Holly Willoughby Bitcoin

The Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Scam

The Huge Web of Deceit Around Trading Online


Now when a celebrity starts posting on Twitter telling everyone not to follow links to scams with their name on it, what happens? Well a huge number of people who would never consider trading suddenly search online for something like 'Holly Willoughby Bitcoin' and the affiliate linking game becomes business, not big business, but business all the same.

The simple truth is that someone like Holly attracts vulnerable people, people who do not understand what scammers are. Normal people like us who spend their days doing the school run and at work, which means that the opportunities to mislead increase hugely. We are just not ready for people who lie like they breathe.

As a result, there are pages online such as: https://hollywilloughbybitcoin.com/. This is a website and a domain name purchased expressly for a single search term: 'Holly Willoughby Bitcoin' which might be a term that someone reading a post from Holly warning them may type.

So why has someone spent time, effort and money doing this? Well because they see the possibility of misleading a huge number of people into being scammed 

This website is actually hosted on a Google User platform which hopefully means we can have it taken down quite quickly, but in the meantime, let's breakdown all of the lies on this page: 


Holly Willoughby Bitcoin 🧐 The real story behind the rumours They have use a emoticon to feign innocence.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin

If you ask any financial expert, Bitcoin’s impact on the world—and its potential for the future—can’t be underestimated. This is unbelievably stupid, as what it literally means is that Bitcoin is of no importance whatsoever, it cannot be underestimated. This has not been written by someone who speaks English as their first language, or it has been written by an idiot.

Bitcoin has shown unprecedented growth in value and has turned a lot of investors into millionaires in a matter of months. No, it took years As one would expect from what most people are calling as the “future of currency,” Bitcoin has become a revolutionary phenomenon, and that has given birth to a lot of hype about cryptocurrencies in general. Bitcoin has been involved with many names and the search volume in google has increased for the likes of Holly Willoughby Bitcoin, and other celebrities who are said to endorse the crypto money. No one has ever said Holly Willoughby endorses Bitcoin, it was just a scam exposed by Holly, who is a TV presenter and not a financial person. For financial advice, buy the Economist.

However, most of these times, the hype turns out to be nothing, but fake news orchestrated to gain traffic on a site or subscriptions for a service. Which exactly what this HollyWilloghbyBitcoin.com domain name, website and content are trying to do.

While it’s true that giants like Richard Branson and Bill Gates seem to be in favor of Bitcoin and have invested in it, Bill Gates is not investing in Bitcoin, he is just encouraging other to. He has $190 Billion USD and as such is not that concerned about investing as he could literally start his own currency, and is probably about to suggest just that.

not all posts you will see linking celebrities and Bitcoin have truth to them. True.

One such rumor that has broken the internet lately has been about none other than the adorable, talented British TV presenter Holly Willoughby. Let’s dive into what the news articles have to say and separate the noise from the facts! Yes, let's.

Who is Holly Willoughby?

Holly Marie Willoughby is a British television presenter, best known for shows like “Dancing on ice” and “This Morning.” She is also a model and an author, with a huge fanbase of her own. Holly’s known for speaking out on issues like women empowerment and motherhood, with the celebrity writing a book on the latter, titled “Truly Happy Baby…It Worked for Me: A practical parenting guide from a mum you can trust.” Yes so she targets women with children markets. holly willoughbyThat is who 'This Morning' targets as well.

She also has her fingers in quite a few pies, according to some sources on the internet. This means nothing.

While she hasn’t opened a chain of restaurants or luxury spas under her name yet, her portfolio and a net worth of around £10 million (according to the famous Spear’s magazine) certainly mean that she is more than capable of doing just that. You need more than money to succeed in catering, especially now it is delivery only.

Hence, it was interesting to hear about the Holly Willoughby Bitcoin chatter and news-style posts which stated that she might have invested in cryptocurrency, like a lot of celebrities out there.  It wasn't interesting, it was just a retarded scam.

Holly Willoughby and Bitcoin


The Bitcoin Holly Willoughby chatter seems to have originated rather recently, and so far, there are a lot of sources on the internet that suggest that she might have put some of her money on the crypto train by using certain platforms to buy Bitcoin and using certain software to exchange them or trade on them. Has she actually been doing this or is this a hoax? Is Holly Willoughby putting up her money in this crypto asset or not? Let’s look at the chatter and the facts and figure out. Of course it's a hoax, and you know it is, because you or your mates started it.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Revolution Scam

One of the most popular recent news about Holly has been about her using Bitcoin Revolution to ‘auto-trade’ Bitcoin and make money. How does it work? Let’s break down Bitcoin Revolution first.

