Trader's Edge Review

Trader's Edge Review

There seems to be a new website out that looks very similar to Immediate Edge

There are definitely similarities, such as the hurry and sign-up now before you start thinking warning in red top right, but let's not start drawing conclusions before we've given the website a chance.

The picture of the girl is also the same as has been used with the Immediate Edge scam before, so we are definitely on high alert for deception. This is a massive red flag!

We can also see that the list of associated companies concerning security, although they use larger icons this time, is exactly the same list in the same order. This is another huge red flag!

They also use exactly the same claim your spot now button to get you to sign up, oh dear, this isn't looking too good!

There is no mention of address, country, contact details or regulation which means that this is not a reputable company operating out of a known nation. This is not a good company to invest with and is almost certainly a scam! This is another huge red flag!

There is also the dreaded 'USA REGULATION NOTICE: Option trading is not regulated within the United States.' which almost certainly means that this is the same scam as the Immediate Edge scam. This is another huge red flag too! This must mean that all the claims that this website is making are false and that there is no system that makes you money in any way. It is just a contact details harvesting site that passes your number on to boiler room scammers just like Immediate Edge

The whole section explaining that the Trader's Edge system is  'easy to use, trusted performance and secure & private' is identical, so they are indeed the same website. Massive red flag!


It is exactly the same site as Immediate Edge performing the same scam.