Affiliate Linkers

Here is an example of how trustpilot and associated review sites can be misused by scammers.

Companies like funds recovery, which are listed as fraudulent on the FCA website here, are part of a lucrative network for affiliate scoundrels. An affiliate is someone who sends traffic your way under certain circumstances, that receives a payoff for every visitor they generate. Obviously in the case of the fake recovery companies they use fake reviews.

Today we are going to look at who are an affiliate of many of these scammers.

Once again they pledge their independent view point, even though they admit that they take money for each recommendation, which is clearly impossible. 

They claim that they recommend the following companies without bias even though they are paid for each click of the following links:

  • Funds Recovery
  • Scams Recovery
  • Payback
  • Scam Adviser
  • WinChargeBack
  • MoneyBack

This is the same game as play with the bitcoin scammers, another parallel in behaviour. 

We have no proof that the recovery companies are directly linked to the scammers, but the coincidences just keep mounting up...