The Profit Maximiser Scam

The Profit Maximiser Scam


If you read the small print at the bottom of the Profit Maximiser website first, you can see that this is a fake app designed to get your details passed on to a CFD (contract for differences, or spread-betting) on ForEx (Foreign Exchange rates) which is a highly speculative and highly risky form of betting on market rates with no ownership of anything being involved.

The important fact to bear in mind here is that this is not trading, it is betting, which means your losses go straight to the bookmaker rather than into owning stock of any kind.

Here is their video promising complete nonsense in order to get you to fill in the form and hand over your details so that the bookmakers can pester you into betting huge amounts under the illusion of it being 'trading' crytpocurrency.

Here is a video presenting their false ideas to the public:

Does this man sound like he has Barclays or HSBC accounts?