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Look-out!!! Someone in China is going to take over our sector online!

At least I think that is the response this email is expecting.


So my company name is allegedly being registered in China and all of the trademarks etc. are in danger dot dot dot.

I have an email here from who assures me I need to act fast!

Well first of all, let us look at the email in question:

Dear CEO, Well the CEO is not likely to receive this email but this is a great way of panicking his PA or whoever may receive messages sent to 'info@'

(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO, because this is urgent. If this email affects you, we are very sorry, please ignore this email. Thanks) This is more of the same - panic panic panic - must act now. It is a bit like finding a hotel room online (always phone around as you will pay half the price)

We are a Network Service Company which is the domain name registration center in China. OK
We received an application from Huadu Ltd on July 18, 2017. They want to register " insolvencyit " as their Internet Keyword and " insolvencyit .cn "、" insolvencyit " 、" insolvencyit "、" insolvencyit " 、" insolvencyit .asia " domain names, they are in China and Asia domain names. But after checking it, we find " insolvencyit " conflicts with your company. In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not? No registration of any domain will affect a company in any other country - there are so many national domain suffixes and other suffixes that registering them all would be a serious drain on your company profits for no reason.


Best Regards,

Jim | Service Manager

Asia Registration (Head Office)I have removed the phone numbers etc. for the purposes of this email.


Web: www(dot)asiaregistration(dot)net This is important as they are trying to stop their email pointing to in order to disassociate themselves for some reason - this would indicate wrongdoing of some kind and suggests this email is spam and should be ignored.

Do not ever register domains you do not need - they are a waste of time and should not be bought defensively - unless you are an online retailer and want to prevent a specific competitor buying a certain keyword domain. Stick to your single website and invest in that and the quality of your work will be concentrated in one place to get you a good ranking. Everything else is hearsay and happenstance.



How to be 100% sure you are not opening a dangerous attachment

  If you are in the market for some new employees then you may be receiving quite a few emails

How to be 100% sure you are not opening a dangerous attachment


If you are in the market for some new employees then you may be receiving quite a few emails daily on the subject, but here is one to avoid:

In this case the user is viewing email using Microsoft Outlook. If we have a closer look by clicking the attachment ONCE we can see that the document suggests us opening the document fully and enabling editing:

Anything that asks you to enable content or enable editing is likely containing trouble. Microsoft Office Word and other Office documents can contain code that can harm your computer and that should be avoided. The above is not a function of Microsoft Word it is simply the page they have created to try and persuade you to enable their code, but let us go over a few quick checks that we can use to decide if we like this or not anyway:

1. Before even thinking about the attachment, look at the sender address: Karen Baltzley <> These addresses do not make any sense, as the spammer has not thought to align the email address with the display name of the sender - this is spam.

2. Look at the signing of the email - because these spammers send email by volume they do not want to enter any text by which your IT team can filter their messages out, and so they only want to use generic words. As a result they have not signed the email Karen Baltzley, they have just left it blank - this is spam.

3. Reply to the message instead of opening the attachment if you are in any doubt - this is a great way of being 100% sure. Spammers do not send email from proper addresses, this would open them to the risk of being traced or tracked down. So if they are a spammer, the email will just bounce back an error message. If you have any doubt at all reply to the email.

4. Lastly, the risk inherent in Microsoft Office documents, what with macros and other code, means that very few legitimate businesses send them unsolicited. Any invoice or quote in a Microsoft Office document format is questionable and you should reply to them asking for a PDF copy that cannot be so easily tampered with.

If you have satisfied yourself with all of the above then you can open an attachment feeling pretty safe, and believe me, it is worth the trouble. You do not want to find yourself buying Bitcoins in the middle of the night trying to decrypt yesterdays work before the boss gets back from their holiday. - a suggestive case study...

We are currently looking at some of our domain catalogue as a resource to be invested in rather than

We are currently looking at some of our domain catalogue as a resource to be invested in rather than hyped up and sold on, and this is where an internet domain name is not so akin to real estate, but more like owning a port, or an exclusive trading agreement. A domain does not suffer from a limited number of rooms or a limited amount of land, and it is always a unique resource, no matter how many other domains are similar (and there are more and more obviously) but in this case we are going to examine a fairly sought after domain in the UK market, and although it is not a single word domain, it is a single phrase which is essentially a single keyword in its own right. 

Travel Information (a domain in this case) is something that everyone requires whether they are trying to go on holiday, return safely from a business trip, or just point their car in the right direction to get home. In all of these cases there is one phrase that is being seacrehd for on every device in every airport or jam or port- 'travel information.'

Now with all websites there is, of course, the question of content. This is a very important question as content is what your site has to offer and without it no one is going to hang around and so the search engines will quickly evaluate you as pointless. This means that we will have to invest heavily in a great site UI and fill it with huge amounts of information doesn't it? Well possibly that is a good solution but perhaps there is another way to look at this problem before we call the bank manager.

