Immediate Fortune

Well this is it - here we are, about to witness history in the making. The new version of the Quantum AI Scam, Immediate Fortune.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Immediate Fortune?
  3. How Does Immediate Fortune Work?
  4. What Do I Need to Get Started with Immediate Fortune?
  5. Where can I Sign Up for Immediate Fortune?
  6. Is Immediate Fortune a get rich quick scheme?
  7. Is Jeff Bezos Really Involved in Immediate Fortune?
  8. Why Hasn't Jeff Bezos Tweeted about Immediate Fortune?
  9. How Much Money can you Make with Immediate Fortune?
  10. How Many Hours a Day do I need to Dedicate to Immediate Fortune?
  11. What Are the Risks with Immediate Fortune?
  12. What Happens if I Lose Money on Immediate Fortune?


Jeff Bezos, in case you didn't know, is the founder of and a space technology & technology enthusiast. He is often cited as one of the richest people in the world and is recognised around the globe for his distinctive appearance. He looks a bit like inspector Montalbano's businessman brother. On these pages, it is being suggested, firstly that this is a video of Jeff Bezos giving a presentation on his new quantum computing AI crypto-trading robot, and secondly, that it is is Jeff Bezos you can hear speaking. Neither of these suggestions hold any truth whatsoever.

Here is the video:

As you can see, it is advertising which is a website that attempts to persuade novices to embark on a journey of complex CFD trading'

What is Immediate Fortune?

 Immediate Fortune is a website at as well as quite a few other places. This website is in fact duplicated all over the place by lots of different affiliates all trying to get the fee that will be paid to them when you click on the link and sign-up to send them your details. And just to be clear that is what signing-up does, it send your contact details to a group of people that will stop at nothing until they have bled you of all of your money. In other words, Immediate Fortune is a group of affiliates of what is known as the boiler room scam.

The affiliates will make up any lie they can to get you signed up. They will write false reviews like the Finixio fake review sites use. They will manufacture fake news like the Finixio fake news sites use, and they will use affiliate networks like ClickOut Media, which is just another name for Finixio's branch in Cyprus. 
This site, Immediate Fortune, is essentially a fake news site because it is suggesting that the site was founded by Jeff Bezog when it isn't at all. Jeff Bezos is not involved with get rich quick schemes or telling people how to make money. Jeff Bezos sells products to people and makes rocket ships. He has no interest in making everyone as rich as he is.

How Does Immediate Fortune Work?

Well as a scam, Immediate Fortune works by making people believe that they can become very rich very quickly by investing a small amount of money into an automated trading robot that will make them rich without the need for knowledge, skill, luck or research. The Immediate Fortune is essentially a way of recruiting people who do no research. A way of recruiting people who are easily fooled and easily taken advantage of and them handing those people off to ruthless scammers who will then use CFD trading to defraud them. 

You can see that the website is quite low on content and is supposed to be showcasing the amazing new invention that Jeff Bezos has supposedly unleashed:

What Do I Need to Get Started with Immediate Fortune?

 An absence of caution and enough money to make a deposit. Apart from that there is no Immediate Fortune as it is just a way of obtaining your contact details so that the boiler room scammers can contact you and defraud you. There is not quantum computer operating an autotrading crypto-robot. There is no Jeff Bezos trying to make everyone rich. There is no crypto-market that is highly volatile and easy to make money out of. 

As you can see from their original site and the other names they drop on their website:
They responsible for Immediate Edge, Immediate Profit, Immediate Fortune and Immediate Connect which are all the same scam connecting you to boiler room scammers:
They don't even bother to make the website look different in any way.

Where can I Sign Up for Immediate Fortune?

You can sign up for Immediate Fortune at any of the affiliate scammer sites such as but please don't as you will be bombarded with scammer [hone calls for the rest of your days. As it clearly says at the bottom of the site:

#Immediate Fortune and any other commercial names used on the site are for commercial purposes only, and do not refer to any specific company nor specific services providers. The video is for commercial presentation and illustration purposes only, and all participants are actors. Carefully read the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer page of the third-party investor platform before investing. 

So this has nothing to do with Jeff Bezos and they have somehow synthesized his voice with an AI or similar.

Is Immediate Fortune a get rich quick scheme?

Yes, in other words it is a scam. It is a way of persuading you that an automated robot will make you thousands of dollars a day with no input from you at all and with an almost perfect capability to predict the markets. In other words, it is a technology that no one would ever ever ever admit that they had if they had it, because they could use it to take over the world and believe us, with that technology they could, until the FBI turned up and shut it down. 

We have sent an email through to [email protected]:

We notice you are catering to UK users and were just wondering what you product is as it appears to be soliciting CFD crypto products to UK citizens which you clearly state is illegal on your own website, and yet you have a /gb folder for our language on your site?

What is your product and why do you state these conflicting ideas?

