Elon Musk Invests £12 Million In New Trading Platform - SCAM

Elon Musk Invests £12 Million In New Trading Platform - SCAM The latest Elon Musk scam is anot

Elon Musk New Trading Platform - SCAM

What is The Trading Platform?

The Elon Musk Trading platform is really just a website, and the web page for the trading platform is what is known as fake news. The fake news is an article that has been created to fool the reader into thinking an old Elon Musk television interview was actually about something else, a new trading platform. 

This latest Elon Musk scam is another 'marketing campaign' of false news and misinformation for Bitcoin Profit, just the same as the campaigns we have seen for the Bitcoin Rush and Bitcoin Circuit scams.

How is the Scam Publicised?

It is being advertised on FaceBook:

As you can see they are advertising using the domain warehousemens.com, which would be highly unlikely for Elon Musk, as he would just use Twitter.

The website that you are taken to, is a fake news article featuring a television interview that actually occurred years ago. For some reason they use the UK newspaper The Mirror even though they are presumably trying to defraud US citizens??

We are presuming that they use the same website to defraud both UK and US citizens, and that the Facebook adverts in the US take you through to a different landing page. We were browsing this site from a UK IP address.

What is the Fake New About?

As far as the article itself is concerned - it is the usual nonsense - impossible wealth for everyone on Earth for nothing except a single deposit of $250 of whatever your local currency is. Elon Musk is helping everyone make money for free even though it will obviously devalue his own wealth. The whole idea is absurd. How could I buy a loaf of bread if the baker could make free money?

Lots of ridiculous testimonies and other nonsense as well as various fake Facebooks feeds.

It is the usual story.

Obviously it is a scam.

This time Elon is appearing on the American TV show 'This Morning' which is a show on CBS in the US and is generally about home and family issues as well as being a place that the women of America can stay up to date with home and celebrity issues in much the same way as the ITV show of the same name in Britain.

The alleged interview is supposedly conducted by Gayle King who is the well-known host of the show.  The photos can be seen below from when she was interviewing Elon back in December 2018. The interview was a family friendly introduction to the Boring Company as well as a scoop for Tesla cars which had a sudden 400% boost to the share prices following the interest that this interview generated. This interview had nothing to do with investment, and this fake news scam is obviously using the same tactics we saw being used with Holly Willoughby in the UK.  Holly occupies a very similar role to Gayle on British television and in the public eye there too.

What is the Fake News Campaign About?

The campaign asserts that Elon Musk appeared on the show recently to exhibit some sort of magical software that makes everyone rich for an investment of only $250 USD. Once an investor deposits this money, a software or website magically makes automatic trades in crypto-currency or share markets which make investors rich while they sleep. The whole concept is so ridiculous it is surprising that it has not just been destroyed by the press so that it is no longer a threat to anyone.

The campaign asserts that Gayle invests this $250 deposit live on television and starts to make money before the central banks have the programme shutdown, as they are worried that everyone will learn the trick. It is utterly stupid.

The campaign then claims that the reporter writing the article checked the facts themselves after seeing the show and can reveal that the software does indeed make you rich without any risk or having to do any work.

The fake article spends a lot of time showing old pictures, which still contain pictures of Richard Branson, who they have tried to connect this scam to previously in the UK. There are other images too, showing how you can withdraw your money and make a fortune easily, which are obviously all fake.

What Are They Selling?

Any link within the article simply forwards you to the Bitcoin Profit page, which is a scam to get you investing with offshore, unregulated brokers. These boiler room scammers will take control of your PC to transfer your funds to Bitcoin and then Ethereum and then to their own bank accounts. This tactic has been around a long time and the scammers use fake web pages to make you think that your money has actually been transferred into a broker's trading platform. The boiler room scammers then increase the balance in the hope that you will invest more. Some people have invested their life savings. Then the scammers quietly disappear and all of the telephone numbers stop working, and you realise what you are seeing on this 'trading platform' is not real. Welcome to the boiler room scam.

This particular Bitcoin Profit page is here: https://wellfragoffers.com/btc-profit-multi/en/index.html?d=1 on a fake Wells Fargo URL. These adverts also point to Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin CircuitBitcoin Era and Bitcoin Loophole.