The thing about travel and travel information is that people are always looking for a single source where they can be reading about all sorts of different options rather than swimming around the internet in search of the best options and generally doing all of the work. Perhaps then we can find a way to offer sources of information a chance to publish their material on the site and when there are a reasonable number of guide books and maps etc. included it can be unleashed on the web users. Hopefully they will begin to find it useful.

So what would this site actually take to put up - emails sent out to councils and the national trust, region by region, until you have a number of attractions to visit in Britain and then you can begin assembling information from your readers rather than having to go out and find it. an important part of the site will be to continue to ask readers to point out any errors or overlooked places to visit.

Now what is going to actually persuade the National Trust and friends that the site is worth corresponding with? Well the domain name itself is a real seller here. The correspondence will have to have a very nicely assembled email and/or written letter with great presentation all-round, as well as a really good 'under-construction' page that may need to heralded as more of a re-design. Either way the prowess of the site is far from proveable at first and so these first impressions are important. Most of the councils/attractions etc. will happily give permission for their leaflets to be reproduced as advertising is what the leaflets were for in the first place. Some sort of OCR software will be needed to give the website search engine readability rather than images being postered all over the pages but this is a tiny detail.

So once we have a small audience then we can encourage by making high-quality, relevant offers to who are hitting certain pages then we can start to build an audience. There is no room for capitlisation at the start - the deals must remain as good as we can make them otherwise we will never begin to have any buying power with our suppliers, and so never build our site. Once we can get 3% where other buyers cannot then we can make a percent on give a percent to the buyer and start to recover our losses so far with that last percent. The most important thing is that our site remains a good place for our small client base to exchange information and look through deals to purchase travel deals.

Configure Outlook not to display autodiscover certificate errors for certain domains

8. September 2016 13:06 by sirclesadmin in Domain Names, Internet, Internet Security
Close Outlook. Start Registry Editor. To do this, use one of the following procedures, as appropriat
  1. Close Microsoft Outlook first.
  2. Start Registry Editor. To do this, use one of the following procedures, as appropriate for your version of Windows.
    • Windows 10, 8.1 & 8: Press [Windows Key + R] to open the 'Run' dialogue; type regedit and then click OK.
    • Windows 7: Click the Start button, then type regedit in the search box, and then press Enter.
  3. Locate and then highlight this subkey (yellow folder):
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\xx.0\Outlook\AutoDiscover\RedirectServers |  xx.0  is your office version (2016 is 16.0 and 2013 is 15.0 etc.)
    You can use the following registry subkey instead if you wish:
  4. Click the Edit menu, point to New, and then click String Value.
  5. Type the name of the HTTPS server to which AutoDiscover should connect without warning the user, and then click OK. To allow connection to https://*, the first String Value (REG_SZ) name would be as follows:
  6. You should not add text to the Value data field. The data column must remain empty any string values you add.
  7. To add further HTTPS servers to which AutoDiscover can connect freely to, repeat steps 4 and 5 for the appropriate URLs.
  8. You can now exit Registry Editor.

How to Auction Successfully Online using eBay (some of this applies to Flippa as well)

Choose your starting price carefully Before you list your item, decide upon a minimum figure for whi

Choose your starting price carefully

Before you list your item, decide upon a minimum figure for which it can be sold. A low starting price will attract more frequent bids which increases activity on your auction which is a good thing as word travels fast and may trigger bidding wars. Obviously a £0.99 opening price will attract the most bidders within the first few hours since a low price for a good item that will win is like a light bulb to a moth at night. It encourages viewers to 'watch' your item on eBay which is important as watchers and bidders are notified toward the end of the auction to increase their bid. Users are more interested in auctions which already have winning bids, a low green number is essentially an item going for a song and will attract more attention and the more early bidders you can generate stimulates a mad rush toward the end of your auction. Many high value items are sold with a low starting price, especially by established Power Sellers - 99% of the time the auction will conclude with hundreds of bids yielding a better price. These tactics apply equally well to any other auction online.


Don't Bother with a Reserve Price

A reserve price is one which unless it is met by your sellers you are not obliged to sell the item. For example, if you have a reserve price of £20, and your item sells for £19.00 then you would not have to complete the sale and transfer ownership of the domain or item. Auction reserves are interest killers. No one is going to bid early on something if they are continually being told that they have not met the reserve price, it just isn't sexy. Although many sellers do still place reserve prices on their auctions, don't.  If it were me buying I would just look for an alternative item without a reserve price. The reason you get lots of interest early is that they feel the excitement of getting a bargain and the reserve price feature kills that excitement. Embrace that excitement - this is what marketing is all about!


