Bitcoin Rush Scam

Is Bitcoin Rush a Scam


The Bitcoin Rush Scam is exactly the same as the Bitcoin Loophole Scam.

Bitcoin Rush: or  or is an alleged app that auto-trades Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies and supposedly nearly always makes a profit.

If you invented a piece of software that could predict the cryptocurrency markets, would you tell anyone?

As you can see on the Auto Trading screen it asks you which cryptocurrencies you wish the system to trade for you and every time you click anything it displays this message:

This message is explaining that you need to put money into Bitcoin Rush to get any return.

But the small print at the bottom of the site says this: "Important Risk Note: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. we strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment." 

That does not fit with the product they are claiming that they sell. CFDs and ForEx are very different to trading cryptocurrency, which is a currency that you buy and sell. CFDs (Contracts for Differences) on ForEx (Foreign Exchange Rates) are what is known as spread-betting and is done, not with a broker, but with a bookmaker because it is betting. Now the big difference here is that when you are trading you buy something from a stockbroker and then sell it at another time or place when the price has changed, that is trading because you buy and sell. Spread-betting is when you bet on the outcome of a market movement and then win or lose accordingly. The essential point here is that with spread-betting, when you lose, you lose all of the stake that you have bet, according to the numbers you bet.So if you bet $1000 per point on the USD against the EUR and the EUR climbs three points, you owe $3000 regardless of what you have already deposited. The bookmaker gets your money. A stockbroker makes their money from the actual trade itself - they may charge $25 for the buying of the stock and then another $25 when you sell. They have no interest in you buying or selling at a profit or loss, they just perform the trade. 

So you can see immediately that a CFD bookmaker wants you to lose your money as they have to pay when you win. That is who these 'brokers' are. They are agents attempting to give you advice that will send the money from your stake into their company. This is a very dangerous relationship.

So what is the connection with Bitcoin Rush cryptocurrency auto trading robot.

Well these softwares are devised by con-artists to be used to defraud people and that was always how it worked. You were told that the system made you money by various fake news sites like and and then when you deposit the software would appear to make you money until you invest more. As time went by you eventually had enough money to withdraw, but as soon as you requested a withdrawal the balance would tumble from 'unsuccessful trades' and before the 48 wait to get your money the balance had fallen to zero. Then when you read the T&Cs you saw that they point out you can lose and should not bet with what you cannot afford to lose etc.

These days, however, although they still use that same pitch (they have so much old material) but when you sign up, the site just forwards you to 'the best broker' which is an offshore, unregulated, untraceable Caribbean based bookmaker with local phone agents in the US, UK or Australia who badger you into making larger and larger deposits. The Russian Bitcoin Code mob still make their money, but out of affiliate fees for who signs up. Then the bookmakers (whoever runs them) take all the cash and distribute it amongst all of their partners such as the fake news sites and the recruitment sites that promise the impossible (Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Prime etc.) and the giant wheel keeps rolling.

That is why the recruitment site has to change names all the time, because people start to get wise and start reporting the Ads to Google and reporting the phone numbers to the SFO. This is important to note. Their recruitment model hangs around Bitcoin traditionally but now they are moving towards COVID and BrExit as their primary scaremongering tactics and so we are seeing Brexit Millionaire type sites appearing, but this is just the beginning. Soon there will be a hundred 'brexit billionaire, brexit cas, brexit circuit, brexit code, brexit loophole, brexit rush sites all playing the same game along with COVID millionaire, COVID code, COVID circuit, COVID loophole etc. 

Now, using all these tools, as soon as they have your contact number they will start to call you and persuade you to deposit as much as you can, so never give them your number.

They will sign you up as a CFD spread better and you will be plagued with calls for more investment, this is not trading, it is betting on outcomes in market changes. It is high risk, this is from their own site: "Important Risk Note: Trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors."

Once you start trading, they will put the pressure on you to deposit all day and night. All of the agents are on commission and badly want that money. They are also being coached from behind constantly in greed and indifference to your plight. Once you have deposited all of your money they will advise you to 'follow this traders settings' or 'follow that trader' or 'bet on this' and you will find yourself broke. You were shown the small print T&Cs, you can win or lose.

You started losing and now all of your money is gone.

You deposited it.

We warned you.

Why are you so upset?

Then you get a recovery firm from overseas to try and recover your funds, they charge upfront.

Oh dear, scammed twice in one day.

They just used the autotrading crypto robot concept to bounce you in the direction of a CFD bookmaker registered in Cyprus, but probably operating out of Russia with some phone-based 'brokers' in your country, which is probably America, Australia, Britain or South Africa, who terrorised you with phone calls until you invest £30k or similar and then they will advise you on how to spread-bet in the worst way possible so as to give them all of your money.

It all happened so fast and you never understood the truth until now.

All CFD spread betting is gambling, not trading. Just because it is betting on a market does not change the fact that you own nothing in the agreement so it cannot possibly fulfil the requirements to deserve the word 'trade.'


All the reviews on Trustpilot are FAKE!!!! Unless they say SCAM!


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