Here is the latest Bitcoin Profit video - it really is quite frightening how they try to take advantage of people:

How Does the Scam Work?

Well it works through several levels of scammer. The top level are the perpetrators. They are the boiler room scammers. They run call centres full of scammers awaiting numbers to phone to defraud people. They employ website designers to make fake trading interfaces with offshore payment system built in, that allow funds to be transferred to accounts whereupon the money is used to buy cryptocurrency and disappear.

The next level down are the affiliate networks. They are given a product name (such as Bitcoin Rush or Brexit Millionaire) websites to download and details of the supposed product. They also negotiate an affiliate fee for the product that is paid out every time someone clicks one of the links with the relevant affiliate code in, so that they boiler room scammers know who they have to pay for the prospect. This affiliate fee can be as much as one-thousand dollars.

Finally we have the affiliates. These scammers run every type of site to convince you that scams like Bitcoin Circuit are real. They will write fake review sites, fake newspaper articles, fake endorsements from celebrities and fake comparison sites, all just to try and get you to click their greedy affiliate link. They sometime even run fake recovery company websites making referrals to them, as a huge number of recovery company websites seem to run on the same affiliate scammer system.

So the people who convince you to invest are not usually the people who take your money, and receive only a small percentage of what you lose. The connection between the different scammers is very hard to prove as there are so many links along the way. The affiliate networks are just accepting work, they explain in their T&Cs that they do not accept fake products. This is how they get around the law. They all pretend to be different companies, but together they manufacture a fraud that hides behind legal barriers at every stage. If the broker is incorporated in St Vincents and the Grenadines, the affiliate network incorporated in Estonia and the website hosted in the US, where do I begin. No one has the right to ask the affiliate networking company the details of their customers outside of Estonia. They are not traceable! All the money changes hands with cryptocurrency anyway and there is not tracing that.

What Should I Do If I Have Already Invested?

Well, sadly the first thing to bear in mind is that you are not going to get these people arrested. You will not be able to trace that money and even if you track down the advertiser from their affiliate codes on the website, you are not likely to be able to prove that they actually committed a crime. They have disclaimers everywhere exonerating them of blame and warning you about trading CFDs.

You do need to contact your bank though. They may be able to perform a chargeback and get your money returned. Do not bother with a recovery company as they are just there to take a percentage of your recovered costs. Get hold of the bank, explain that you have been defrauded and that you have a right to compensation as you pay the bank to look after your money. You may need to make a fuss, but believe us this is better than paying $5000 USD for someone else to may it for you. You are entitled to a chargeback, so make sure you get one. The bank should be watching out for this kind of transaction.

You will also need to change your phone number and email address. These scammers will sell your details to every other con-artist on Earth and they will have you labelled as someone who can be beguiled into handing over money. You  should make yourself as untraceable as possible from the details you submitted to them.

As you can see, this scam is targeting the most vulnerable people, and is using the coldest techniques. It really is disgusting.

This is not a trading scam, it is just simple fraud. They will steal your money and give you a fake trading screen to watch while they make their getaway.


Do not trust these auto-trading AI robot scams no matter who they pretend they are associated with, even Elon Musk

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  • This is exactly the same scam as we have been seeing here in the UK but with a US tinge to the tactics, They have just chosen Gayle instead of Holly from the respective Good Morning shows. Even most of the text appears to be an exact copy with a simple replacement of Elon instead of Akshay as the celebrity. Even they way the show has the same name and format freaks me out a bit!
  • Why doesn't Elon tweet about this? Surely he could raise enough awareness to put  pressure on the FBI to track these scumbags down?
  • Do you have a product that you recommend as an alternative to Bitcoin Profit?
  • Why doesn't Elon Musk sue FaceBook for character deformation though?
    Surely he could get himself a chunk of the shares?
  • What is happening to the major players of the internet? They seem to be destroying their own integrity on purpose????
  • I really can't believe that they get away with these types of websites Surprised
  • This is amazing, that they can get away with this! Who are these people?

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