Techopedia is a site that contains many dangerous lies and links to many scams and should be avoided, How can we be sure of this? Well because we set them a trap and they fell for it.

It has been a few years since we first came up with the name Bitcoin Sucker as a joke website to make fun of all of the scammer sites online. There were so many that it had become ridiculous and they nearly all had a titles that began with the word Bitcoin.

There was Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Trader and the list goes on..The concept of these auto-trading robots is one that appears time and time again within the boiler room scams and is central to their scheme, it is a concept that an AI can predict the future and always win deals on the stockmarket. It is the bait to catch people who know nothing about trading or money, and to expose them to the boiler room scam. It is a trap.

As a result we thought it would be fun to start a website called and make a ridiculous video, in the style of the scammers. We contracted someone online to produce us a video and sent them a script in the vein of an explainer style video, where a central character would explain what Bitcoin Sucker was and how it would always make you money. We just made the name and the concept a little more ridiculous than even a quantum computing AI trading robot that could see into the future. We said that our Bitcoin Sucker robot was built by aliens in outer space and that they had been inspired after intercepting a broadcast of the 'social network.'

Now most people realised that this was a joke, but the scammers did not. Whether they are so greedy that they have lost all sense of reality or whether their English language levels are so low that they do not understand how preposterous the name 'Bitcoin Sucker' is.

This is a quick quote of their results in the Google SERPs when we search for Bitcoin Sucker as of October 2023:

Bitcoin Sucker Review - Legit Crypto Trading Platform?

Techopedia › cryptocurrency › robots15 Jun 2023 — Bitcoin Sucker claims to be an autonomous cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on offering two things to traders.

 Bitcoin Sucker search on Techopedia

 So let's have a look at their review of something that we made up as a joke and that does not exist, as any fool who speaks English would know instantly:

 They begin their review of Bitcoin Sucker with this paragraph:

Bitcoin Sucker claims to be an autonomous cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on offering two things to traders. One is a large community of cryptocurrency traders, and the other is automated trade projections and trade executions. The platform also advertises an “up to 98% success rate”.

In this 2023 Bitcoin Sucker review, we will assess how genuine and accurate these claims are. Is Bitcoin Sucker delivering what it promises to? Is it a scam? Or is it just another trading platform whose performance falls short of its own expectations?

So they are promising to research this product and see if the claims being made on the website are true, which seems like an odd claim to make given that they then link to said website immediately without any further explanation at all:

Techopedia Review of Bitcoin Sucker

An important factor to note here is that the website they link to is: with a huge string on the end, which is some sort of security to prove where you linked from, as if the string is not complete, the website does not work:

 So it is not a site they wish for you to find online - it is a site they wish for you to be taken to in a certain state of mind. This is a very common sign of the scammers, that they are not interested in being discovered unless it is by people who have been hoodwinked by their blurb. They do not want exposure, they want a very specific sales funnel that only brings in very naive people with no understanding of trading, money or cryptocurrency.

We can see from the video below that there is great confusion as to what the Techpedia site is. Is it really for technical professionals in the IT sector? It does have sections and articles on all sorts of issues connected to security. How to keep safe online and how to keep abreast of various security issues. But then it does have a whole section on cryptocurrency, and within that a section on crypto-trading robots. They recommend a robot called Quantum AI which is a known scam that often suggests a fabricated connection with Elon Musk and OpenAI.

As you can see, the review is an obvious scam written for financial gain at the expense of your readers being defrauded. This website is disingenuous at best, and part of the scammer network at worst. They should not be trusted for any of their reviews and any of the real or decent journalists that publish on this site need to seriously reevaluate their capability to report on difficult subjects if they cannot even arrive at a sensible conclusion about the platforms on which they publish.