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Known Scam Pages - Helping you keep Abreast of Current Scammers

Known Scam Pages - Helping you keep Abreast of Current Scammers

Latest BitCoin scam sites:

Bitcoin - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitde.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profiten.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitit.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitse.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitnl.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitpl.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profites.bitcoinmillions.xyzFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profiten.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitnl.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitpl.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profitit.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profites.bitcoin-secret.netFraud - they steal your investment
 Bitcoin Profiten.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profites.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profitit.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profitnl.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Bitcoin Profitpl.solidretirement.infoFake site - forwards to
 Cyber reviews - adding false accreditation to fraudulent websites
Top10 Binarytop10binarydemo.comFake reviews - adding false accreditation to fraudulent websites
Binary Options Doctorbinaryoptionsdoctor.comBeware that all of these people are fighting over your money by discrediting each other. They are all in the same business. There is NO automated trading bot that works risk free.


Anyone mentioning ForEx trading and Cryptocurrency in one breath is likely a con artist - ForEx is based upon spread betting different currencies and cryptocurrency is outside of international currency agreements and cannot be traded directly for different national currencies.

All of the sites have been in recent spamming campaigns - 20/11/2018 - so be wary opening unusual emails!

Spam telling you you can make your retirement from 250 euros or pounds are circulating - this is the same company as above who have moved to ** where the ** is your ISO country code.

Beware of these people as they will take your money and never return it.