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading platform No it isn't, it is a scam fake platform that has nothing to do with Bitcoin trading at all that has become quite popular in the recent past because of the success stories that sometimes (they mean always) look too good to be true because they are. The platform claims to have developed an algorithm that enables a bot to look for opportunities on the market and trade for you based on strategies that work (by work, we mean that they have a success rate of above 80 percent) What do you mean 'we mean' is it your platform then?. The platform asks you to deposit $250 initially, and enable the auto trading function, and just wait for the results afterward. In other words pay the money in and wait to find out that you've been scammed. If they had an algorithm that could trade bitcoin at an 80% profit rating, why would they sell it?

We came across certain Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Revolution This Morning news-style posts pretending to be 'This Morning' which is called fake news which claimed that she was talking on her show about how she has invested in this platform and how she is making money from it. However, what we found was just images of her on her show—there was no clip when we did a search for “Holly Willoughby Bitcoin YouTube.” This suggests that this rumor is just an attempt at getting some publicity for the Bitcoin Revolution platform, or just an attempt by some bloggers to get traffic on to their site. So why the hell are you linking to the site the fake news was suggesting?

Visit Bitcoin Revolution

Now this link takes you to: https://hollywilloughbybitcoin.com/visit/bitcoin-revolution which is an affiliate link that they get paid for if you click.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Evolutionbitcoin evolution Scam

As you can see all the logos are obviously made by the same scammers.

Bitcoin Evolution is another platform They mean scam that is quickly gaining a lot of hype among people ripping off people interested in  cryptocurrency trading and the market in general. However, this is a platform that might not be ideal for total beginners so why link to it on a page about a TV presenter?  The platform claims to help traders improve their overall performance and their rate of success. It has a function that lets users set particular parameters they want to watch. Once customized, the bot will take over, no it won't, there is no 'bot' monitoring the market as you go through your day to day tasks, and making trades for you on its own this is not true, based on seeing opportunities that might have a good chance of success. Be it the software trading or you, one this I think you mean 'thing' is for certain—this platform claims to take hours off of your day that you would spend market-watching, which is ideal for people who are busy, like Holly Willoughby. No, it's a scam.

Now while this is a platform that might not be for complete beginners, it claims to have features that can make it work for amateur traders too. However, one simple Google search for Holly Willoughby Bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Evolution, and it is clear that this is fake news, as there isn’t even one article or post on the internet which dives into the subject head-on (not to mention that Holly Willoughby has never once publicly talked about cryptocurrencies).

Visit Bitcoin Evolution

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Traderbitcoin trader Scam

Of all the platforms and software, we will discuss in this post. Bitcoin Trader is probably the newest one. This platform claims to be a perfect start for beginners, allowing them to deposit money into the trading system and earn a passive income from it. Obviously all these pages are a scam being given fake reviews by a scammer. Anyone who tells you they have invented a system that makes money for nothing is a liar and a scammer.

The software claims to have an algorithm scam that watches assets on a constant basis and leverages a variety of tried-and-tested trading techniques like what? to determine points in time when it can make an accurate prediction for the price to move in a definite direction no one can do that or the markets would collapse. When the bot thinks there is a good chance of success, it invests your money and makes a profit for you no, the markets go up or down, you just buy a share. The software claims to have a success rate of well over 80 percent scam and we thought it made sense for someone as busy and new as Holly to invest some money here and earn a passive income. Holly is quite well off already, thanks.

Upon research, we did find some Bitcoin Trader This Morning Holly Willoughby posts, but they only mentioned that she talked about the platform on TV. Once again, like in all the cases mentioned earlier, we were not able to find those clips or even a mention of this on any reputable sources such as the BBC. Holly nor the BBC would ever advise people on such matters, it is against the BBC's code of conduct.

Visit Bitcoin Trader

BBC news Bitcoin

Now, let’s talk about the rumours that BBC covered the Bitcoin trading BBC code of conduct fobids marketing any one company, never mind a bunch of scammer. They would not realistically mention 'This Morning' in the news anyway. Holly Willoughby story. Recently, there was an advertisement posted on the internet along with a post that was written in the style of BBC’s news posts. Fake news it is called The advertisement was found to be fraudulent and the post claimed that chef Gordon Ramsay went on This Morning show and talked about how Bitcoin trading has changed his life this is just stupid. The post claimed that Holly and Gordon exchanged their liking for the cryptocurrency that doesn't even make sense. It also stated that Gordon revealed which platforms he was using, and how they made him £13.5 million in a short amount of time scam.

