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Coin Insider Fake Review Site


Why do we describe what appears as a proper review site as a fake? Well because to review anything as stupid as Bitcoin Revolution you have to be taking a fee. Bitcoin Revolution is a scam and an obvious one; there is no excuse for linking to these sites. It demonstrates a complete lack of regard for your fellow humans and a greed that makes no sense. No one can happily coexist with someone that is possessed by greed.

We would say, just from the wording, that this site has been scripted by the same person as, and they are performing exactly the same trick here.

Obviously Bitcoin has been in the press as it topped £30k the other day and then dropped to below £25k in a few days. It is a highly volatile and unpredictable currency that is very risky to trade in and can annihilate the funds of even the most calculating trader. 

This page mixes up reviews of the biggest names in CFD trading like eToro with idiotic Bitcoin Trader Auto Bots like The Bitcoin Code scammers. This is not the actions of someone giving advice, it is the actions of someone seeking affiliate cash from scammers.



Let's have a look at their site so that you can understand what we mean:

The contact/about us page reads:

CoinInsider is a leading digital media company providing news, opinion, market analysis, and investor insights focused on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry.

OK well that sounds pretty reasonable. But if we take a look at the menu at the top of the website we see that the majority of their pages pertain to either Trading Platforms or CFD Brokers neither of which have anything to do with Cryptocurrecy, which is not traded, only swapped between currencies. 

This immediately is a huge red flag, as this ste obviously has nothing to do with Cryptocurrency at all. It is simply using Cryptocurrency as a means of hiding it's actual purpose. 

So what is the actual purpose of a site like this? Well it associates fake trading software like 'Bitcoin Trader' with real trading and allows scammers to get a better reputation online.


Coininsider Fake Reviews of Fake TRading Plaforms Scams

Quite simply put, if a trading app is listed on CoinInsider then you know that it is a scam. CoinInsider is either written by the scammers themselves, or by affiliate partners of the scammers. The reviews are so basic and stupid that they just follow the same template every time.

Not only is there no actual difference between their reviews of all of the ridiculous Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin BluePrint, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Futures, Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution

There is also massive overlap between the content of all of the websites meaning that they are either all made by the same people, or that they just copy the content from each other. Either way it shows a uniformity of purpose and method meaning that all these sites and their owners are interlinked in some way or other.

Every single 'trading platform' they pretend to review is an obvious scam and defrauds people across Europe, Australia and the UK every day. This site and all of the clones need to be taken down to restore faith in internet trading.


If we take a look at their supposed index-linked numbers at the top of the page:

We can see that they are showing ETH and BTC are down, when in reality:

Nothing could be farther from the truth. These people have no understanding of, or interest in the cryptocurrency market. We do not know where they are retrieving their articles from, but they may well be copied and altered, or simply written by third parties for a fee.

Some of the stories we examined appeared to be re-worded articles from the Independent newspaper.