Quantum Code Review

What is The Quantum Code?

According to the website and video, we can infer that the Quantum Code is a quantum computing robot that uses AI to predict the stock market and cryptocurrency market. This allows people who do not understand trading or brokering to make huge sums of money online and never have to work again. Now this sounds fantastic, too good to be true! There is a reason for that, it is too good to be true!

So what does this mean? Well let's go through some important questions and eliminate the impossible, then we can see what we have left, just as Sherlock Holmes would have liked us to do.

Is Elon Musk Really Involved?

We should get used to asking sensible questions about what the implications of making everyone rich would be. Firstly, there would have to be more money. This would massively devalue existing currency and mean that the world would effectively become a giant communist state. This is not going to be a popular stance for Elon Musk as it would mean he would alienate the establishment and become an outcast from the rest of the rich. It would also mean that the markets that his technologies were trading upon would quickly collapse as the robots would soon change the nature of the markets. There would no longer be Bull and Bear trends, a new market would evolve. Eventually it would just be one robot against another and presumably, one AI would reign supreme, everyone else would be bankrupt, and civilization would collapse. Do you really believe that Elon Musk would not have thought of this already?

Another problem with this idea is that the markets would ban the use of these AIs immediately. They would certainly not allow a bot that, due to the nature of AI, is completely unpredictable, and could collapse the market by creating various fears amongst other traders. The AI could also just lose all of your money very quickly, and who would be to blame?

The final problem with Mr Musk being involved is that he unswervingly warns against the use of AI in pretty much every situation, so he is hardly likely to develop an AI on quantum platforms and then encourage you to connect one to the stockmarket. He has founded OpenAI since then, which is a partnership with Microsoft and which has recently become a for profit company. Why he has flip-flopped on this issue remains unclear.

We must all think through the information we are presented with before making a rash decision, that is what scammers count on.

Does Elon Musk Have a Trading App?

You would think so, as FaceBook are willing to let ads like the one below proliferate their site. 

It says here quite clearly that Tesla have announced a new project and that must mean that Elon Musk has given the go ahead. Nothing happens there without his say-so. So what is actually going on? Why would the biggest social network company in the world risk serious law suits from someone who could legitimately take them over if they are found to be defrauding the US public using Tesla or Elon Musk's name? Surely no one in the FB legal team could sleep at night if they knew about this?

The link takes you through to the infamous Elon Musk Video that many people have seen and that uses various outtakes of his presentations to try and persuade the viewer that the voice you are hearing is, in fact Elon Musk.

The actual voiceover appears to be from some UK person that is dubbed over by various applause and cheering in order to enforce the fakery. It really is quite an amusing video once you identify it as what it is. 


So as the video is clearly fake, the site is obviously not connected to Elon Musk, and so we have to conclude that no, Elon Musk has not developed a trading app.

What is an Automated Robot Trader?

Well in simple terms, an automated trader is a computer or robot that you plug into your trading accounts, and it communicates with your broker using your security and your funds to trade as if it were you. That is the theory. Now there are real AIs that can be integrated with computer trading software that people review online, but every one of them we can find loses all of your money pretty quickly. This is not really very surprising. If there was a good one it would make pretty big news pretty fast.

Usually the algorithmic (set of instructions followed by a person or computer) connection to trading arises with something called meta-trader., or more commonly MT4 and MT5. These are trading systems that allow all sorts of transactions to be made and scheduled using various tools and plug-ins on a computer. Various people develop algorithms using a programming language called MQL4 and 5. These softwares take certain action based on certain fluctuations n certain markets and try to establish patterns that they can cash in on. Some of these algorithms have been quite effective, and some have been banned, which is always a good sign. To trade successfully with MT4 and 5 you do need to know what you are doing though. There is no such thing as an algorithm that just works in any situation straight away as it would cause the problems we talked about earlier.

Do Auto-Trading Robots Run On Quantum Computers?

At the time of writing, quantum QBit computing is still pretty limited. Although there are great predictions about the capabilities, the number of Qbits that can currently be run on a single system are the equivalent of going back to computing in 1945. They are extremely difficult to operate and sustain as they need to be super-cooled within a fraction of absolute zero -273.14 Celsius to you and I, and that is a very tricky condition to maintain.

As a result, no one has really developed anything on quantum computing except for experimental trials that confirm certain behaviours. Quantum computing is a very exciting idea and opens up questions about the very fabric of the universe and our own consciousness, and how they interact. When the issues with temperature and other problems have been solved, quantum computing will accelerate way beyond the capabilities if traditional transistor computing and take us somewhere unimaginable.

Do Auto-Trading Robots Use AI?

Some of the MT4 and MT5 plugins that we have seen certainly claim to use AI, but the technology is not in the public domain in any useful form. We are sure that there are parties that have connected huge AIs to the live stick market and that run simulations on what would happen if they made the trades they suggested, but so far, none of this has been made public or has simply failed. The banks and bog brokers definitely use algorithms to take profit on every big trade and have been doing for decades. If I send a buy request into the market for $10M in Tesla shares, the systems will buy in just before me and sell just after, making a small but undetectable profit for the big banks. They do this on every large trade though. This was one of the reasons attributed to the severity of th 2008 crash. The robots tried to make a profit from every  bad trade and everything got out of control.

Is Quantum Code Legit?