If you do a search for “This Morning Bitcoin interview Holly Willoughby,” you will see a lot of legit links that confirm that the Holly Willoughby Bitcoin This Morning stories were nothing but fake news that is extremely convoluted and is trying to confuse people. Some of these were taken down by Microsoft from their news feed, and others are still circulating the internet, going as far as to claim that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Bitcoin talks were also featured on the show. If you ask us, we will request you to not follow any of these stories, as there is not a shred of evidence we could find that could back this up. Once again this page appears to have been translated using a bot as the sentences are just awful.

Holly Willoughby scam Bitcoinholly willoughby scam bitcoin

Recently, a lot of trading platforms and software have emerged on the market. Most of them are using the name of celebrities to get traffic to their sites and subscriptions to their platforms. So, beware! Holly Willoughby Bitcoin scam posts can look very real—but as long as you don’t see a Holly Willoughby Bitcoin profit interview on TV or YouTube with your own eyes, don’t believe it. Bitcoin is not for trading, stick to solid shares in growing companies.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Loophole Scam

While we were doing this research, we also came across posts that claimed that Holly Willoughby has invested some money in Bitcoin Loophole Scam. Just like all of the fake software mentioned earlier in this article, this is a fake auto-trading bot which claims to have an accuracy of more than 90 percent, which definitely is impossible. It uses HFT techniques, which means that it pretends to use parameters and arbitrage used by professional traders to determine outcomes.

While it all sounds fine and dandy, there is no proof of Holly having invested her money in this platform, despite the Google trend rankings of these news-style posts. Bitcoin Loophole is just the same scam as the last three which the page owner fully understands. The page owner is a scammer.

Visit Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Code Scam & Holly Willoughby

Bitcoin Code is a scam exactly the same as the others that has a few things in common with the other fake software mentioned above. It scams a small deposit of $250, it uses a bot to auto-trade for you, and it seems to have a lot of positive feedback and review, like this scammer website and all of the other fake review sites they run which means that it isn't legit after all. However, there is one thing on this platform that makes it unique—it can give you full control of trading and just advise you what to do that is a contradiction.

We found some fake news sites operated by this scammer's friends stating that Holly Willoughby was a funder of this platform. However, none of the sources were credible, so it wouldn’t seem like this rumour has any truth to it either.

Visit Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Gemini Holly Willoughby

Bitcoin Gemini’s website looks legit because it is a real company unlike the above and it is, in fact, a regulated platform for cryptocurrency trading. If you go over to the website, you will see that it has been mentioned in reputed publications like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the New York Times, and even Forbes itself! Gemini are a trading company and operate a platform and an affiliate system. Holy Willoughby is not affiliated with them as she would be fired from the BBC.

The reviews of the platform and feedback about its performance indicate that this might be a good one for people who want to get into trading. On spending quite a lot of time on research, however, we weren’t able to find anything that could relate Holly to this in any way, shape, or form.

Visit Bitcoin Gemini

Holly Willoughby and the Bitcoin hoax

Be it an article about Holly Willoughby Bitcoin on This Morning or a post that claims to share with us comments from Holly Willoughby after buying her first ever Bitcoin—these are rumours everywhere spread to gain traffic. There is no truth to any of this, and it is just content aimed at sensationalism. And yet this swine is linking to all of the bitcoin scammers anyway.

Conclusion: Has Holly Willoughby invested in Bitcoin?

No, of course she ****ing hasn't. There is no conclusive evidence or any word from Holly herself on this apart from her twitter messages pointing out scammers like you. On top of that, these articles have started going down as well, because of anti-fraud actions against them not sure what they are trying to say here as the English is so bad. So, we would suggest that if you see a Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Mirror article online, just ignore it no report it.


Is Holly Willoughby buying Bitcoin? No, idiot

Holly Willoughby has never publicly spoken about buying cryptocurrencies.

Has Holly Willoughby invested in Bitcoin Revolution? No, idiot

Due to the lack of any evidence on the matter, we would say that she hasn’t invested in it.

What platform does Holly Willoughby use to trade Bitcoin? None, idiot

If she uses one, it hasn’t been made public by her or her team. So, it would be safe to assume that she doesn’t trade cryptocurrency pairs.

Which Bitcoin auto trading software does Holly Willoughby use? None, idiot

All the articles linking Holly Willoughby to auto trading software are nothing but false rumours.

Was Holly Willoughby talking about Bitcoin on This Morning show? No, idiot

The post turned out to be nothing but a hoax, and it was taken down.

Did BBC cover Holly Willoughby’s Bitcoin investment story? No, idiot. And you knew the answer to all of this before you penned your scumbag article.

A fake post written in the style of BBC’s news posts claimed it, but it turned out to be just a ruse.