Immediate Profit

Immediate Profit

Let's take a look at this website:

Let's answer some questions based on our experience of sites resembling this one and see what's what.

Immediate Profit - What is it? 

Well, judging from the website, and we have seen enough of these sites to judge with impunity, this is a boiler room scam. These particular types of boiler room scams tend to be using cryptocurrency as a way of exciting the prospective victim so that they sign up for the scam quickly and without thinking. Once the boiler room scammers (fake broker houses registered offshore in Cyprus or the Caribbean) have your number, they rain down aggressive scammer calls all day and night attempting to get you to deposit money or let them take control of your computer in order to transfer the money to cryptocurrency.

Immediate Profit - Is it legitimate?

No it is not legitimate in any way. There is no address, no company, no app, no director, no founder, no staff, no tax bill, no withdrawals and no profit. This does all happen immediately though. 

Immediate Profit - What is the minimum investment?

You cannot invest in a scam, you can only lose your money. There is no deposit because you are not buying anything, there is no investment, because there is nothing to invest in. This sites is entirely devised to retrieve contact details that are then passed on to a sea of boiler room scam artists who then attempt to defraud you out of your savings with lies and deceit.

Immediate Profit - Should I invest?

No you should not invest as this is not a registered, regulated broker in the UK. Any financial product you consider should be regulated by the FCA as they are the official regulator of financial products within the UK. If they do not regulate the product, it is unregulated and therefore dangerous.

Immediate Profit - How much should I expect to make?

You will not make anything as this is a scam and the people behind the scam will take your money. They will most likley use it to buy cryptocurrency that will then be transferred between other currencies and crypto wallets so that you can never recover it. after that they will disperse your money amongst al of the members of the scam including web designers, telephone scammers, concept creators and the hosting and registration companies used for their web presence. 

Immediate Profit - What are the risks?

The risks and probable outcome are that you will never see your money again and that you have been scammed.

Immediate Profit - Is it a scam?