Incendiary Group LTD Commonwealth of Dominica

Watch out for any company run by this group - they are running the two traders linked to below, both of whom are connected with boiler room scams here in the UK. They are probably connected to the criminal groups that perpetuate these scams in some way and as a result should not be trusted as a trading partner or broker under any circumstances!

 Incendiary Group LTD, company registration number 2021/IBC00031 and registered address 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica.


Both websites seem to have been constructed using very similar methods to the scam sites - they use all the same structure and JS plug-ins in the same order on the same wordpress sites, behind the same cloudflare masking services. They all seem to have the same trading interface, and they all seem to use your name and details to make an account well before they have any real idea if you are a real person or not. Coincidence? No.