So we will see if we get a sensible reply.

Unfortunately, their email doesn't seem to work: rejected your message to the following email addresses:

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To fix this, check the server name to determine what domain, service, or server is reporting the error. The email server needs to be configured to either accept messages from anonymous users or to include the sending domain or sending IP address in its list of authenticated senders. On an Exchange server, you can set this up in the server's receive connector. If it's a smart host managed by another service or partner, contact the service or partner to configure their servers to accept and relay messages from your senders. Also, work with your domain registrar to make sure your MX records are properly configured.

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Is Jeff Bezos Really Involved in Immediate Fortune?

No, he isn't. Jeff Bezos is interested in technology for sure, as he states in the video, when it is still probably his own voice before they synthesized his voice to say what they wanted. Jeff Bezos is in a very safe financial situation being extremely rich, and he is not going to risk his wealth by giving out advice to the world on how to invest. if something went wrong with an AI like that it could ruin the global financial system. The other problem is that with Bezos' vast wealth, what would stop him investing $10bn into an AI robot that made huge profits and bankruptiing the world that way? The whole idea is completely impossible and this is by design. They do not want people who understand the finance systems or global markets, because they are more difficult to defraud. They want novices with no idea about trading, who will not seek them out and claim damages for misrepresentation, who will not know what their right and legitimate expectations should be. They want people who will just assume that they lost their money in CFD trading and who may even be naive enough to try another variant of the robot trader in order to recover their money. Yes, people really do that!

No individual of any business calibre would ever be associated with a get rich quick scheme which is all that this is. Do not be fooled by fake Jeff Bezos videos or Elon Musk videos. if they are giving away free money, it is always a scam!

Why Hasn't Jeff Bezos Tweeted about Immediate Fortune?

Excellent question. If this scam was anything to do with reality at all it would be all over the news that money has become free and then the world financial markets would collapse. What would be the point in having shares in Amazon if you could make free money online? Ever share price would disintegrate and every shareholder would be bankrupt and lose their homes and families. The whole concept is completely impossible. Once again, this is by design. If you understood the markets you would understand that this idea is ridiculous. It is a test to make sure that you are someone that can be guided to buy and sell as instructed so that they can make you believe you are making money and keep you'investing' until they have everything, then they leave you watching a fake investment app, whilst they rip off the next person.

Once they have as much money out of the current batch as they feel they can get, they shut up shop, change numbers, change the websites and the product name, and start all over again with the same scam. Really, they do!

How Much Money can you Make with Immediate Fortune?

Unfortunately you can't make any. You cannot get free money, this is always the truth. As soon as money is free, it is worthless. 

 Now we can see that the claims being made on are not the same as being made by the fake Bezos does, this is after all only a temporary site, whereas the website has to be a little more low key so as not to be so easily proven as inaccurate and taken down. The site with the fake Bezos we showed you earlier, is a fake news article rather than an actual website. It is designed to be transient in nature, but to plant a seed that Jeff Bezos has made a trading robot that can make anybody rich with no skill, luck, knowledge or experience.

How Many Hours a Day do I need to Dedicate to Immediate Fortune?

Well if we read what is online, it seems that the app can make you money without that much input if you use the automated trading settings. The problem is, of course, that the app does not exist in its own right. What they are describing is MT4 and MT5 meta-trader software which you can configure with various rules about buying and selling in order to semi-automate your trading. This kind of technique, where you might set a buy price at one price, and the sell at a higher price, can make a steady income as long as the markets do not suddenly react to something. Cryptocurrency does tend to fluctuate within a certain price range and with a decent enough prediction and a bit of luck it is definitely possible to make money out of crypto with set limit trading tactics, but you do not need any special software to do this. You just need an MT$ or MT5 software, a good internet connection, and a decent computer. You also need to be lucky and be very disciplined. This is not for the faint hearted - trading is hard work and very stressful.

What Are the Risks with Immediate Fortune?

 Well the risks are stated at the bottom of most of the pages concerning this scam:

Important Risk Note: Trading can generate notable benefits; however, it also involves a risk of partial/full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. Around 70 percent of the investors will lose money.

So you are far more likely to lose money than make it.
The other problem is that a lot of these sites and brokers use the idea of CFD brokerages as a way to defraud people. They do not operate a brokerage at all. Just a scam site with a fake interface that looks like you are trading. They just take your money and then make you think you lost it and use CFD trading as their cover. This is far more common than you might imagine.

What Happens if I Lose Money on Immediate Fortune?

You go to you bank and tell them you've been scammed. You show them all of the correspondence and explain what happened and how you were defrauded. Do not contact a recovery company as they are just more scammers after another slice of the money being paid by the bank, and might even be the original scammers anyway. It is a great way to manage the victims, to give them some of what they lost and make them feel like they have achieved a victory.

Stay away from get rich quick schemes - they are all a scam!