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Known Scam Pages - Helping you keep Abreast of Current Scammers

Known Scam Pages - Helping you keep Abreast of Current Scammers

Latest BitCoin (and other) scam sites:

Smart Money System

This is the same site as with a new look - don't be fooled by these criminals!
Cyber Mentors

This is a fake blog to persuade people to be scammed by FOREX scam sites. Mark it as fraudulent and ask the hosting company to shut it down.

This 'automatic robot trader' is a scam site which steals all of the money invested. It should be reported and shut down.
Bitcoin Millionaire

Fraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profit

Fraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profit

Fraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitit.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitse.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitnl.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitpl.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profites.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profiten.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitnl.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitpl.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitit.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profites.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profiten.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profites.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profitit.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profitnl.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profitpl.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
Top10 Binarytop10binarydemo.comFake reviews - adding false accreditation to fraudulent websites
Binary Options Doctorbinaryoptionsdoctor.comBeware that all of these people are fighting over your money by discrediting each other. They are all in the same business. There is NO automated trading bot that works risk free.
 Bitcoin Wealth This page is entirely made of lies - Etherium has increased 250% since the beginning of the year, but lost 50% since a year ago. None of the major currencies have increased 5000%
The Bitcoin Codehttp://www.the-bitcoin-code.netSteve McKay The Criminal Behind The Bitcoin Code is a confidence trickster that steals your money. The system fools you into thinking your balance is increasing in the hope you will deposit more money and then it turns out the whole thing is registered offshore and you will never recover your original investment, never mind any profit.
The Bitcoins Code This is yet another spam circulated criminal offshore website trying to defraud everyone.
The Best Revenue

Elon Musk is offering an opportunity to 30 people to earn millions through his new company - NO HE ISN'T, HE'S BUSY. THIS IS THE WORST KIND OF CON-ARTIST TRYING TO DEFRAUD YOU! That's why the title of the website doesn't even make grammatical sense, he is aiming to capture the most vulnerable people. The first site links to the second no matter where you click.
WeTransfer Phishing

Fake wetransfer site - do not enter your credentials on this page!
Best Profits for You

Another fake association with Elon Musk who does not need Bitcoins to increase his wealth as he has his own space programme. Do not ever invest with someone who tells you that you make money for doing nothing with no investment, they are lying.
Bitcoin Circuits

This is a new version of the same old page - this time they have cut and paste lots of famous people to mis-quote them and mis-represent them. This site sells fake investments and they will keep your money overseas so you cannot get it back!!! Do not invest in Bitcoin unless you do so through a registered trader in your local country that you know the registered address of and can visit.
Fake Mirror Newspaper Website

This is actually a fraudulent version of the Mirror newspaper using a well known financial advisor to encourage trust for a fraudulent  product. We spoke to the Mirror media company (Reach PLC) and they are aware of these sites and are taking action.
Desperate Detector

This is a repeating scam worldwide based on a fake trading bot site. There is not trading bot, in reality. You are asked to invest and then your balance appears to grow on a fake website, until you ask for your funds. Then the balance dwindles and  the staff disappear. They operate in league with fake recovery companies who 'recover' a percentage if you are very persistent about contacting authorities etc. They operate out of BVI or Cayman Islands depending on which variety you encounter.
Millionaire Detector

The Russian Version of gullible detector.
Millionaire Detector


Name: Ivan Familiya
Address: Stanislavskogo str, 26
City: Luhansk
State / Province: Luhansk
Postal Code: 91001
Country: UA
Phone: +380.959470870
Complaints Numbers

This horrible website finds companies that ignore their customers when they are trying to complain and then makes a forwarding number of 0844 codes that adds 7p per minute for redirecting you back to the customer service number that you have been calling already. Of course they warn you that they will charge but still enjoy you thinking they are actually affiliated with who you are calling. Allegedly scum!


Anyone mentioning ForEx trading and Cryptocurrency in one breath is likely a con artist - ForEx is based upon spread betting different currencies and cryptocurrency is outside of international currency agreements and cannot be traded directly for different national currencies.

All of the sites have been in recent spamming campaigns - 20/11/2018 - so be wary opening unusual emails!

Spam telling you you can make your retirement from 250 euros or pounds are circulating - this is the same company as above who have moved to ** where the ** is your ISO country code.

Beware of these people as they will take your money and never return it.

Here is the important part of the Bitcoin Bull****ters page:

Important Risk Note: Trading cryptocurrency/forex can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. We strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment. Customers must be aware of their individual capital gain tax liability in their country of residence. It is against the law to solicit U.S.persons to buy and sell commodity options, even if they are called 'prediction' contracts, unless they are listed for trading and traded on a CFTC - registered exchange or unless legally exempt.