Bitcoin Profit 2021

Bitcoin Profit - Latest Scams


Firstly, let's have a look at how victims are targeted by these scammers.

It is important to note that there are several cabals running these scams and they all run them independently of each other, but they share the product names. These product names tend to be based on a way of hiding what they are really selling - CFD options trading from unregulated, offshore brokers-. For example there are Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit, Crypto Trader, Crowd Millionaire all promising fortunes to anyone who arrives at their website, but when you sign-up you are simply handing over your phone number and email address to a call centre working on behalf of offshore, unregulated brokers selling highly speculative CFD products.

They start with Google ads:

Once you arrive at one of their sites:


As you can see they describe the website as 'advertorial' at the top and we have added a small footnote to explain that this means nothing on the website can be relied upon.

The site promises that with a deposit of just $250 USD you can start to profit from Bitcoin. There are then quotes taken from various stock market people that are completely out of context, as they are not actually referring to Bitcoin Profit.

Here we can see another variant of the same product, but with a different website, presumably run by another cabal:


Once again we can see that the main objective of the website is to harvest the contact details of the visitor, as it is the first element of the site we are presented with.

This second site proclaims itself as the official Bitcoin Profit site, precluding the first site from being so, presumably. 

This second site, does however, give some details of what the product actually does. The Bitcoin Profit software is described as an auto-trading system that can find individual trades that will being you profit without human interaction. This is typical of the ludicrous claims that all of these websites make, as it would mean that anyone could take over the Federal Reserve just by using this software. The claim that pressing an autotrade button is all that is between you and a fortune, and that the system is fool-proof is seen time and time again. There is no way this could be true, as it would mean that anyone could become instantly rich.

In small print at the bottom of the page reads: Around 70 percent of the investors will lose money.

So all of the claims are definitely nonsense. This website is completely fraudulent as is the first Bitcoin Profit site we looked at above it.


Do not enter your details or give them any money under any circumstances.