Fake Reviews

Fake News or Reviews

We think that it is worth keeping a list of affiliate linked sites to scammer sites so that we can try and establish a pattern between them all.

The affiliate network system that scammers use has given rise to companies like Finixio who write falsehood for a living. Their mission is to defraud, but to not be accountable, so their main area of business is as the affiliate network false review author. Essentially what they do is to write a review of a known scam, like Bitcoin Circuit for example, and then add an affiliate link to their review so that they are paid by the scammers every time someone if successfully defrauded. In other words, they knowingly defraud innocent people for a living. We do also believe that Finixio also run some of the Bitcoin Circuit sites too, as they do not always have affiliate links on their scam pages, so they must know that they are making money further down the line. 

 As you can see from the list below, Finixio operate many fake review sites, and are one of the main defrauders here in the UK, but they operate sites to defraud people all over the world. They are without a conscience, and so all they can see is the fiscal gain in the misery of others.

For those sites for which we have written a review, we have linked them to the relevant pages below.



Finixio Scam Sites: