Scam Alert

  1. It is a fake technology - if you had invented a way of taking the stock market or bitcoin market over, would you share it?
  2. Take your time, there is no hurry to invest. Once markets begin to show their true colour then it may be a good time to invest.
  3. Check the print at the bottom of any website first, if it says: 'Crypto CFDs trading involves significant risk. Bitcoin XXXXXXXXX and its affiliates do not take responsibility for your actions' then just run away. Do not enter your phone number into any contact form or you will find out how it feels to be terrorised by scammers.
  4. If you want to invest in something, have a look at the markets and make an informed decision. Now is a very uncertain time so actually buying crypto may be a good idea, on the other hand the central banks may try to destroy it in favour of their own based on XRP technology, which is centrally managed. It is a much smaller risk than unregulated offshore CFD bookmaker scammers though, as you do actually own something which has had a lot of investment in its future.
  5. The videos are clearly made for inexperienced people, it is not just also for people who have no trading experience, it is ONLY for people with no trading experience!!! No one else would dream of touching that nonsense!
  6. Start with sensible advice from a trusted source like the FT or Economist.