Quantum Code Review

What is Quantum Code exactly?

Well quantum refers to something that is digital in nature, that can only be separated down to discrete, distinct components that can be divided no further. This is the meaning of the Greek word atom or indivisible. Quantum was used as a word to describe the sub-atomic realm because it is imagined that the particles there (or whatever they are) are indivisible and the building blocks of the entire realm we inhabit.

Code is a medium for the purpose of communication. Code can be decoded into information that can be understood by someone or something. In the case of communications, code is a series of ones and zeros transmitted to and from satellites and along fibre-optic cable.

Now Quantum Computing is something that of course requires code in order to be instructed or programmed to compute results. Quantum computers are different from the computers we hold in our hands because they do not just understand ones and zeros with a binary digit or bit, they understand qubits which has a zero state, a one state and a state that is both one and the other. This state is known as a coherent superposition and it makes all sorts of incredible calculations possible that were previously unimaginable within a computer.

So presumably this is where the notion of the title fits in with what this website is suggesting- that they use quantum computing to predict the stock-market with some algorithm that depends on qubits and is hardly ever wrong.

One issue is that quantum computers do not have enough qubits yet to be approaching the AI processing power. In order for quantum effects to be viable you have to cool the CPU down to near absolute zero which is -273.15 degrees celsius, or zero Kelvin. This obviously takes a lot of effort and special equipment and also limits your hosting options significantly as not many data centres can support them or will even allow them. As such we know who has quantum computing capability and who doesn't, and these people are definitely not on the list. Red flag!

When we tried to register with Quantum Code through coininsider, who appear to be the same company and so not a review site at all, we were simply redirected to an offshore, unregulated broker who wanted a deposit. This is a huge red flag that both coininsider and quantum code are both part of the same scam.