Well in reference to the Quantum Code website, no it is definitely not legitimate. The video is a hoax and appears to be used for two separate hoax products, Quantum AI and Quantum Code. As these products are being used side by side, we can only assume that there is more than one operator responsible for these sites. This may be an indication that there is some sort of affiliate fee system being run where the operators of these fake sites get paid when they persuade someone to sign up with some sort of third party trading app or software.

Is Quantum Code a Scam?

If they are persuading you to sign up with offshore, unregulated boiler room brokers, then yes, it is a scam. In fact we tried signing up with two of the sites claiming to be the official Quantum Code website, but neither of their sign-up forms seemed to be working. 

That was: https://quantumcode.info/ and https://quantum-code.org/ both of which appear to be the last possible combination of words and suffixes that could possibly contain the phrase Quantum Code

Does Elon Musk Make His Money From Auto-Trading?

No, he doesn't.

Is There A Better Option Than Quantum Code?

Well sure, just buy into the companies where the wealth is being concentrated, the US. The US is fast being made the only centre for wealth on Earth, a centralised internet profit system. That is why companies like eBay and Google have no customer service, even though they make more money than any company in history. It is a culture of fascism rather than industry. The more used you become to not being allowed to complain, the better. This is entirely driven by the greed of the stock holders. They want there to be a single provider, which is what is going to happen in the case of companies like eBay and Amazon. One day they will merge and you will find yourself living in a prison camp. That is the future, so you may as well be a stockholder.

What Happens If I Have Already Signed Up?

With Quantum Code? Well you didn't really sign-up. You simply sent your contact details to some scammers who then sent those details to every other scammer in their group. They will not leave you alone until they are satisfied that you have no more money to 'invest' in their bank accounts. You cannot get your money back as you did not read the fine print. As far as the scammers are concerned, you lost that money fair and square to overseas, unregulated CFD brokers. There is no way to recover those funds. You will have to start with your bank and see if they can recover your card purchase with a chargeback ot recover your transfer with a reversal. If you sent crypto then forget it, it is gone forever.

Can I Get My Money Back?

Well as we were just explaining, no, you can't. Even if you found the culprits, they could make a case that you lost the money fair and square. No one is going to be able to bring a case against them in your country, and probably not in theirs either. Any specialist recovery company you read about is incapable of finding the actual criminals that ripped you off. Most of the culprits are just scammer affiliates following an affiliate network programme. Even if they were all one gang behind the scenes, affiliate networks allow them to cover their tracks. If you go to your bank and they can't help you, do not be fooled into paying recovery companies upfront, as they cannot do anything you cannot do.

Who Is Really Behind the Quantum Code?

This is the question. who is responsible. Well it is not easily answered. You can look to the payment providers, as they are actually registered with someone, somewhere, in order to receive the money. Proving any illegal connections is going to be challenging though. You can look at the websites of Bitcoin Rush and Brexit Millionaire and friends, but they do state that CFD trading is illegal and they are registered in countries with sloppy advertising regulations and almost certainly not stationed in those countries anyway. This is a finely honed operation, and the perpetrators are well hidden. They are probably not even involved on a daily basis anymore. These groups use desperate people to defraud gullible people, it is that simple. The internet just makes it a bit easier to play the same old game.

Why Doesn't Elon Musk Tweet To Warn Us About This?

If only he would. Elon, for goodness' sake, just tweet that you are not associated with any get rich quick scheme and that they are all a scam anyway. It really would help. Make some noise, tweet the other techies and get yourselves on the news to explain. We really would like to ee an end to this autotrader nonsense in the modern world.

What is Quantum Code Really?

According to the terms, when divided up:

Quantum refers to something that is digital in nature, that can only be separated down to discrete, distinct values or states, and that cannot be divided into halves or any other further fractions. This is the meaning of the Greek word atom or indivisible. Quantum was subsequently used to describe the sub-atomic realm because i they appear to inhabit energetic states of this nature, of the discrete values or states that these particles or fields can inhabit.

Code is a medium for the purpose of communication. Code can be decoded into information that can be understood by someone or something. In the case of communications, code is a series of ones and zeros transmitted to and from satellites and along fibre-optic cable.

So quantum code is a code written in the language of quantum computing, isn't it?

Well Quantum Computing is something that requires code in order to be instructed or programmed to compute results. Quantum computers are different from the computers we hold in our hands because they do not just understand ones and zeros with a binary digit or bit, they understand qubits which has a zero state, a one state and a state that is both one and the other. This state is known as a coherent superposition and it makes all sorts of incredible calculations possible that were previously unimaginable within a computer.

So presumably this is where the notion of the title fits in with what this website is suggesting- that they use quantum computing to predict the stock-market with some algorithm that depends on qubits and is hardly ever wrong.

One issue is that quantum computers do not have enough qubits yet to be approaching the AI processing power. In order for quantum effects to be viable you have to cool the CPU down to near absolute zero which is -273.15 degrees celsius, or zero Kelvin. This obviously takes a lot of effort and special equipment and also limits your hosting options significantly as not many data centres can support them or will even allow them. As such we know who has quantum computing capability and who doesn't, and these people are definitely not on the list. Red flag!

When we tried to register with Quantum Code through coininsider, who appear to be the same company and so not a review site at all, we were simply redirected to an offshore, unregulated broker who wanted a deposit. This is a huge red flag that both coininsider and quantum code are both part of the same scam.