Quantum AI

Smart Investing that Makes You $1500 in 5 Hours and Cures Poverty


Well that is quite a claim!

Let's get stuck in to a review of this ostensibly revolutionary app/software.

We are referencing the 2021 version of Quantum AI app website in this review as there are other versions.

We will examine the video first:

OK so unfortunately I can immediately confirm that this isn't Elon Musk's voice. This is not a video of Elon Musk speaking in fact, it is a voiceover by some English bloke who does not sound that much like Elon Musk, because Elon Musk is not English, he is South African/American.

Also Elon Musk has an understanding of money as he founded PayPal and so he knows that if everyone were rich, then no one would be rich, as there is only so much resource for everyone to be able to buy, and far too many people to allow that much wealth for all.

This is obviously a huge red flag as it seeks to misinform and deceive using subterfuge and deception. This is a likely sign that this is a scam.

Then we read:

Poverty is a global issue, one which we aim to solve – forever. When you invest with 250$, you’re directly helping us save people’s lives – and making money!

Now this is obviously nonsense - how could our investment help other people? Even with the current insane ponzi scheme that passes as a banking system, money has to be coming from somewhere and the Central Banks do not send money directly to brokers. This is another huge red flag!

Next we read:

Big corporations are the ones holding all the keys to those big paychecks. With Quantum Computing, that’s no longer true. Now YOU have the power to make a great income. The power that was once reserve for the richest among us, is now yours.

Now Quantum Computing is a very difficult and expensive business that requires the qubit CPU to be cooled to very close to absolute zero (-273.15 degrees C) which is extremely difficult. Qubits dictate how much parallel processing a quantum CPU can compute and in the publicly disclosed computing world the number of qubits available is still very small. Elon Musk is also a public figure who speaks out against AI and warns of it as a menace, so starting a quatum AI computing trader system seems like odd behaviour. That is another red flag.

Moving down the page we see that they are asking for a $250 USD deposit to get started!!

OK so there you have it!

Quantum AI is a: SCAM !!!


Do not invest $250 USD or GBP no matter what they tell you!

Currently operating out of: https://quantumtraining.net/

When you sign up they just transfer you to: onorio.live who are an unregulated, offshore MT5 broker...