! also supply a Swiss phone number to dial, which obviously also redirects to Israel; this is very concerning.

Are all of the scams being perpetrated from Israel? 

Either way the chances of a company in Israel recovering money from another company hidden behind Cloudflare, registered in St Vincents and the Grenadines, and with a rerouted 0203 number are pretty much nil. Even if they could find the company, that company is under no enforceable legal obligation to give you your money back, as they told you to be careful in al of their terms and conditions. This company is a scam and should be investigated, as should many others.


Do not send these people any money as you will be unlikely to get it, or your losses back.