Bitcoin Rush Review

Bitcoin Rush - is it a Scam?



According to some suspicious websites:

Bitcoin Rush is supposedly an app that auto-trades Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies and nearly always makes a profit.

In Reality:

Bitcoin Rush is an advertising campaign used by affiliate marketers of unregulated stockbrokers in offshore territories which means that they are not regulated in your country or territory. These unregulated brokers sell Contracts for Differences that are subject to huge leveraging (multiple times the reward or loss of your stake, very often up to 50x) that can make huge profits if you really know what you are doing and are very lucky. In the main though, 80% of all traders lose all of their money and wind up owing much more than they originally intended to wager.

Bitcoin Rush is a member of a big family of cryptocurrency related marketing tools employed by these scammers who endlessly rebrand themselves on the internet. You may have seen Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Code, Crypto Trader, Immediate Edge, Brexit Millionaire just to name a few. They prey upon any insecurity being exploited by the news channels (which is every news programme) and they receive significant fees from illegal brokers who plan to steal unsuspecting victims savings' with their huge leveraging rates. In this blog we do our utmost to warn as many people as possible about this ongoing online fraud.

So how do we spot these scams from real traders or brokers?

Well firstly, they have had a lot of official websites which is a Big red flag!  | |  Just to name a few; here are some examples of a search on DuckDuckGo: