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How trustable is trustpedia?

They have combines the word trust with the second half of Wikipedia, similar to investopedia, but with more trust, so is it really a site that can be trusted, or is it a scam?

Oh dear, it is a SCAM!

Well, aside from the scammer links on their site, the first thing to notice is that that they have not invested in a or .net or even .org (suggesting that they are not-for-profit) domain, instead they have opted for a .io domain which is the suffix you choose if you are not prepared to buy a pre-registered domain and just want to keep costs to a minimum. All of this is fine, and the domain looks good with this suffix.

Now let us get to the content of this website.

Across the navigation menu at the top we immediately see that there are a couple of disturbing headers, namely Robots and Celebrities, both of which are right at the centre of the boiler room scammer's confidence trickster arsenal. No serious financial assistance site has any reason to have a heading of celebrities on their navigation menu. So what is going on?

Well if we have a look at the celebrities page, it is not exclusively about people we would regard as celebrities, but rather a mixture of important people in tech and finance and some famous celebrities mixed in. The list includes Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and the Winklevoss Twins, all of whom are of legitimate interest on a cryptocurrency or finance related site. They do also have Jet Li, Gordon Ramsey and Mike Tyson listed, which makes us think that these names are mentioned entirely for the sake of ranking on search engines, as no thought whatsoever has been given to the grouping or order of these people.

Who Are

Well this is an important question. Who runs this site and what are their motives? Well from the about us page we are seeing very little information. Where is the company address or the company registration number, all of which are a mandatory requirement for services operating in the EU or the US. Where is the phone number on the contact us page? Surely any company wants to hear from prospective customers or from people reporting frauds online etc.? It is not until we start looking at the other disconcerting menu option on the navigation bar that thigs start to become more clear.

It is the robots menu and page that make it obvious why these people do not want to be contacted. They are an affiliate site linking to all sorts of fake auto-trading robot sites that send you to offshore unregulated brokers. That is why they do not want to be traceable. They are part of a worldwide scammer network.

That explains why they have no company name or number and why they do not appear to be FCA registered. It also explains that peculiar domain extension, they could not get anything else.

The whole website is completely lacking in fact. As we said, their about us page is laughable. There is a section where the website should be explaining  who their team is, but instead of mentioning names they just say that they are made up of: 

certified financial planners, certified public accountants, financial accountants, consultants, chartered financial analysts, financial risk managers, and investment counselors

They cannot even spell counsellors. This really is rather sickening.

The website itself is thrown together on a wordpress template so that changes can be easily made and the details of any programmers are kept hidden. 

If we look a little deeper, at their privacy policy for instance, we can see that they never mention a legal entity, not even once:

Thank you for visiting our website (the “Website”) on which you found the link to our Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”). The Website is Our property (referred to collectively as “we”, “our” or “us”) and you may contact us at any time via email at: [email protected]

The official email then, is just an unbranded, unpaid, untraceable GMail address. The privacy policy is only there to stop the website being taken down. 

There are some clues as to who runs this website though, as they use the same scammer servers as some of the other boiler room scam affiliates. If we click through some of the affiliate links we can see this in action.

Let's have a look at what they promote:

They actually describe Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Up, Bitcoin Revolution, Immediate Edge and Oil Profit as legitimate robot trading platforms :o 

These people are definitely scammers!

There is no such thing as a reliable stock or crypto trading robot that is readily available to anyone that signs up a they would be alter the market when everyone signed-up. Even if they worked for a while, the influence of the robots themselves would change the dynamics of the market and cause a new set of conditions that the robots would then find unintelligible and they would then start to lose money. If a robot gave millions of people the same advice, it would render the market vulnerable to being swindled by a single canny investor. The whole idea is nonsense.

Who Are TrustPedia's Partners?

When you click on the Bitcoin System link for instance, you are taken through to a familiar site that is used by some other fake news sites making money out of being boiler room affiliates. The domain in question,, is actually used by who are a known fake news and reviews site trying to take affiliates fees from scams they know will defraud people. They appear to be linked to

A typical example of a fake review on an affiliate site being ranked on Google. This site is a known boiler room scammer affiliate. Every part of the description and review is an obvious lie to defraud innocent, desperate people.

In our opinion there is a link between these sites and they are likely run by the same individuals.

Many of these fake news and reviews sites are run in very similar ways. They feign decency by blogging about financial matters on their blogs but the reviews are complete nonsense. At no point do they actually sign up for anything, they just make up stories about how the operators of scam websites like Bitcoin Circuit might make money, but of course they make it by ripping you off.

This website is full of lies and should be taken down.
Every review is a fabrication and concludes with an affiliate link to a company that the website knows will defraud you.
Stay away.