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This page is hosting a new Brexit Millionaire promotion at:

You can have a look here:

As you can see there is a lot of scaremongering and fatalist attitude on these pages, trying to encourage swift, regrettable action. Let's have a look at the page from top to bottom to see what's what.

So the set-up seems to be that the Pandemic is ruining everyone's lives.

So here is the alleged app in action:

Now I just want to take a moment to explain how ridiculous this is.

In order for you to trade you have to be registered with a broker and that means that they have to be regulated in your nation or territory and that they have to have a means of paying you as well as you paying them. Your bank account needs to be authorised to send and receive money to and from a proper broker such as and then you are entirely liable for the action you take and the money you make. If you make a trade or a spread-bet then you are buying or betting on a stock or outcome.

Notice how the open trades indicator keeps increasing, failing to take into account that until you close a trade you have not sold anything and so have not made a profit. If they are talking about CFDs or spread-betting then the profit is too quick for that too. This really is idiotic.

The website in the above does not adhere to any sort of sense. The demonstration shown here uses none of the deposit at any point to get started, so why is it necessary? The video above just shows money being added to a balance that is never used to pay for any investment in the first place. This is clearly nonsense. the deposit is shown as never being accessed to persuade gullible people to invest without thinking so that these people can keep the deposit and disappear. Huge red flag!

Further down we can see more pandemic scare-mongering and the extremely worrying - all you need to do is deposit $250 - message. Now we are on high alert as this is certainly a scam. Huge red flag alert!

Next we are told that all accounts are run in USD US dollars which means that this system is global and has nothing specifically to do with Brexit or even the UK! Another huge red flag!!!

This is not looking too good for Brexit Millionaire!

The last thing I think we need to read here is this: All positions expected to fill up in 24 minutes and 33 seconds

Oh dear, they are trying to trick us into signing up. That's it, this is a scam!!


Do not invest or pay any money to these swines!