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Post high definition images of your item and allow prospective buyers to clearly see the condition including any damage or unusual features or aspects. eBay allow you to include twelve photos free of charge. If you wish, you can use you’re an external hosting service to include as many photos as necessary to display your item clearly. Many Power Sellers use up to twenty pictures per item to ensure that the percentage of returns arising from unexpected marks or damage is decreased. How many images may be necessary for your auction? Consider using the enhanced gallery option for increased image visibility if the item is of reasonable value or is chiefly sold on its aesthetics.


Have a Clearly Advertised and Fair Returns Policy and Address Concerns Quickly

Although eBay now offer refunds internally on all sales (perhaps this explains why they have hiked up their rates so much) but still nothing gives a buyer greater confidence than knowing that they can return a product if it's not for them. Make sure your returns policy is on your auction or items sale template and that you have filled in the returns part of the auction/sale form as requested. Do you accept returns? What if the item is faulty? How long is the return policy valid for from the date of sale?

Although it is a risk to offer a returns policy – you will have to incur a cost relisting and reshipping items – but if you address concerns quickly and give reasonable and sensible advice regarding your products, only a very small amount of users will return the items. Some may hold out for the odd freebie but in the main good customer service allays the desire to return items.


The Power of Feedback and the Importance of Accuracy

Feedback is an indelible record of your customer service history and should be your primary concern above all others. Any negative feedback is dangerous for your future sales figures and so you must do everything you can to avoid negative feeling amongst those who have purchased goods. All goods must be clearly and concisely described with every possible flaw detailed in advance. Accuracy is everything in your adverts as an over-negative advert will hurt prices and an over-positive advert will generate ill-feeling and negative feedback.

As an aside, it is important also to leave feedback for any winning bidder as soon as the money is in the bank. Positive dealings encourage positive feedback and positive feedback is exactly what you need as a seller. Be good to them as what goes around, comes around.


Inter-Auction Linking and Promotion

Some items will attract more viewers than others due to pricing and availability etc. You can use this to your advantage as well. You may want to start a certain item at £0.99 to create a buzz and use that item to link to other auctions of the same item but for a fixed price. This can work if you wish to sell multiple items at a good price by using the first item as a generator of excitement and getting people to buy at a fixed price once the first auction has finished. People who missed the end of the auction are inclined to buy more often in order to not feel that they have missed out on a bargain.

Cross-auction linking is allowed in addition to the already provided link to "View other sellers’ items" feature.


Advertise Yourself or your Business

Sell yourself or your business on your listings. Come up with a template in order to use every time you post an item or auction. This should include your logo and general website theme and list all of your terms and conditions for returns and postage etc. This is a sure fire way of not getting caught out by missing something on a listing and provides trust to prospective buyers following cross-auction links or adverts. These listings are an opportunity to establish credibility for your business and your returns policy etc. Without credibility people may fail to buy from you online and so every little effort is important. Include details about you and your business such as where you are situated, how long have you been registered on eBay and what you specialize in? Have a look at what the competition are doing and go from there if you need help.


Keep your Shipping Prices Realistic

Experienced buyers always check the shipping costs early as they have probably posted sales on eBay themselves. Do not be tempted to exaggerate the price of your shipping to increase profit. It will not fool anyone and it raises alarm bells that a seller is being disingenuous.  Moreover, inflating shipping costs is against eBay policy and can get you black marked or banned which may hurt your prospects selling online across the board. If you are offering digital goods such as eBooks or PDFs make sure you include a percentage to cover your administration costs within your standard price. No one is interested in paying shipping on a download or email so do not be tempted to add an administration fee as it makes buyers bitter and unlikely to return. The last thing anyone wants is to find there are unexpected costs associated with a purchase.


Should I Open an eBay Store?

Opening an eBay Store is a step that should be considered by any medium sized seller on eBay.

You benefit from cheaper and longer listings within your store and you can also cross-promote your products more easily. You have other advantages such as the ability to send out newsletters and establish a trusted brand by using templates so that all the listings in your store retain a consistent theme. You will also enjoy greater coverage (and hopefully attract more bids) for your listings by appearing in the eBay store directory where more prospective buyers are directed.


Write Good Copy!

The normal rules of a website still apply. Incoming links, good, exciting copywriting, exciting pictures, accurate information - sound familiar? Remember that Google will see your listing and that eBay will be checking how well your listing sits (albeit automatically within their own algorithmic crawler-spiders etc.) in any searches against your auction categories and the like. Be sure you are excited about your product and that you have done everything that can be done to ensure its quality and value before you post. If it is an auction then the system will define its value but either way the buyer must not be disappointed. Many buyers will approach you externally to eBay to find replica items for the same price rather than risk paying more a second time so quality sales are important as they ensure more sales in the future!

