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Crowd Millionaire Scam

They have a new video! This time he ruse is one of crowd funding. A UK actor speaks about investing in advertising online, into individual adverts which you then receive a payment per click. This is clearly ridiculous as there is no revenue from an advert, the advertiser pays for people to see the advert, no one pays to see an advert! It is all about getting your details using a fake concept or idea.

This is the same tactic as usual, get you onto a contact list so that bookmakers agents can call and pester you until you bet all of your money on CFD contracts for difference spread-betting on ForEx where you will be given terrible advice and lose all of your money.

From their website: "REGULATION & HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors." which proves the reality of their product being a ForEx scam. The T&Cs were coloured white so as to be impossible to see.

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We took a download here: 

Here is the website content dumbed down:


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Crowd investing has opened up it’s biggest money-making opportunity yet…

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It used to be all about affiliate marketing, setting up blogs, becoming a YouTube star; yet all those opportunities have already passed by for most of us.

Yet now there’s a new trend that’s actually turning into a revolution… an opportunity beyond the scale of our wildest dreams.

You see, as we’ve seen time and time again, things are moving more towards ‘crowd investment’. Crowd-investment means instead of 1 or 2 investors spending $50.000, a project can now be funded by thousands of people spending only $50, sharing in the risk as well as reward. We now have crowd-investment of games, movies, products and even individuals or charities.

So now, the next stage is the biggest one yet...crowdsourcing digital advertisement…

The online advertising market has already surpassed 160 BILLION dollars, and so it’s no surprise the internet’s most profitable companies Facebook and Google practically run on it.

Our platform mixes ‘crowd investment’ with the online advertising business, creating the internet’s highest potential moneymaker ever, available to not only large- but actually small-time investors too.

To give you an example of the possibilities for small-time investors; some of our members have literally spend $200 and converted it into a consistent online revenue of over $4000 a week!

Here’s how it works: our marketplace shows you all kinds of ads that the big brands are launching. So lets say BMW is launching a new car; they would want that ad to go viral quick without having to spend tons of money right? This is where our crowdsourcing system works, as we can now invest in that advertisement, and earn money per person that clicks on it! So for a set amount of time, you can buy into that ad, and convert it into an online income!

The key value here, is that our marketplace has access to popular brands meaning the ads you invest in have a high probability to drive traffic and make you money! To be extra sure of a brand’s popularity before you invest, from within the marketplace you can view it’s live Google Trend statistics.

This revolution is likely to transform the digital advertising business, and so it’s crucial to get on board quick, and grab the opportunity fast.

The best part is that the required investment amounts are exceptionally low, meaning you can easily get started and manage your risks properly.

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We have partnered with the biggest brands in advertisement to allow you to invest amounts even as low as $25 into their advertisement campaigns, through our exclusive marketplace.

The advantage is that this allows the big brands to ‘crowd-source’ their advertisement, reducing their ad-cost significantly, and at the same time provide you with the ability to make money for every visitor that clicks on their advertisement.

The best part is; how likely do you think it is that visitors will click on a well-placed Samsung, Disney or for example BMW ad?...


The investment amounts are LOW so you can easily manage your risk and maximize your potential by spreading your investments across numerous big-brand advertising campaigns.

Investment amounts typically range between $25 - $250 per ad, so the barrier to entry is extremely low, yet the potential payouts are enormous; making this an ideal money-making opportunity for people not wishing to spend a lot of money.

The sky's the limit in what income is possible through our marketplace; some of our members are even grossing over $40.000 a month!



Once your registration is accepted, you will automatically become the newest member of the Crowd Millionaire community.

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Like any business, you need working capital to get started.

Go to your ‘profile’ and fund your profile with any amount you desire of $200 or more.


Check out the marketplace, and see which of the big-brands is launching a new ad-campaign.

If you are doubting what to invest in, there is Google Trend information available on each ad. Simply click ‘Trend’ to see this information, and you can estimate the potential of this ad.

Pro tip: take note of big sporting events like the World Cup, as they will mean big-business for popular sporting advertisements like Adidas and Nike.


I'm new to online investing, is this for me?

Our marketplace has been carefully designed to be as user-friendly as possible for new investors.

With a clean and simple interface, it is easy to grasp the various big-brand advertisement opportunities and how to invest in them.

In addition, once you gain access to our marketplace, our explanation video shows you what to do next, and if there are still any questions, we will have one of our representatives contact you and help you get started.

How much money do I need to invest?

The good news is that only a minimal fee of $200 is needed to get started.

Each advertisement investment requires a different amount of money, depending on the deal we get from the big-brands, but this typically ranges between the $25 - $200 range.

How much money could I make?

There is no limit to your success; numerous of our members earn thousands a day, some even more.

It is important to check out the Google Trends, and follow the lead of the big-name-brands who have spent millions figuring out when it’s the best time to market.

Is my personal information kept safe?

We take pride in our members privacy; your information will not be used in any other way than for the purpose of helping you enroll, and take advantage of our game-changing software.

We are not an information-selling business, as it is illegal.

How much effort does Crowd Millionaire require?

There is no real minimum time requirement; you can actually log in each day and spend only 15 minutes reviewing various advertisement opportunities, invest, and then review the results later on.

Like most regular investments, our platform isn’t built on an intense buy-sell scheme like the stock-market, but rather on a one-time decision where our members crowd-invest in high-end big-brand advertisements and reap the rewards after.

How much effort does Crowd Millionaire require?

We’ve spent decades in online advertisement, and through our solid connections have managed to exclusively open up numerous big-brands to the idea of crowdsource investment of their advertisement campaigns.

The benefit for them is they get a significant reduction in financial risk, while you get to profit off their campaigns.

Our business-model is then that we take a small % fee off the transactions, so it is in our best interest to make and keep you a happy and profitable customer.

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