This Time We Made An Deep Research On DogeCoinM.com Platform for Crypto Trading 


They are using those terrible words - Crypto currency trading platform - that signify one thing and one thing only. That this site is an affiliate for scammers sites such as dogecoinm - because there is not such thing as a Bitcoin trading platform. There are marketplaces, where you can buy and sell crypto, such as coinbase or coingecko, and there are sites like changelly where you can move between the currencies, as in from BTC to XRP etc. But there is no trading platofrm to trade cryptocurrency, only to bet or make contracts of speculation on crypto. This means that this company are nothing to do with BTC or ETH, but are affiliates for offshore, unregulated brokers who deal in CFDs with highly leveraged terms. In other words, if you win or lose you can be looking at 50x what you deposited. So you can wind up owing them your savings from quite a small speculation.