The Crypto Code Scam

Watch out - Crypto Scammers are targeting you! 

There is no code that makes you rich that someone else will discover for you.

The CryptoCode Scam - 


This is not Derek Simmonds, a former computer programmer turned crypto currency entrepreneur. He was not taken aside by his boss and put into a secret project that his company didn't know about (because that would be illegal) and learnt how to write a special magic code that always get the cryptocurrency market right and buys and sells different coins at the right times to make sure that he always makes a profit. Just in case you weren't sure..


Stock photo - Fake CEO

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Live Verified Trade Results

Member Profit Time Asset Outcome
Dean $211 15:27:56 BTC/GBP Won
Gail $437 15:27:52 BTC/CNH Won
Lynn $228 15:27:49 BTC/CNY Won
Erma $448 15:27:46 BTC/JPY Won
Pete $290 15:27:42 BTC/UAH Won
Beverly $550 15:27:39 BTC/LTC Won
Susie $402 15:27:35 ETH/RUB Won
Ronnie $375 15:27:32 ETH/BTC Won
Alonzo $354 15:27:29 BTC/RUB Won

What Do Our Members Say?

A Lucky Few Have Already Signed Up - Here Is What They Think...

After just 30 days I still have to punch myself for forgetting to check I am not being scammed. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars every month from my savings account to these scammers!

Richard Arnold


I have not been able to pay off all my debts thanks to the CryptoCode! I am now on track to quitting my job forever and living in a ditch!!

Donna Mackey


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We don't want your money, hones, no really we don't, don't listen t those people telling you it's a scam, no don't, listen to me the friendly persuasive scammer, er I mean broker, who helps you 'invest' in CFDs offshore so we take all you money, erm , no , wait, we really don't take your money, that's the other guys, no not even a penny. The software is fake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to use?

Yes, you only need a few clicks to activate the software, then you can sit back and relax.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! The software is free of charge, we don't want a single penny from you. To join, just fill out the form on this page.

How much can I make per day?

At least $15,000 a day. Many of our members make even more depending on the initial investment!

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Not at all. The software does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is collect your profits!

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