Fake Amazon on MSN Home Page

Just in case the internet isn't dangerous enough, MSN are trying to defraud you before you have even

Just in case the internet isn't dangerous enough, MSN are trying to defraud you before you have even opened your home page:

As you can see they are showing the same scumbag scammer page adverts twice on the MSN new tab page on Microsoft: https://lp-unique4media.com/amazonukmob/?dicbo=v and they have absolutely no connection with Amazon or their shares in any way. They are, in fact an offshore, unregulated CFD broker and CFDs are highly speculative and dangerous type of trading that can easily lose a novice all of their money. 

The links take you through to:

As you can see from their disclaimer, the whole website is constructed solely from lies:

This website is not a news agency, an information site or a blog. It's a website intended for promotional literature that uses storytelling to illustrate the scope of the offered services and products. Therefore, the story told in this site is an advertorial or information & function-related advertisement, for better understanding of the proposed idea. General disclaimer: investment activities are very risky and can result in total loss of the invested amounts.

For this reason, these activities might not be suitable for every kind of investor. You must not invest money that you can't afford to lose. Before deciding to undertake these kinds of investments, you should be aware of all the risks and seek advice from an independent and properly authorized financial advisor

The logo is a registered trademark of its corresponding owner. We do not have the rights for the logo.

Not that these people are real brokers, they are con-artists that just the idea of CFDs to try and convince you that you haven't been robbed. The idea that you were speculating and lost is just a way of hiding from prosecution by the authorities, if you ever find out which authority to contact or which country they are in.

This particular company - Unique 4 Media - is apparently at The VINICE office building (Vinohradská 167, Praha 10) Vinohradská, 100 00 Strašnice, Czechia but if they are anything like Finixio in the UK (and we suspect that is who they are basing themselves upon) then this will be a shared working spaces address and not be anywhere you can track down those taking all of the money.

At this point it still remains unclear if any of these companies have employees or are just a scam front. They certainly have LinkedIn profiles supposedly linked to them, but it may all just be smoke and mirrors. Any decent employee would never agree to proliferate scams to defraud people as these companies can be seen doing on this blog.

In fact if you look at the terms and conditions page of Unique 4 Media and check out their chat, you can see where they are really based, just like all of the recovery companies and their closely linked scammer associates, they are in Israel:

Roughly translated, this means something like 'We will give you a call as soon as we can.' in Hebrew and no other country would be using Hebrew by default. Is this the same company as we were looking at the other day in Israel, the lawyer pretending to be in London? It is possible, but it is an indicator that the huge majority of activity in this sector of defrauding people across Europe and the Commonwealth with CFDs is being perpetrated out of Israel, and that they are protected from their own scams being turned upon them by CFDs being illegal to solicit in Israel and the US. Sound familiar? Publicised by the US and carried out by Israel. It is the same old scam we've been on the end of for 250 years.



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