RE: Domain registration ✔ - Watch out for domain renewal scams

Just as a warning to all domain owners regarding being misled by spam emails arriving at the time of

Just as a warning to all domain owners regarding being misled by spam emails arriving at the time of domain renewal....

The below emails are showing up:

Attention: Important Notice

Domain Name:


Billed To:
[your registered domain owner address]

Invoice#: e2f5-93971393
Created: 06/05/16
Expires: 06/10/16

Secure Online Payment: Scam domain registration reorder





[your domain name]

06/05/16 - 06/05/17


1 year

Attn [your registered domain owner name]

This letter is to inform you that it's time to send in your search engine registration for [your domain]

Failure to complete your search engine registration by 06/10/16 may result in the cancellation of this offer (making it difficult for your customers to locate you using search engines on the web).

Your registration includes search engine submission for [your domain] for 1 year. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated above unless you accept this offer by . This notice is not an invoice. It is a courtesy reminder to register for search engine listing so that your customers can locate you on the web.

This Offer for [your domain] will expire on 06/10/16. Act today!

For Domain Name:
[domain name]


Click Scam domain renewal website to unsubscribe from future mailings.


These emails are allegedly from 'Domain Services ✔ although the above was from address 

As you can see from the below, there is a general air of a renewal email and when you click the link in the email above and arrive at the site below, there is no mention of what you are actually buying, again allowing you to think that you are renewing your domain. The word 'registration' is used to mean a submission to a search engine. This is of course something that is automated for to carry out and completely pointless inthe modern world of SEO and Google rankings.

The email itslef is puportedly a reply even though it is not. This is just another tactic to try and associate this company with previous delaings.

Our advice is to blacklist this email and report it as spam.



Domain Services ✔ <>


Is my domain a brand able one?

22. April 2016 21:47 by sirclesadmin in Internet, Domain Names
Well this question is very much one whose answer depends on the type of domain you have. Oh, there a

Well this question is very much one whose answer depends on the type of domain you have. Oh, there are types?

Yes well there are actually. i 'm not talking about whether or not they are .com or .de but whether they are brandable, descriptive, copycat (bought defensively or hope of generating traffic based on the success of a similar domain or the same prefix but another suffix) or amusing.

For instance I could register (at the time of writing) which is a fairly well known domain marketplace amongst domainers in the US but they have not chosen to secure their domain name here. Interesting as so many purchases are influenced by the threat of others buying a domain that will suddenly inherit a lot of your business. Not long ago we were trying to sell to and they were instantly interested but the enthusiasm dried up as we continued to try and clinch the deal as all of the SEO and rebranding seemed unnecessary to the directors as most of their business was generated by pricing and good account management. Now I see that the domain has been resold on from the broker we sold to and is simply a forwarding page to which seems a bit of a waste given that the domain broker is bound to have a hefty profit and a simple forward does them no good at all as far as SEO is concerned. And so there we have an example of a copycat domain and a domain that is descriptive. would be a copycat domain (which may well land you in court were you to buy it in the hope of blackmailing later) and which is a very high quality descriptive domain - it tells you instantly and exactly what is going to be found an that site.

OK so now let us talk about brand able domains. Brand able domains are not usually really normal words are they - at least not in the context that they are used. is a brand but it is not a word the way it is spelt. It is a misspelling of a site for people who have come to be known as Flippas (flippers) and that brand has been built on the idea that with the right timing and marketing you can buy a domain and flip it back onto the market later at a large profit. There are successful Filppas out there but all in all it is a brand built on the success of a few and amounts to not much more than a big game of poker and so there are always five losers for every winner.

So what makes a domain brand able? well it has to be short(ish), catchy, dynamic and usually needs to enthuse the reader with a desire. We are currently marketing (here: for instance. Now as a descriptive domain it is pretty boring. Unless you want to sell the centre of wheels to people or networking equipment it is a non starter, right? But what about if we started a snappy chat forum for husbands of the UK to get together and talk about cars and powertools? Suddenly it has become more exciting and dynamic. It is in cases like these that the brand based domain selling sites become more interesting. They are much more difficult to sign up to for sure - they can take two months just to decide not to list your domain. On top of this you have to make it sexy and usable in advance with a logo etc. - in other words you have to make it desirable before you start as they do not let any other kind of domain on the site - and this is of course where the import issues are obvious. The Brandroot website is a brand in itself. They cannot allow second rate domains or indeed second rate users on their site. When you come to list a domain or website on Brandroot you have to have gotten excited about it yourself and put in the work to get others excited about it before you even submit your idea. Once you have come up with your idea though there are good investors on Brandroot and they have the money to make an idea work.

So if you have a marketing flair within you and you spot a domain that you feel you can get people excited about that domain then brand able domains are a mush better ROI than descriptive as everyone has thought of those already. This is domain brokering for the next big thing and there are new start-ups all the time.

Happy hunting everyone !!!