Business Matters Magazine, or does it?

It has an interesting domain name. The only word that is completely irrelevant is the only one they decided to actually keep in the domain. Not or or anything like it, just, when it isn't actually a magazine anymore.

We have to ask this question, as we have asked it here:

What is an allegedly reliable business magazine with a readership of 150k (although it could be junk mail, we do not have firm details on this publication, but our directors have never seen it) printing something like: on their trusted pages?

This is more than an ad after all, it is a fake review, which could not possibly get past the eyes of any decent, upright publications advertising guidelines, so is this magazine just a scammers fake news vehicle? We decided to find out...

Firstly, let's have a look at some of their articles. That is after all what would get people to read such a publication.

On the first page we see:

OK so the first story could be of some use for small business owners, but the FSB, apart from having the same initials as the Russian Secret Service, are not central to small business in any way. They are government sanctioned, but are not of any great consequence. They are a subscription services for very small businesses who want the occasional bit of legal aid or advice. A small percentage of SMEs sign up. HSBC to let 1,200 workers work from home permanently? Well that's hardly news to anyone. Hiring is increasing? Well either you're  hiring or you aren't, why would this concern a business owner? Nothing sinister here, it might just be poor journalism, as that is the norm these days.

Let's see what trustpilot make of them.

OK, so out of the 150k readership, the only person to ever make comment gave them one star?

They do not have a readership of 150k! This magazine is starting to exhibit a behaviour we are very familiar with. This is a huge red flag!

 What about the 'about us' page. Well they are owned by

They don't seem to have a lot to say. We are wondering if they will have a website next month or does the text just change to next month every month?

Let's have a look at what people are searching for when they go to this site:

So it is 'bitcoin recovery scam', 'types of cyber attack' and 'is kratom legal' which seem like odd top searches for a business magazine. 'How to build rapport' seems more reasonable, but we have no idea who andypyro is. Probably a youtuber.

Well to be ranked on similarweb you have to be getting over 50k unique clicks a month so they must be ranking somehow, so why post that ad?

That ad could get them blacklisted by so many people, it's fake news for gods sake!

Perhaps here is a clue:

So on a fiverr type site you can get Joyesh to post an article on his site, and his site is and he is an SEO specialist. So does he have an agreement with CBM or is he CBM? It would certainly explain why their bounce rate is so high, and their search terms so bizarre. £135 doesn't seem that much for such an important magazine either, so perhaps it is just him blogging under lot of different names.

They are not mentioned much by any other site which does seem weird. 

That is odd isn't it? No one commenting on it, no one reviewing it, just a couple of people offering articles to be printed within it and their linkedin page. Where is their search traffic coming from?

The Facebook page when you search for bm magazine:

isn't even theirs:

One thing is for certain, no business magazine with any type of ethics would print that Brexit Millionaire rubbish, so perhaps Joyesh is the answer.