David Attenborough Quantum AI

Has Graham Norton Interviewed David Attenborough?

Yes David Attenborough has been on the Graham Norton show before. The images in this article below are real, they have not been altered to include people or made using different pasted alongside each other, these images are the images from when David Attenborough attended the Graham Norton show on BBC. The text around these photos though, is completely false and utter nonsense. None of these quotes are from the Graham Norton show and we cannot find any evidence that David Attenborough has ever referred to Quantum AI in any interview and can assure the reader that he never would. This article is fake news and is designed to confuse and mislead.

David Attenborough Quantum AI

Has David Attenborough Spoken About Bitcoin?

We don't think he has ever publicly expressed and view on Bitcoin and as this article is falsely claiming that he made these claims in an interview where he most definitely did not, we can assume that David has never made a public announcement about Bitcoin or Quantum AI and never will.

This article is trying to use the trust that people have in David Attenborough and associate this trust with a set of lies about a product that will undoubtedly cause people harm and misery. David Attenborough would never risk his reputation on a financial product and above all of that, he would never be allowed to mention it on a BBC show due to their impartiality regulations.

David Attenborough Quantum AI

Has David Attenborough Invested in Bitcoin?

It is possible David Attenborough has invested in Bitcoin, but unlikely. David is thinking about his legacy, not his bank account. He is from a very wealthy family and has been controller of BBC 2 in his own career. He has no interest in making anything other than wildlife documentaries nowadays and that is what he sticks to. 

Does David Attenborough Use Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is a scam, not anything that anyone can use. This article is designed to trick people into believing the Quantum AI lie so that they can be persuaded to enter their details into one of the contact forms and be contacted by the boiler room scammers who will then proceed to defraud them whilst they are bewildered by the Quantum AI lies they have just been reading. That is how this confidence trick works. You believe that the app is going to make you rich, you get excited, you are told that time is limited, you panic and sign-up then the boiler room scammers phone up and defraud you of all your money!

The David Attenborough Quantum AI Scam Website:

Has David Attenborough Started Using Bitcoin Trading Apps?

No David Attenborough does not use any trading apps and he does not support their use either. We can say this with impunity because the confidence artists rendering this fake news article are claiming it and so it is most definitely not true. Nothing in the fake new article concerning Graham Norton and David Attenborough contains any truth at all and every part of it can be discounted as a lie. 

Does David Attenborough Use Quantum AI?

No David Attenborough does not use Quantum AI, in fact we can promise you that Quantum AI is not a real technology at all, but rather another part of the same confidence trick. The trick itself works in these stages:

  1. The Fake News Article tells you that Quantum AI is recommended by David Attenborough
  2. The fake new article directs you to a Quantum AI page
  3. The quantum AI page gets your details in a sign-up form and send s you through to a fake broker site
  4. The boiler room scammers phone you and persuade you to deposit
  5. The fake broker sites uses a fake trading interface to convince you that you are making huge amounts of money in their fake Quantum AI system
  6. You are persuaded to deposit the rest of your savings by the increased fake balance and the boiler room scammers on the phone
  7. You finally decide to withdraw but as soon as you do, your luck takes a downturn. The auto-trading robot suddenly loses lots of money.
  8. You are delayed withdrawing whilst you are asked for your photo ID, driving license, proof of address etc.
  9. Your balance dwindles to almost zero
  10. The phone numbers, email addresses and websites of the broker cease to function.
  11. You realise you are a victim of the boiler room scam.

What is Quantum AI?

It is a confidence trick. Part of a scam that involves fakes new, fake reviews, fake products and fake trading companies, all wound up into one big scam. The confidence trick is a way of changing your state of mind, by making you feel elated but panicking at the same time. This is how any scam works, by using you against yourself. Let us explain.

Firstly you are shown an article that explains that a well-known person has either invented or is using a new app that makes people rich. Exciting huh?

Then the article claims that it is from a well-known news outlet, so that you can trust the article immediately as it is from the BBC or the Mirror or someone like that. They wouldn't just lie about something as important as this after all. Then that article explains that the entry for this miracle software is limited, that time left to enter has almost dried up! Oh no! Start panicking!

Now you are in the state of mind ripe to be scammed. You want to get in and just want the feeling of security that you have made it. The ship is about to sail! Quick! Hurry up! You're out of time, but wait, no, you made it!

The problem is that you have unwittingly signed yourself up for a terrible scam that has passed your contact details on to call centres full of people who are evil enough to concoct these stories. In other words, you have just handed over your details to a huge group of con-artists who will sell your details on to every other con-artist on Earth and probably have done already.

Does Quantum AI Work?

For the scammers or for you? For the scammers it definitely works! This is why it keeps reappearing! They are paying to have it advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Google and MSN, so they must be making a profit, which means that Twitter, Facebook, Google and MSN are all accessories to defrauding UK citizens whether they want to admit it or not!

Graham Norton looking astonished

Quantum AI is an amalgamation of various scams over the last ten or so years that have been bringing together a few different technologies (or at least the notion of them) and exploiting the possibilities of these technologies as a way of defrauding people.

The technologies that they have cherry-picked are:

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Computing
  • Cryptocurrency/Blockchain

Which they use to conjure a cocktail of tech that can think for itself, see into the future and be cryptographically unbreakable all at the same time. In other words, it is a self-aware seer with perfect security, just the kind of robot you might imagine really could crack the market futures. Unfortunately, it is just a scam, and the rich/poor divide is not in any danger of changing anytime soon.

David Attenborough Holly Willoughby


N.B. You can actually see above where they have failed to change Holly to Graham here, as they usually pick on lovely Holly Willoughby for these scams. Unfortunately, that doesn't quite give us enough of an excuse for a picture, does it?

Oh good, yes it does.

Does Quantum AI Make Money?

For who? The scammers? Well yes it does, it makes money for the scammers as they keep employing it, and if it makes money for the scammers, then it must steal it from everyone else.

Quantum AI is a load of bollocks

For us normal, law-fearing people, it does not make money, no. It merely defrauds us of our money if we begin to believe it. Stay away from anything that promisies free money as it is undoubtedly a lie.

Will Quantum AI Cure Poverty?

No, it will definitely not cure poverty and nobody wants it to either. The poor are how the rich stay rich and that is the most important part of why certain parts of the world are always in poverty now, because those in control want it that way.

How Much Money can I Make with Quantum AI?

Nothing! if you want to make money out of Quantum AI then the best way is to sign up with some of the scammer affiliates and start profiting from the misery of others. Fortunately, you are not that kind of a person,  and never will be. If you were a low-down, dirty so of a gun, you would've started defrauding people years ago. Fortunately you are a good person, and so there is no need to worry. 

Aspen Holdings Deposit Screen

What is interesting this time around is that they have left a piece of code in the page that they do not usually leave - what appears to be the affiliate network that they are using - here:

<!-- <script src="https://bitcoin-adw.com/public/js/adw_lp.js"></script> -->

and https://bitcoin-adw.com/ is the domain for the ADW affiliate network:

'We monetize your traffic by CPA, CPC and CPM models through independent smart storefronts" which doesn't really explain why they call the affiliate site Bitcoin-ADW. What has this to do with Bitcoin?

It should also be made clear that the above site is entirely in Russian and the above has been translated by Google.

Is this the affiliate network that all the spammer scammers are using?