Who are

Let's have a look at their website:

Winchargeback was established by Rebecca Goodwin (pen name). Rebecca has allegedly worked for a cryptocurrency scammer company previously, but has seen the light...

It continues...

Our work forced us to protect ourselves in every way possible. Including the use of pen names and not exposing our location. we have become targets for binary options companies and more online scams that really don’t like what we do and Winchargeback accepts this as part of our occupational risk in the effort to recover people funds.

So let us think about that for a moment, this company recover money from the scammers but they do not let the scammers know their whereabouts or who they are, so how do they collect the money then? I do not think scammers would hand over money to people who refuse to identify themselves, I think think that this recovery firm is another scam!

There is no phone number or location (or even time zone) provided and their email is with Microsoft 365, but is only provided as [email protected] which we imagine to be another pen name. the opening hours are 9-5 but is that Israel, UK, US? 

Let's have a look at the testimonials:

"To be honest, Rebecca sees this as a win-win situation. The moment you work like this, you as a customer know for sure that you share the same interest. At the end of the day, if you don’t win back your funds, she does not get paid for all the time invested."

Wow, what a great review! This company is very popular.

Funnily enough though, Google also seems to remember seeing that elsewhere, here to be exact:


So the same review is being used on more than one incarnation of these scam recovery websites meaning that the reviews are not real!

This uncovers a truth about all of these scam recovery sites, none of them are real! They all just make up fake reviews of each other in order to attract business and lie through their teeth.

Just look at the above page. Even if 2% were leaving reviews, this means that millions of people are being scammed and making a recovery - how likely do think that is?

The above is just an indication that the top company pays the highest affiliate fees, and that these sites are willingly assembled by those just looking for a small percentage from these scammers.