Beware of this server - one of many of their affiliates uses it for several different scams, including:

 Now this is a serious matter as they have taken to using the Amazon stock investment programme as a way of signing people up with Cypriot CFD brokers which is surely something Amazon will want to get involved with. We will be in contact with Amazon to highlight this matter. 

So what can we deduce from the fact that one server is sending people randomly to any one of the above sites? Well it means that all of the above are run under the same affiliate programme and that the object of each of the above sites is to have you sign up with the same offshore, unregulated CFD brokers, and that the above fake products/brands are all created by the same people.

This is not really a surprise as they all use exactly the same tactics and ideas to trick exactly the same sort of people into exactly the same sort of scam. The pitch is always the same - invest $250 USD and you will be rich - which is obviously something that has been unswervingly successful for them over quite some time.

And what is the product that they are actually trying to get your details to trap you with? Well it is still the same old 'The questionable CFD broker scam that may not have to pay you back even if you trade successfully.' deal. They take a fee from the broker, or have some other deal with them (perhaps they own or operate the broker)  but either way they are playing for the same team.

This particular broker scam affiliate seems to be entwined with certain third party providers that appear to count the affiliate links which have been clicked and so calculate fees owed to the affiliates.

For instance sendlane.com seems to be a repeated service that they use.

Please be aware that any product that has a domain name like this where the product name is after the forward slash such as /amazon/ that it is unlikely to be a reputable site and that caution should be observed. This means that you should close the page and never return.